Don’t make the mistake of migrating to Canada, it’s a fool’s paradise

Migrating to Canada.

By Bimal Sharma

(Due to privacy concerns and relentless pressure, the name of the author is changed)

TORONTO: As I read the news this week about 257,515 people migrating to Canada last year, I had a chill running down my spine as I considered the fate of these immigrants who would have to start their job hunt the very next day of their arrival. Their imported money would soon run out and if they have to survive in this country, they will have to get a job quickly.

Personally speaking, my family had a great life in Dubai. We managed to get a good education for our kids. My husband and I had satisfying jobs and a good bank balance thanks to our tax-free salaries.

Then suddenly, this Canada bug bit us as we did not want to return to India after working for about two decades in Dubai.

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So we decided to apply for immigration to Canada. After a few years of waiting, we got our PR Cards. When we told our friends that we are going to settle in Canada, many of them warned us. They narrated  horrific tales of new immigrants in Canada.

They warned us that highly skilled and experienced people, who have worked in managerial positions in Dubai or India, are working as cab drivers or factory workers in Canada. We were also told that even if you did get a job, you will have to work much below your professional rank, which will deeply hurt your ego and self esteem.

In fact, some friends suggested that we would be better off going back to India to the warmth of our family. But we suspected that they are fooling us and we paid no heed to their advice.

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So in April 2009, we left Dubai and landed in Toronto to start a new life, against the wishes of these family friends. We were in a hurry to get back into our former profession. But it took me more than a couple of years to get a teaching license. Then I spent more money on upgrading my qualifications and membership fees. Then I had to do a lot of volunteer work as I waited and waited for a school job.

But nothing happened.

So here is my story: even after spending four years in Canada and upgrading my skills and using up all our savings, I am still without a job. Actually, this IS the story of thousands of fellow immigrants.

School boards are on perpetual strike. Teachers are being laid off. It is a very frightening situation for teachers. But the school boards keep training more and more teachers and making money!

Most of these teachers are jobless or they are doing jobs that pay them peanuts and kill their self-esteem.

My husband, who had three decades of work experience in construction in Dubai, was reduced to doing odd jobs which are not even worth mentioning.

Chasing this so-called Canadian dream, we have ended up using all our savings. We have already spent a couple of hundred thousand dollars to live a descent life, so that we will not lose the will to survive in this struggling country with no job prospects.

Having spent almost all our life savings, we don’t know what to do next – whether to stay here or go back. Our life is in a limbo.

My advice to people who are itching to migrate to Canada to give a better future to their children is this: Think hard before you take any decision and don’t fool yourself by painting a rosy picture in your head. You may end up working in factories, call centers, security agencies, Tim Horton’s or packing factories. You will lose your savings. Your will lose your morale and self-esteem. Tensions will destroy your marital and family life. Finally, if you are lucky enough, you may get an entry-level job and then pay someone else’s mortgage while living in their basement as you dream of buying your own little nest.

And buying your little nest in a hurry (with your saved money) could be your worst mistake, for God forbid if you are laid off, as it happened to my dear friend, who will pay the mortgage? Your house dream will collapse and you will be buried under it.

And if you do get a job – which most probably you won’t enjoy doing, but you will do it anyways to survive and pay the mortgage – you will end up wasting the prime of your life paying back the mortgage. It is not worth it, believe me.

Our struggle for survival continues to this day. We don’t know when we will wind up this fruitless venture and head back to India. This is the story of many immigrants to Canada.

(Due to privacy concerns, the name of the author is changed)

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  1. Same is true in USA. At distance all look green or Mirage. Here at least many of the immigrants do get public assistance. Indians and Russians are most expert in getting PA; Chinese are now learning. My suggestion to Panjabis is that see the conditions in Immigrant Ethnic enclave in Queens where Americans have moved away and this will remind you of South Hall where people sleep by turns and rest of the time they go out to pump the gas or work at construction site or Langar or clinics to get their Parshad, card renewed for headache or pain in back or legs.

    • Have you ever visited USA or lived here? Most of the Indians who came were professionals and they live very well. It is now that the sponsored relatives may be what you describe. I have not been in a situation to see what you’re describing. Hope it helps.

  2. if you chase a mirage then obviously you will end up feeling like the writer. But if you approach situation with an open mind and ground realities in sight, you can be much better off, wherever you are.

    • Seriously, no one has come up here without putting up a hard struggle. I know of people who have come here 20 years back who now say they have reached this stage after a long fight. Either you are willing to work in low paid jobs or upgrade your qualifications using your hard earned money or take student loan and upgrade your skills. No one has entered a profession with their existing university qualifications and previous experience from a different country into an enviable post. I know of my own relatives, doctors who had to undergo many exams and work in frigid conditions to reach the position they are in now. And people who have not seen a good life before and nothing to fall back on are willing to do any kind of job to survive and stay put here. Gradually they build up, no doubt. By the way I thought we see mirage in a desert and not in this frigid cold.

      • I was in the same dilemma as the author. I am currently based in Dubai. I am so confused if Canada is good for Chartered Accountants. I have ACCA degree and it gives me Certified General Accountant’s degree of Canada due to Mutual Relationship Agreement between the two Institutes.
        Are you able to shed some advise from your close acquiantancies’ experience if its worth moving to Canada with CGA, Canadian qaulification in hand, from well settled life in Dubai. Sharing your experience may help in taking right decision.
        Thanks a lot for your time.

        • If you are ready to put up with a struggle of 5 years with odd jobs then come. If not don’t come..Your degree does not mean anything here. Period!. Sorry for being honest and upfront. Take care.

        • CA’s are in demand in Canada. Especially working for the big 5 firms. But it’s hard work and very, very long hours at the firm. Private companies have less hours. You should start looking online and applying before you land so when you get here you know the situation.

          • Hey Ann, my name is pinak and i was in East Africa for last 5 years. coz of some family issues i had to return to India. but now am not liking more here. can you suggest and can i get any help from your end how can i?

        • You guys are missing the point. It does not matter how intelligent you are (most of chaps from Asia are). The white guys do not respect others. In fact, they feel insecure. So you will always be put down. You will end up, at best, being a glorified clerk. Please bear that in mind.

          • These hate comments irritate me. The way you behave is the way you will be treated. I have known many white people over the last 15 odd years and not a single one of them has ever treated me in the way you describe. On the flip side, I have received a raw deal from folks with subcontinent background.

          • I have read your comment regarding to job.
            I would like get advice that I have done my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and having 13 years of teaching experience at higher education level in India and Libyan University.
            My age is around 43 years. Is it time to come Canada through Immigration? If I would come is it possible to get lecturer / Asst. professor jobs in University / colleges over their? or I have to struggle a lot to get the job?
            Now this profession is included in Skilled and in demand under Canada immigration.
            I hope I would get proper advice.
            Thanks a lot in advance.

        • To RG
          Stay where you are if you are happy and have good prospects. Come to Canada only if you are not losing anything and have no other option.
          I have lived in Canada for 18 years and can tell you things have changed a lot and will be changing even more…My daughter has the same designation as you and is not happy at all.She has been raised here so she should be happy right? Not so!

        • What about uae? most workers here has good skills and education but end up either in construction as a labourer or cleaners.. and btw we are not paying taxes here but uae is getting as expensive as in England or canada… inflation rate is very high in uae…

        • RG,

          You are well qualified but what I can tell you is don’t simply uproot yourself and come here as you might not like it. My parents lived in Dubai for 25 Years and my Dad was a Hospital Administrator in New Dubai Hospital. He did not like it here at all after the lifestyle of Dubai. Come, spend a month and see how things work out here before you make a major decision such as this and don’t forget we pay high taxes vs no taxes as in Dubai.

      • Canada needs taxpayers to run that ice-covered land, which they don’t have, and so they are running this migration program. Specially if a person has descent life, job, savings in the Gulf or India, never plan migration in Canada
        Canada has 40-45 percent tax, -20 temperature and its so-called good education in public school doesn’t make Canada a good choice to live and work, specially for people from the Middle East who enjoyed tax-free pay and good living standards.

        • Nitin,

          I agree you dont pay taxes in the middle-east but you still bear the harsh weather and can never be a citizen of that country. I spent 10 years in UAE.

          Canada is not ice covered year round, it is indeed a very beautiful country. I do pay taxes but my medicals and the education of my child is covered.

      • Dear author your story generated good discussion and its a topic worth discussing. A true story and people are mostly led up the green path. I had similar experience n tale to tell

      • I moved from Dubai and seen the better life which you are referring to. But when I landed here, I was prepared to work at a lower position in my field (knew the Canadian experience requirement). You made a better life for yourself in Dubai and you can make it here too. Believe in yourself

      • I agree with your article half and disagree half.
        canada may not be great for specialized ppl but its great for unspecialized ppl. i worked in casual jobs and i can say i can sleep peacefully at night without worrying about competion like in asia. there are many casual jobs and its good enough for us to lead the rest of our life. its not humiliating at all. a job is a job, doctors and janitors are same level. thats progress. canada doesnt need specialized ppl like USA. fishing, mining, and lodging are great. we dont need to join the rest of the world. have a good life and vancouver is multicultural. you can meet japanese ppl just as you can see latvian. i left the middle east and asian life long time ago. i am happy with canada being alone and banning emirates. as canada’s response is: ” who is dubai to tell us anything. the are backward sand living ppl. we are better”

          • what do you mean by saying stupid? where do you live? i think you consider yourself super-smart which is just pure fiction.

            if you have problem with my last part maybe you should google canaa’s response due emirates proposal.

      • “No one has entered a profession with their existing university qualifications and previous experience from a different country into an enviable post.”

        really??? are you serious? I am from Calgary, there are many professionals specially in Oil n Gas, and in IT who are engaged in satisfactory job with their prior Education and university degree without going to school in Canada, many even works in senior managerial role.

        Everybody’s story is different. You cannot generalize your situation with everybody else’s situation.

        In my personal opinion people won’t do enough research before coming, for example, as I mentioned there are many people from India in IT jobs, but IT is vast field, what skill set is in demand, not all IT skill works.

        The other thing is language ability (warning – I don’t mean it for everybody or generalize it), there are many qualified people with not good command over English/French, so even if they played bigger role in their own country, they don’t find same level job here, I know a guy who is an IT Director in his country, working here as a programmer due to bad command over English and he accepts that n happy with current job, he makes enough to address his, he owns his own car/house n lives with family (again depending on skills – few programmers make more than others, so I cannot generalize it). Many people may have average English command but lack in soft skills like presentation, organizational, working in team, time management which is very important here unlike India.

        And then many people come here starts working on small job for few years and suddenly one fine day joins a short term IT/accounting course and blames everybody not getting the JOB. Even I know couple of people in construction industry doing great here.

        Basically after 9 to 10 years of educational gap, how qualified one is master/PhD whatever that is complete VOID. Forget about Canada, even in India, nobody cares about degree after that BIG gap, for example one has got PhD in a specific subject but never worked in that area for many years and suddenly show up at an university to grab a teacher’s job, will he get it? What’s his/her most recent contribution to academics/research? nothing? Forget Canada, even in India – no job for them.

        And then many people come with name shake degrees, degrees from open university from where getting degree is much easier, under the table , malpractice or by other means, just to get points in PR process application, useless degrees that won’t help them to find a job or pursue further education here, they don’t dare to study as they are fully aware of their abilities.

        Everybody is not in same boat, few people did struggle with their education n experience, but improved over time getting adequate education/schooling/work experience. Keep trying.

        There are many kinds! So everybody’s story is different. One is looser doesn’t mean everybody is looser.

        • Just to add, one fellow I know came here as his spouse immigrating under some job offer. He was a customer relationship manager in a life insurance company back in India n not able to find similar job here, the thing is there is no such job category FSD/CIC which means there is no labor shortage in such categories, he came via spouse’s link n blaming the system for not finding a job for him. Now with big gap from his base academic, he cannot go back to school nor ready to, then why blame Canada for that reason. he has to start here from scratch, that’s the bitter truth.

          • looks professional…the world is more specific on competent people.certificates can help to make paths. but to show your self professional, have to perform.Many guys completed graduation or post graduation from india from private institute with average performance .Later with the help of agencies they are saying we are professionals. ok ,but if an agency do the test on their proficiency in that particular subject it s we can ask to other countries to give us license to do practice. ok if you are eligible then why not get pass in exam?so there is problem in dreaming will not give professional career..

        • Hi Eshop, Iam planning to migrate to canada in near future(1 or 2 years). I work as a inspection engineer(QA/QC, oil and Gas) with a reputed company in singapore. Which province is better for my profile and can i find the job from here once my PR is approved.I hearing some good and bad news as well. Can you please provide some info. Thanks.

      • We do see mirage in Icefield/frigid weather as well not only in deserts. Check your school science book.

        OR wikipedia

        It’s called “superior mirage” – A superior mirage occurs when the air below the line of sight is colder than the air above it. Superior mirages are quite common in polar regions, especially over large sheets of ice that have a uniform low temperature.

    • Raveen, how many immigrants get the chance to know the ground realities in Canada? Does Canada give visas to people to let them come here and have a look at the situation and then decide whether they will adapt to it or not? Probably you have answered the question by using the word `mirage’.

    • It depends. Luck also plays be big part. Normal white collar middle class people are going to find Canada very tough. I have been here for 14 years and have no reason to bluff. What the author says is true of 80% of this category I am referring to. Unless you are lucky to make a family income of 120k and above…….then all you are doing is helping the Canadian economy. Your life will be doomed and there are no guarantees that your kids (for whose sake you are enduring everything) will have a good prospect.

      • true….people are Deluded and gambling with their life’s…The reason we went to school and studied hard was to eliminate LUCK & RISK….If this is what Canada offers …My dad would have just used all the money he spend on me on Lottery Tickets for the last 30 years.

        I wouldn’t risk it if Luck involves 1% of the decision. Its stupid and low IQ Talk. What has luck got to do with Education, Skills and Experience…Canada is for brainwashed idiots who relay on LUCK

    • I Know this is old… but when you say ‘job’ you must define it. In my opinion if a job pays less than $96,000 then it is not really ‘up-there’.

      My interest is in if anybody has jobs which pay $96,000+ per year and management jobs.

      Now, Nanny, Custodian/Janitor, Checkout, McJobs. Even if you are ‘manager’ the Salary must be at the very least $60,000+ per year.

      Would be interesting if some people of ‘visible minority’ would share their designations vs salaries.

      Again, if you are earning less than $60,0000 it does not qualify as the ‘protected jobs’ give over $96,000 per year, which are not open to ‘visible minorities’.

      Even supermarket hire new immigrants as ‘checkout’ workers only to get rid of the ‘white’ Canadians who earn $18+ per hour to pay new immigrants minimum wage…

  3. I stayed in a odd job for 1.5 years and then got a nice job with 6 figure salary and I wear turban as usha Ji said I still warn you before u migrate to Canada. Be prepared or odd jobs and I consider my self lucky that I was able to get a nice job in 1.5 years. I have seen se getting jobs in less than 6 months but these are rare stories. I didn’t had kids when I migrated. Odd jobs with kids are tough guys ! Think before u migrate.

  4. To All
    I heard this situation quite often.
    However Canada has free medical, free education.
    There are 6 or so Sikhs who are Members of Parliament.

    I have been advocating that without education no body can
    succeed. One can get evening courses or what ever any other way. Sikhs are very weak in education and thus is very hard to get good jobs.

    First our religious leaders must be educated in the country they preach. They should have at least BA degree from Canada or USA. That will set up the base for the Sikhs to get education.

    When I talk of education it means as high as possible.
    Be a doctor, attorney, computers or any other good profession. Without computers we can not do any thing
    now a days.
    Education, education and education from the country of adoption is the answer.

    Jaspal Singhh Mayell
    Stamford, CT USA

    • But how many people who land in Canada or the US above the age of 40 has the time or money to get education from the country of adoption? Even if they get the required education after spending their savings, they could still be jobless as is the case of Usha and tons of other immigrants.

      • Absolutely right! There is very remote possibility to get a job even after completing further education here in Canada, this is my own experience.

        After upgrading or enhancing education, one has to sit for license in most cases, pay regulatory and professional fees, insurances costs, volunteer work, Canadian Experience and never ending eligibility demands….just to hunt and get for any entry level. This is waste of time money, resources, prime age, energy and affects health too.

        Bad Canada Dreams !!

    • i am 100% agreed with your comments and hope everybody else think positively.I lives in Florida USA as an average person but with dignity and freedom atleast not humiliated by employers like in Saudi Arab and other Arab nations where they treat the employes as their personsl servant and very unhuman

  5. Amen. This is the situation not just for immigrants. Believe me, this is the reality for those born, raised, and “educated” in Canada as well. The number of Canadian-trained teachers who have to emigrate just to make a living is astonishing.
    Coming back to Canada from working overseas presents life-long Canadians with the same horrors as immigrants. This is not a place to live right now.

  6. Sad to see the negative on your move to Canada , if you don’t like the country then pack up and go home . We are a resilient race and to me it looks like you have given up what it is that makes us Indians get ahead .

    • Anil singh, what the author is quoting is reality. About packing bags, she will certainly do if her situation remains same. She is not criticising here but making people aware of the ground reality who are planning for migration to snow land.

    • Dear Anil SIngh

      You sound great Indian. Kudos

      So. Sad. Anil SAb you couldn’t do any thing in India
      Like a Coward you escaped to Canada
      How dare you say
      WE Indians are resilient ?? we are hard working people and not like you bowing to whites and basking in their glory
      Come down to earth and face the reality
      talk about your self that you ran away and did not have guts to do something in India
      Canadians and white loots idiots like you who take thier hard earned money
      And live in those. leaked ka ZHopda.
      Bloody Canadian you spend that money in India you would have made a reasonable
      House and not that. Container house. And face the hatrate of Bloody FIlipinas who are the most backward country in world

      Think Mr . Anil Singh the great CAnadian the 21st centuary ka. Angrezon. Ka. Gulam
      And come to India. Where you have your roots your grand parents grand ma

      And dare you say any thing to the author. Mind. Your own buisness

      Sherali Abbas

      • I am sure Sherali, if you have the opportunity to migrate to canada then you will be the first one to jump in to the plane.
        how many millions of people living their life under the line of poverty ? what about corruption ? The Philippines is much much better country as compared to India. Go and visit. kuwa a mendak!!!!

        • Dear Aley

          First of all I am happy in india and in my wildest dream I will not ever think
          Of even look in to the picture of Canada also. secondly let me tell you that your history and geography needs to be brushed up. please do not parade your ignorance and look into the facts and figure and read glimpses of the world to find out about a nation called India. You fillipinas better sell. Pizza and McDonald you are good at it.
          Don’t talk about India


      • Anil could not anything in India and thus he moved to out, you are in India, what are you doing? insulting others on this forum.

        You think moving out of India is an act of cowardliness, I think its a wise decision.

        It takes guts to move out of your cosy little shell and face the world, not every one is Anil singh nor Sherali Abbas.

        Author ne rona roya and you started insulting everyone who do not agree with her.

      • Leaving India was his personal choice. Why are you insulting him?

        Living in India is your personal choice, he is not insulting you for that reason. Why do you think he is “angrezo ka gulam”? what about millions in India working in MNCs like IBM? Is India completely Independent? What about those World bank loans? Is India able to take care of welfare of the all the people leaving there? many like Anil work abroad n send money back to India to support family/extended family. India makes lot from NRI aids directly/indirectly, many NRI invest n build in institution that helps Indian Economy. What about that? It’s hypocrisy to blame NRIs.

        • So Who leaves India for better life he is coward? What about people who leave rural areas come to urban n metro areas for better life? As per your philosophy they should stay back in village to resolve village issues? They are all cowards? Stay hungry n stay foolish? Many Indians do well in west n have job as per their skill so is Filipinos n others, you cannot generalize n insult everybody just because they disagree to the author’s story.

  7. My uncle left india quitting a prestigious job working at indira gandhi airport. When he came to Canada, he worked jobs at the gas stations, factories to support his family. His self-esteem and morale went so down, he got severely depressed and had a stroke. Today he lives as a vegetable. The blessing of his story is that his kids got educated and are now working in good jobs, but that’s all. The sacrifice he took even with all of us telling him not to come.

  8. With all due respect, why are you still living here? When is the author leaving Canada to go live in India permanently? Please, seriously, go back.
    I have lived in 26 different countries for a considerable time in each country and none of them even comes close to beautiful Canada.
    I immigrated here by choice and my life is much safer and better than India. India is a horrible country, in my opinion.

    • Chandler Gaind

      Wah wah.what. A. Son of India

      Your MOm. Should have thrown you to
      Canada the moment you were born
      You are horrible the way you think is horrible
      Telling your own motherland horrible
      Shameless creature you are

      Let me tell you you did not see anything in 26 countries
      Because you seek easy money easy life some body s glory
      MUFT. Me

      Your surname sounds very well GAIND.

      It suits your thoughts of school and your background

      Be happy in some ones house. One day you will land your. Back in India begging for entry


      • Mr.Sherali what is there India to appreciate about? The damn population the corruption the poverty. Wow so according to you these all things are great right. Now please dont say that one day India will improve and will be forward and developed than other western countries. If thousands of Narendra Modi will come and go then too nothing will impove in India. All that will increase in order in India first the population that is the pride of India then corruption and then unemployent.

    • after living in 25 ‘countries’ you learned a lesson that India is a horrible country. I have serious doubt which ‘countries’ you lived. by the way I am not an Indian but I love India and the indians.

    • dear Mr Chander Gaind,
      Your name indicates you have some link with India.Having lived in 26 countries for considerable time in each country,can u take trouble to tabulate your stay in each country and then disclose your Dt of Birth.I don’t have an issue if you find Canada great,safe,beautiful,etc, etc,… But I find it quite objectionable when you call my country ( may be your country also) HORRIBLE.BTW, my son is in Canada since two years and I generally know how great Canada is.

    • Hi Chander, I came across this forum just browsing the net. I have no specific reason to be a participant here as I have no intentions of moving out of India in spite of getting several offers and travelling around the globe. The most idiotic statement that you have made in this forum is by calling India a horrible country. Sorry to say buddy, but people like you are the real liars who lead a slave’s life in some foreign land and paint it pink just to mask their failure. India and Indians are ashamed of people like you and wish you guys never come back to the ” paradise on earth” called India. Pls stay where ever you are, be happy with your life like shit and please do not ever come to India. India does not need losers like you who have no respect for their mother and motherland. No thanks.

      • Canada will be no longer country of whites. It will be soon replaced by Indo-Canadian population. And if you google it, you will find Indians economic and financial condition is far better than whites in Canada and us as well and if you will google most of the billionaire and successful Indians live in England, US, Canada or Australia. Indians are very talented, but the indian government we know. So I urge many Hindus and Sikhs go and migrate and show your talent and increase your population and form strong communities.

  9. That’s very sad. Well, there are so many other categories in the skilled labour policies in Canada that a person can go for AEO ( Arranged Employment Offer) which gets you the job and you do not land in a soup or look for a job after you arrive there with your heard earned savings.Secondly, i must say that for a period over 20 years of your good time in Middle East you should have realized the fact that even in the middle east the expats – whosoever comes there – has a job offer.

  10. I migrated to Canada more than 30 years ago. Very happy with the decision.Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in. All those planning to migrate should do their homework, including that required by professional collage. Also be willing to work hard. The job situation is now tough for all.

    • Skin colour and looks are also important issues.. If you get into the race for interesting positions, you will surely lose against lighter skin candidates. There is no meritocracy. The current government of Stephen Harper is conservative and racist…I’ve had 38 years in Toronto…Immigrants live in Whitby, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga etc… They do not live in Toronto….Education is questionable. Your french is always questioned as the Quebec french is mostly preferred…

    • Not really, that is the problem. Even the 2nd Generation+ do not get a break (i.e. parents migrate, do slave jobs in hope that their childred will get a break). Canada is CONTROLLED by a few families (most not living in Canada) and that is where the corruption starts. The ‘recruiter’ is there to protect the big companies from ‘discrimination law suits’. Canada is one big ‘estate’ owned by some… that is how it seems.

      • One loser doesn’t mean everybody is loser. If your skill/qualification doesn’t match, you don’t get job. That has nothing to do with immigrant second generation, many white Canadian kids are jobless. I know many second generation Canadians are doing great, even kids who immigrate n studied here, they are doing great. It depends what they study, History in bad school vs Engineering/Economics/Law/Accounting from reputed school, even History degree from good school manage to get job.

        • dear Eshop

          this is salman from Dubai, currently job as supply chain manager and have MBA in supply chain. I want to migrate to Canada with spouse she is Pharmacist M Phill and doing job here dubai.
          can u pls give me guide me with good or bad and our both job experience exposure in Canada?

  11. Guys don’t say the author has given up. Don’t blame her. It can happen to anyone and this is a story of many many immigrants as my first-hand experience. People have a myth that they can send kids for higher education and they will get good jobs. Considering this, parents send kids in any college and don’t look at its rating. Parents be careful about it. Definitely migration to Canada can be very fruitful and full of fortune but remember it is rarely seen in the first few years of migration. Some one mentioned that you get the job first and then come, that looks good option as you will know what you will make before you land. I think these days it’s not easy in India too. Once you have a nice job in US or Canada, it’s haven for you but remember if you don’t have a nice job/bussiness it’s worse than hell. These are my thoughts that I wanted to share with prospective immigrants. Sorry if I would have hurt someone.

  12. Well,Well,Well. The comments are very discouraging to any family that is planning to immigrate to Canada. The Negative sides have already been discussed so I will not waste my time going over it again. Agreed it is tough I felt it too but I never gave up. This country challenges you and you have to challenge it back. I left a high management position in India to go and immigrate to Canada without a job for a better life. Yes I had some help as I stayed for couple of months with my relatives but deep inside I was prepared for the worse and was ready to do any honest job to progress further in life. Without any delay I entered into a job in the retail industry as a receiver. Remember everybody in Canada with no Canadian work experience has to start from the beginning. It is how one looks at it and takes it as it comes along the way. I kept on applying for jobs to get abck into my industry(hotels)and when i got my first break and it was not a management position. I accepted it and worked even harder as there was a lot to prove to myself and test my limits whether i had it in me. My hard work and best wishes of my family and friends paid off and I was able to get back into what i was doing back in India eventually.It is true that it takes time and one has to compete with fellow immigrants as for 1 same job there would 50 to 100 applicants but the key is that one has to keep trying and improvise along the way.

  13. Can any one on this site be so kind to guide me in how to land a job in Dubai, please? I immigrated to Winnipeg (MB) Canada in 1988 for the first time where I found people to be very rude just for leasing me to speaking quietly to a friend in Spanish once, the old man said to me while pointing with his finger “that way is Toronto”, I wonder what he meant to these days (lol)!!! In Winnipeg, I studied some credits towards a major in Economics at the University of Winnipeg. After moving to Toronto following on that old fellow’s advice, I sent thousands of resumes and was able to land a job as a security guard, a decent job as would be any other at any level, one thing we must not do is either steal or caused damage to our human fellows in our way to get a better status. I became Canadian in 1991; and for reasons of my first experience with recession, I got laid off. So Canadian passport in hand, I made my way back to Central America where I had originally come from. To the present, after many ups and down, I’d say that here is where I have been able to succeed in my advertising and publishing profession that learnt on the job training in Costa Rica before I moved to Canada in 1988. In 1996, I travel to the USA where I registered a corporation and started publishing an international trade magazine from the grounds; I had good response from advertisers like the Port on Miami, the Port of Houston, Miami Int’l. Airport, UPS Air Cargo and the Port of New Orleans among others; but when I tried getting advertising support from Canadian companies, it was a total hopeless disaster, why did that happen? I still have no answer. These prospective Canadian sponsors were looking for the free ride, free advertising, it was always like that. Ok, in short story, after 1988, I experienced 2 more immigration intents after even been already a Canadian. In my conclusion, it had nothing to do with Canadian experience or education, BUT with a combination of factors like preference to seniority, because in Canada there are many old people still working even after 75; many recession following the Free Trade Agreement with the USA and then the NAFTA, jobs moved and still moving now a days to China, Mexico and even the USA after 2009 recession, so the joke about Americans moving to Canada for work makes society in Canada to feel proud (lol); and the final one, yes there are plenty, but help me say “PLENTY” of decent jobs in Canada working in construction, janitorial cleaning, factory, farms, nanny, health care looking after old folks, etc, for example a public transportation bus driver makes CAN$100,000 a year (I have to check if it is required to have a master degree to become a bus driver!!!). The government of Canada is the best in the world in helping immigrants to the point that some times it is abused by those families that say Canada is a wonder because they received child support at tax payers expenses who are single like me and are getting 40% in taxes and deduction off paychecks; even though yes Canada is a beauty and you have to love it as it is; otherwise, as I stated at the beginning, can any one please guide me in how to get a professional job that fills my expectation in Dubai that has nothing to do with cleaning, factory, construction or nanny, please ? Thanks.

  14. Its a moving story. And it is most certainly true. It’s a pity that I did not read it before we immigrated here earlier this year. It’s not that we don’t apply or are not sufficiently qualified or are not proficient enough in English or are not applying for jobs or don’t have the correct CV layout, it’s simply the fact that we are foreigner. I have already applied for over 50 jobs and none of my e-mails or calls are ever returned. The demand for ‘Canada experience’ is laughable, as in my home country we were at least 8 years ahead of Canada in terms of standards of Best Practice in my line of work. It looks to me at this stage that this whole immigration thing is a budget-balancing Government scheme.Local personnel agencies are staffed with totally incompetent people. Read about it – they are seemingly costing the country billions. I calculated that about $3,5 billion are netted annually from immigrants who leave within 12 months. It is Canada’s nice way to balance its budget!

  15. Who is easier to get a job in Canada? The following is the ones who are easier:
    (1) Locally born
    (2) Have local experiences all along
    (3) Have connection (someone work in your field or prospective employer to say good words about you)
    (4) White
    Who are more difficult:
    (1) Foreign born
    (2) Have foreign experiences
    (3) No connection at all
    (4) Races other than White

    So if Bill Gates come to Canada to work, he most likely will be barred from the Canadian experience hurdle

    • Harvard ph.d and LBS mmigrants with top consulting experiences are asked to enrol in a stupid continuing education program to get a low job in Canada… Canada is the 4th world in terms of having no public transparent recruitment n no screening system to select talents. only connection works… it is a part of corruption but Canadians have no opinions whatsoever that they don’t complain for change.

  16. well guys i was thinking to immigrate to canada but after reading your comments i dont know if its a good dessision to take i am a tecknician in climatisation and handymen,married with 4 kids, my wife is a chimiste teacher. anyone can truly give us advice about immigrating to canada.i live in lebanon middle east the only thing i am missing here is the future for my kids,email me pls any advice can be helpfull thanks .

    • If you are above 40 years of age and have a settled job, then probably you should NOT even think of immigration because you will have to do new courses here, then send applications and then wait for response. Every employer will ask for Canadian experience. Soon all your money will run out and this create problems for you and your family. Even if you get something, you will have to start from the bottom.

      But if you are willing to do anything with minimum wages and willing to sacrifice everything, then go ahead. But remember, you daily struggle pay bills will leave you time to live decent life. Many immigrants come here, spend all their money and then go back to their native country after getting frustrated.

      If you finally decide to immigrate, don’t resign your job. Take leave, come here and then see if things work out for you.

      • Hi I am planning to migrate in to Canada. I don’t know its a good decision or not. I am 27 old Indian. I have 2 year of experience in admin in my country. I am a MBA holder from England. Will canadians accept my England MBA. I am seeking your advise.

        • Yes, Canada will accept your MBA from England, but it depends upon you. Frankly, many MBAs (with these degrees from England and India) we have met recently in Toronto are doing just ordinary jobs – like bank tellers. One Indian who is his thirties with an MBA from England too was earning just basic salary till he joined a diagnostic clinic. So if you are settled in India, think hard before taking a decision because there are so many opportunities in that country. But then age is on your side. If you are not married, you can try Canada. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back. Moreover, if you are willing to do any job in Canada, you will find something.

        • I used to work for Agrium, a big chemical/fertilizer manufacturing company in NA, head quarter Calgary, there are couple of Indian guys in HR with foreign degrees, as far as I remember one came straight from UK with UK-MBA n experience got the job. I see most of the commentators here are from Toronto, maybe situation there is different, but in Calgary it’s definitely better. I don’t say there is no challenge as many Canadian locals do believe immigrants steal their job, but I can say Calgary story is different than Toronto. One commentator here said, even 2nd generation Canadians don’t get job. I am not sure about their education background n what type of job they are looking for, but I can bet many 2nd generation Canadians do have executive jobs in Calgary across different Industry, Rail, Construction, Management consulting etc. Even people who immigrated in student visa, many of them settled with good job.

  17. Hello.. First of all im from a diferent culture so my point of view difer alittle fron yours..i can see that most of you were wealthy people back in india.. Wich is good but well when you move to a diferent country without having a job offer i belive that is foolish to think that people in that country are going to treat you with the resoect you got in india after maybe 30 years of living in india and pluss the inherited respect that your family have in india, because in this new country no one care if u were a queen or king or what ever title or position u had in ur former country.. In this new country ur just another unemployed that look diferent for them and they may be afraid of you and your culture…what i think is that you want ur life to be transfer from india to the us or canada but with better salary…well i guess that is imposible because in the us or canada u will have to earn it (respect,trust,education,etc) pluss u will be seen all ur life like a foreigner. So if u dont have anything in india atleast h will have something in the us but if u are some one in india u will be no one in the us because here u are starting from 0

    • If you are no one you can become someone in the US. But if you are no one you can always become no one in Canada. That subtle difference says it all. The best thing you can do is to get your passport and go and work in some country you like more. Nowadays for example there are a lot of very highly paid jobs for Canadian passport holders in Qatar.

  18. I am happy in my home country. Every day parties, birthdays, weddings celebrations, I am having a blast . Life is short . Live it to your maximum. Why the move .

    • I advise not to do!
      They won’t let you in because of their stupid networking!
      I know someone who lost 1 million dollar and came back home half paralyzed of an heart attack!

  19. I m Living in China and into restaurant business here. I have a daughter and she is studing in Shanghai. The main reason for migrating to Canada is Education and good life for my daughter. Any suggestions will be very noble. Thanks

    • Since you don’t have any specialization job and you want to stick to the restaurant business, then you will be okay because there are more than 600,000 Indians in the Greater Toronto Area alone. So come to Canada with lots of money and start your own restaurant business. But finding a job is a bit tough unless you are willing to do anything at a minimum wage. In terms of education and quality of life, Canada is very good. But you need to earn money to have that quality of life.

    • Dear Girish
      If you have not made the decision to move to Canada, since it is almost 1 year since you posted this,I would advice NOT to move to Canada. I know many of my friends who are in Dubai. They immigrated and could not sustain themselves there and came back to dubai. Do not waste your hard earned money. If possible, put your daughter in India for good education. It is much more better option. In my opinion, Canada is not what it is purported to be. Hope this helps

  20. Hey guys, read a lot on the topic… But guess many people including me are still exploring the option to move to Canada… Obviously I won’t without a job in hand…but would like to know the feedback on IT related sales job options in Canada… I have more than 15 years of experience and am doing extremely good in India… Views plase

    • We don’t know your age and family situation – whether you have children. But if you are doing extremely well in India, why do you want to move to Canada? Frankly, if you are above 40, you should not uproot yourself. Yeah, there are IT-related sales jobs in Canada, but you have to land here first and then start looking for jobs. But the problem is wherever you will apply they will ask for Canadian experience and qualifications. Even if you get something, it will be at the bottom and you will be frustrated. However, if you are ready to take the plunge, then come here but don’t resign your job in India. Try for 6 to 9 months here, and if you get something, then you will be okay. Possibly, don’t bring your whole family with you. Only when you are settled,bring them here.

    • I have 20 years of experience on Directors level in SA and have qualified years ago as a chartered accountant in Canada. I have several designations and qualifications. Go to Australia – more work there and much less discrimination that here. Canadians are a bit arrogant – they think they are light years ahead of the rest of the World and your international experience will count for nothing here.

  21. Well, I think that the people who point out how tough it can be are right — there is no country in the world where it is ‘easy’ to get started as an outsider, with foreign credentials, accents, educations, etc. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. are probably the easiest — don’t even think about Europe. But it’s still hard, and many struggle.

    The people who should come are the people who want to be Canadian — who come here for the education, the health care, for their children to grow up here, in other words, for the society and the government. If this is what you want, you will get it — there is no failure, Canada accepts you and you can survive. However . . . if you are a middle-class professional, and maybe you come from a place where status is important, and you might not rise any higher at work or your neighbor’s travel a lot, and you think to yourself: “I think I’ll immigrate and succeed even more in Canada” . . . You have an excellent chance of failing. Success, or status, are never assured, and you are emigrating for the wrong reasons.

    Simply put, emigrating for status is silly — emigrating to Canada to become a Canadian is wonderful. I came here for both reasons, and when it was tough for my first year, the fact that I wanted my kid and wife to be Canadian kept me going. When I wanted a good job, that made it harder. I was lucky and got the good job in the end, but when I was trying for one I came to understand that such a desire was a mistake.

    • Beautifully written, it was pure reading pleasure. Philosophically, what you say is true regarding the intent of immigration. In reality, most people emigrate for economic reasons. This has been true since the very beginning on human migration. The second generation of the family though is born and brought up in the new country and has a completely different native born mindset.

      Job hunting is never easy anywhere but the importance of Canadian experience in finding a job is quite surprising and is understated in so many Canadian immigration forums I have visited. I was very close to migrating to Canada (with the same dreams that so many have mentioned) but it did not work out due to many reasons. I do not know whether to feel happy or sad about it after reading all that is written here.

    • Nick
      You’ve put it together very aptly.
      I’m 47 in business in India, doing good but i want to migrate to Canada & start a business, mainly for the reasons you’ve mentioned above.
      would you recommend
      Can an immigrant start a business in Canada with ease
      How are other immigrants who have started their businesses doing (if you know any)
      I’m a supply chain specialist
      please advise

  22. The author, and others commenting, are saying that they had to take low-paying jobs that were a hit on their self-esteem. I suspect that they are high up in the caste system in India, which many in the high ranks enthusiastically support.

    I am immigrating to Canada, I am educated, and I do not feel that any job is beneath me; I have done it all. I know that it may be a while before I can get something good. The sense of entitlement of this author and some of the people on here is unbelievable. There are millions of poor in India who would love to work and live in Canada, even if that means working low-paying and low status jobs.

    • to Ella…don’t forget that majority of people immigrating to canada came from the middle countries where they used to have a much less hard lives and well paid and with such high managerial position as well

    • Ella, it depends on what situation you are in your country. If u r living in a slum, struggling to get 2-time food, then Canada is good place for u to work and live. If u have enjoyed quality life in your country, then Canada is not the place for you, as hardship is there. All Cnadian grass is not green.

      • Excuse me Ella, if you are, what you are saying, you are educated, you are not supposed to judge people based on your just a little knowledge. The people of the Philippines are called Filipinos and not Philippians and we are not hypocrites. Maybe you have met some hypocrite Filipinos but not all the citizens of the Philippines are like them. Just like in your own country, not all of them are as judgmental like you. we have different personalities and different attitudes. If you have problems with some Filipinos, please dont take it against the entire Filipinos. GOD bless you.

      • Sherali, being an Indian I dont agree with you.You may have seen the part of Philippines who dont have proper education and or cant speak good English. Is that not the case in India too? Have we not borrowed the same language? Dont we accept that English is the universal language?

        The debate here is Canada, not Indians, Filipinos or any other nationality.

      • Mr. Sherali,

        Your English & your IQ needs an upgrade.
        Please stop projecting Indians bad with your stupid comments & this is not the forum to show your hatred to a certain community.

    • Ella> I also migrated there with a willingness to take any job. I decided I would even work as a janitor and applied for those jobs as well. But the reality is that most jobs require some kind of certification or diploma from a Canadian institute. The easiest jobs – maybe the only ones – are in sales. If you are lucky after you have been there for a year or so you could become a security guard or a taxi driver — 90% of the taxi drivers in Canadian cities are engineers. Even if you get Canadian experience you cant go from a sales job or security guard to working as a janitor or an accounts cleric without a Canadian diploma. All this takes time and by the time you have got a proper job you are so tired of struggling you just settle down to enjoy what you have and give up on any ambitions you may have had. That is what happens to most people. They forget their dreams and settle for whatever they have after so many years.

  23. i got a job of a teacher in a play school. i was really very happy that finally i got a teaching job bt wen i started working they asked me to change the diapers of toddlers. clean the tables, clean their noses,wash their bibs,broom and mop the floor, clean the windowpanes. it is so frustrating. now its nt easy to go back to india leaving behind everything. life sucks.

    • Really i got laugh…. sorry to say this i enjoyed. Ur each words. U describe. Any how be happy. Make work hard. Takecare. If any good job is tgere let me know okay


    • Sonia, the sad situation is that most of these play schools or child care centres have been opened by people from India/Pakistan who have made good money in the Middle East and have come here as business immigrants, especially in Oakville,Mississauga, Milton areas. They are the ones who under pay and treat teachers in the way you describe, making them to things like cleaning etc and then telling them this is how things work in Canada. If you have an Ece from Canada, apply to the school boards. Our own people are mistreating us, not the Canadians

  24. I have a 21 year old son got his degree in Bsc in Hospitality. Wants to work as Front Office executive. Could anybody guide me to know if there are any options in Canada for him to migrate. Though I read the negatives. Please reply

    • There are jobs in hospitality in this country as tourism is a major source of revenue. But again, unless you are qualified from local educational institutions, you will have difficulty in getting a job. They will ask you to take Canadian courses or ask for Canadian experience. But your son is very young, and he can give it a try. However, people should not do things simply because others are doing. If someone has a settled job in India, it is not advisable to migrate. And don’t believe the stories of your neighbours who have gone abroad. Most people tell lies.

    • Send your son here. He is young to pursue a canadian degree. He will do well. It is a good time to send kids to Canada & USA after 12 Std (Grade 12). Parents should stay back in their own country. Too much hardship for people not educated here.

  25. sad story,it is real sad to hear getting nowhere after 4 years struggling and spending all life saving,but despite all tragic side of story,it is not shocking or unexpectable result that can be called “getting NOWHHERE”, it is just a probable destiny for big part of immigrants. and best response for it ,would be either giving up and return to origin country,or accept and change lifestyle and get along with it,without complaining.i myself used to have a very good position in my origin country and also my wife was working for a high rank company in a very good position,we left all and came to canada not for getting wealth or good job,because we already had all before,we just want to escape from somethings always bothering us in our origin country,pollution,corruption,religius pressure,so many social and cultural struggle,and now we we feel good despite all problems we are facing in canada,because we living in a country with high rank of civil rights,good school for our child,green and clean nighberhood for ourself far from pollution and any social and cultural struggles,immigration is the biggest deal of our life,we left many things to get some other things that were in our priority list in life,and we think we got it,so thanks canada.

  26. I know there are some prograns at the university that allows you to work they are named CO OP, attending to this programs you might get canadian and experience education, this might help

  27. Hi all i am 30 years old i m from india chennai. I am looking for migration. I have enough saveings. I am interested to business or good jobs. Let any one guide me. I wish go to euorpe country if saud also okay.
    If any one have idea or contacts or suggestion?
    Thanks all

    Takecare 🙂

  28. Dubai to Canada?? at your age who advised you. Many middle age western professionals from Canada and Australia move to Dubai to earn tax free income so they can afford good education for their children in any part of the world. You were in Dubai, you didn’t see those westerners people in their 40’s living in jumerah villas and apartment and their kids driving expensive sports car and families sleeping on beach facing villas. Go back to Dubai or india, and send your kids to Canada for education when they are old enough. White country should be the last place Indians should think of migrating, whatever claims my American Indians friends make of good life its all nonsense.

    • Brother, do you know the situation of Indian professional in Middle East? Whites are getting 10 times the pay that Indian professional get. so, just dont compare the life of Indians with Whites in Dubai.
      An Indian coming from india to ME will get 10$ an hour, but Indian coming from west to ME will get 100$ an hour. do your math buddy.
      Plus, Whites have privileges that even the local Arabs dont have in Arab countries.
      Indians in Middle East is only because of proximity to India & good savings. otherwise the racism is like at its peak. Indian professionals have to work for their Arab colleagues.
      Plus Dubai is not a long term solution. you and your family have to go back to India after 10-20 years. elsewhere you can become a citizen after giving your life time.

      • Good job Hardworking! Come to Canada then and make $11 per hour. But you have to pay $2.20 as taxes. On the other hand your children will enjoy excellent schooling, clean, fresh air and some of the best water on the planet. You will also get very good healthcare. There are parks and recreation spots. The people are friendly, caring and helpful and the safety levels are unbelievable. Libraries are free and you can borrow films in dozens of languages from them. As long as you do not care about such things as quality of job or how much money you don’t have, this is one of the best countries in the world to live in. By the way its also colder than hell.

        • Baber: i have read couple of your statements. you are very anti-canada. $11/hr is not the norm of a good job. if you actually stayed and upgraded yourself, you would have seen that.

          first, just do an engineering degree and your starting salary will be $40/hr. so what are you talking about? it sounds like you did nothing in the time you were here. i mean you didnt spend money and if you dont do that, dont expect anything in return.

          second, you talk about taxes like its a sin. the freaking ME is wasting their oil money and they are dumbasses. everybody knows that. the norm of a society is to run on taxes cause if govt gives you money, courtesy is you should contribute back to society. all those things you just mentioned thats good about canada just proved you wrong…..kudos! thats equality in life and good quality. not just making money and showing off your pakistani culture. there is nothing good to show off

          learn what HDI is in calculating progressiveness of a country. dubai has none of them.

  29. We are all making silly utterances and throwing stones on one another. Why cant we talk about our countries of Origin. Those who have made it in the West can hardly make so much noise as some of us are doing here. No matter how much you earn if you are a bad manager the money will never be the enough. And remember financial sufficiency is relative depending on our goals so stop judging someone who is doing nothing but trying to regret a path he took

  30. Hi guys. I just want to encourage you all to try and find peace wherever you are and to make the best of all your experiences. There is absolutely no perfect place to be and happiness is ultimately a state of mind and how we interpret our experiences.

    I moved here to the UK with my husband and infant child 13 yrs ago, in search of the good life. We soon found out that we had all that we needed back home. But once you have uprooted, it’s hard to go back.
    I think we can be quite ungrateful sometimes because there are people back home who would give everything for the free education and free medical that we take for granted. My husband hates his job as a teacher and I feel trapped by my religious community and feel like moving which is why I ended up on this site. With 3 children, I now know it’s not the right thing to do.
    Reading all your comments makes me realize that we might be chasing something that doesn’t even exist.
    Enjoy your children and your family, and while you are chasing the good life don’t forget to live.

  31. Yes it is true, guys please do not listen to immigration agents they fool you. I myself have migrated to Canada and I have seen, it is not only people from India, I have seen most of the nationalities they stay in apartments and while going they throw their stuff out and go. It is very difficult to find ordinary job only, and the weather is my God, don’t even think of it. Please it is better to be in your own country than to migrate here. If you guys are plannning to start your own business, then there is no point, as there are already No Frills, Walmarts, Freshco and many other giant stores which have captured all the business. So please don’t even think of migrating, I was thinking why there is no posts on internet about migration, as i have experienced a lot.

  32. I am going to put PR file for Canada and want to live my life over there.
    can anyone mail me and advice me ??
    there are no relatives of mine over there in canada…

  33. Hi guys thanks for the insight. I`m a 24 y/o male from SA (IT Professional). I am considering emigrating for 5 years possibly permanently. My choices have always been Canada and New Zealand. After reading this I am now sure New Zealand would be the best option for me even though cost of living is slightly higher.

  34. Hi..
    I’m Nithin 22 year guy from India,Kerala.completed my diploma course in mechanical engg.I love to immigrate canada but there is lot of commented negative there any hope for me in Canada….

    • Nithin, you have to upgrade your education here if you want to work in your field. But if you are ready to do any job, then will find one which will take care of your basic needs. You can try your luck because you are young.

  35. I have completed Bsc/nursing with 1.6 years of work exp..planning to write ielts and start PR process..after reading the whole stories written right up there..will i be able to make a career in Canada..planing to get my hubby with me..

    • Nursing and pharmacists have good opportunities in Canada. But first you have to update your qualifications here and you will be fine.

  36. Thank you for your story. I have been delaying moving to Canada, trying to get a job before making the move. It has been 2.5 years, and now i am about to loose my residency (days lived in Canada), not been successful in my applications, and i was debating whether to just migrate without a job – and job hunt on ground. You story provided some insight on the reality on ground. I am single, no kids in my late 30s, working in the middle east, good position, have invested well back home, and just wanted the opportunity to get a ‘strong’ passport.

  37. Hi Newsadmin,

    We are based in Middle for the last 10 years. Recently, my husband (38 years) qualified as IT system analyst for Canada under federal skilled worker program. I have a kid of 5 years. We have been working in the Middle East for so long and have not made much in terms of savings or investment. Whatever savings we have are enough to apply for Canadian PR and survive till a job is offered. Can you advise whether it is worth moving to Canada? Will be grateful for your advise.

    • Hana, those from IT, health care (nursing/pharmacist) and financial sectors have much more job opportunities here. The right time to migrate is if you are below 35 or so. But your husband seems to have the right credentials and age, and you guys should take the chance.

  38. Hi Newsadmin,

    Thanks for your response. I have few more queries below –

    1.How much would be household expenses for a family of three?
    2.How much would be school cost for a 5 year old kid? What kind of schools do they have?
    3.Is it cheaper to rent a 2 BHK apartment or a house?
    4.Is rent cheaper in areas that has Indian community?
    5.We may register with recruitment agencies to have a job offered first before moving into the country? Is this is a right approach?
    6.Are there any jobs for Operations services supervisor in retail operations like Fashion or Cosmetics?
    7.Is it safe to leave your kid with a baby sitter?
    8.Is it advisable for my husband to visit the Country first, get settled, find apartment and then bring his family?

    I would be grateful for your advice as we have no one in Canada and are completely relying on forum responses. Thanks, have a great day!

    • Hana, the best thing for you guys will be this: Your husband should not resign his job.He should take leave and come here alone. He should live here for some time and see things for himself. If he is sure that things will work out, then you and your son can join him. We have seen many new immigrants quitting their jobs in their countries and landing in Canada with their entire families. They hunt for jobs, take up new courses, and soon their whole money that they brought is gone, and they are left with no choice. To your questions:
      1) As for your household expenses, you will need about $2,000 to $2,500 per month. House rent will cost you a minimum of anything from $700/800 (if you rent a basement) to $ 1000/1400 (2 bedrooms) per month. Car will cost $500-$700 (with lease, gas and insurance). And then your groceries (maybe $500 a month).
      2) Child education should be no problem at all.
      3) Explained above.
      4) Rents are not any cheaper in Indian areas, but you can get basement easily there.
      5) You can register with various job agencies like Acces when you get your PR here.
      6) Frankly, if you find some jobs in your area of specialty, first you have to update your skills with Canadian education, and then you may have to start at the bottom. So be realistic.
      7) Baby sitter will cost you a lot. You will have day care centres for your child. They are cheap and world class.

  39. Hi News Admin, thank you very much for your time and effort in replying to my queries. I will certainly go as per ur brilliant advise. You are doing a great job here… keep up the good work. If you ever need any info about Kuwait, then please feel free to get in touch. Will be glad to help. God bless you. Good luck!

  40. Hi Newsadmin,

    I(34 y/o) m basically electrical engineer and having 15 years of industrial experience, right now am associated with walmart in india and posted as assistant manager,
    I am married and and having 2 children, one is started schooling,
    I m having dream to be settle in Canada or Newzealand, and now applying for PR.
    Plz suggest me about Canada, job opportunity there? Which city? What will cost of living with family,
    What salary is given there for my kind of professional,
    Your reply will be admirable,

    • Siddharth, speaking about your field, it doesn’t matter how many years of industrial experience you may have in India. You will have to update your education in Canada and then be ready to start at the bottom. Most starting salaries for locally qualified engineering professionals are in the range of 40,000 -60,000. Since you are young, you may think of earning some (other) degree here. That’s possible if you have savings, or you get some loan. Remember even if your spouse gets some job, it won’t be enough. If you are ready to do any job, then you will manage something in the retail sector that will help you keep going. But once you uproot yourself, it takes a few years to settle in a foreign land. The best age to immigrate is below 35. You are already there. So decide quickly. You can choose Toronto (which include cities like Brampton, Mississauga where Indians live in large number), Vancouver (surrounding cities such as Surrey, Delta, Richmond which have huge Indian populations) or Calgary. Lots of Indians are now going to Calgary, and most new immigrants today prefer western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta). The minimum cost of your family of four will be $2,000-2,500.

  41. I think Australia is way better than Canada. I haven’t heard such scary stories from Australian immigrant. Is it Indian subcontinent people face problems ?

  42. Hi Hana,

    I have a question about gulf.Someone with 3years of finance experience and MBA degree in India. How can they approach for a job in Gulf?


  43. newsadmin, i have read all comments, looks pretty scary for those chasing a dreams job 🙁 I just wonder if that also applies to IT sector, in terms of re-qualifying all over again in Canada.
    Anyhow my intention on going to Canada is to build (rebuild) my own business. I am 40 years old and I have just sold my IT company down here in Brazil. Now I would like to settle a new operation in Canada, to sell IT Saas software either to canadian companies or down here to Brasil, hiring local canadian employees.
    Does it make any sense to you whatsoever?

    Glad to hear from you, since we have had different opinions so far…

    • Edward, IT and financial sectors in Canada are the ones which offer scope if you come here at the right age and you are ready to get credentials upgraded as required. It is not necessary that you have to re-qualify all over again. Since you seem to have a plan in your mind after selling your IT company in Brazil, you can take a chance. As for the age factor, we have already said that if an immigrant is over 35-40, it will be tough for him/her. If you have a family, the best thing for you will be to come here alone and survey the scene and then decide.

  44. Newsadmin, good news thanks for your post (such a quick reply). I just wonder why age should count negatively in my case since i (and my company partner, who is also a 40s) intend to develop a company, not get a job. Sure we both have our families, but we do have savings for this attempt.
    However I am much concerned about how hard is to make business in Canada (particularly in BC), selling softwares services/produtcs, for what I have read so far it seems to have shortage in this sector…me and my partner we are not looking for jobs, so does age count anyway?

  45. Newsadmin, I forgot to mention our intention is not Startup visa, but the Provincial Business Program. We know Startup is for newly graduated ones which is not our case, rather we intend to apply either for that 200k BP regional (includes Abbotsford and others) program or even the Vancouver itself (400k)

    • Edward, we spoke with a couple of experts in Toronto who are into software business in Ontario, and they say BC is the best place for you because the BC government itself and many huge companies there are big buyers of software services and products.

  46. Thats what I imagined. I have a partner who would settle the company with me in BC, so most probably we both would apply for the regional settings investing each 200k CAD.
    Do you have any idea how hard it has been for effectively being called in this option?

  47. Sure, I am very concerned about spending a good amount of money with someone (probably a law firm) in order to help us out filling the application, building the BP etc and then after some years being rejected by the Province.
    We are not applying for the federal program, only for Provincial one, so basically we would really like to know how long is might take to be accepted as an immigrant. We dont know if this counts much, but we both (me and my partner) are around 40 years old and have a family who would be going with us. We both have more than 800k CAD in net worth if that counts too…

  48. Hi Newsadmin,
    Firstly sorry to hear about the author’s ordeal. Must be very tough, but I can’t help but wonder why isn’t she coming back? What’s keeping her there after she has faced so much? I guess we will have to wait for her answers..
    As for me, I m a web n graphic designer with 9 years of experience and my wife is a HR professional with the same amount of exp. We have recently applied for Canada PR. Just wanted your thoughts on job prospects in both the fields. And whether we would have to do any certificate course or something upon coming there. Also which province has better prospects for both the fields.
    Thanks in advance for your time n help.


    • Guessing that you guys are below 35, you will find something in your fields – web & graphic designing and HR. Maybe you may to have take some courses. But that shouldn’t be a problem because you can do such courses part-time. But again if you are very well-settled wherever you are now, just think hard before taking any decision.

  49. Hello Everyone,
    Looking at all experiences shared above, it could be a toughest moment for anyone willing to relocate to CANADA or Australia as I’m being one of them.

    Very much appreciated if anyone might want to provide some assistance on following queries as it may play a crucial step in my life to decide whether to go to Canada or any other country.

    1) I’m a graduate in Mechanical engineering having 6+ yrs of experience in IT (Mainframe/Manual testing), and my category would fall under 2173 occupation code of FSW program, so are there enough opportunities in the same skills (Manual testing) mentioned above? What could be toughest situation in finding a job in same profession (Please provide references in the area of IT only)

    2) Well the other fact is that, I’m ready to work in any non-skilled job as long as it paying more when compared with earning in India. So therefore, is it the admirable truth that even I choose a job which is out of my profession, my earnings would be more or same as like in professional job? Please clarify the same.

    3) I could see the comments which are underpinned by the others as well that, we should or must upgrade our skill set to compete with other migrants or Canadians to get through the job. So the query arise is, what so ever the fact is, why would the government grant PR’s to such skilled persons where they don’t have sufficient sources to accommodate? It could be the trap or deceive the situation.

    4) Currently I’m at a position of finding consultancy in India who can extend the support on PR processing, if anyone come across such a well-known consultancy who could be given more trust, please pass on the same.

    5) Also, which country would be the best for IT guys whether Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand or any, please pass on the inputs.

    Any references in this regard, will be a more of help. Kindly assist me to decide further as I don’t want to ruin my life by dreaming the facts which are actually doesn’t exist at all.

    Thanks all in advance.

  50. Dear Newsadmin,

    Could you please address the below one. Thanks for your anticipation.

    Looking at all experiences shared above, it could be a toughest moment for anyone willing to relocate to CANADA or Australia as I’m being one of them.

    Very much appreciated if you might want to provide some assistance on following queries as it may play a crucial step in my life to decide whether to go to Canada or any other country.

    1) I’m a graduate in Mechanical engineering having 6+ yrs of experience in IT (Mainframe/Manual testing), and my category would fall under 2173 occupation code of FSW program, so are there enough opportunities in the same skills (Manual testing) mentioned above? What could be toughest situation in finding a job in same profession (Please provide references in the area of IT only)

    2) Well the other fact is that, I’m ready to work in any non-skilled job as long as it paying more when compared with earning in India. So therefore, is it the admirable truth that even I choose a job which is out of my profession, my earnings would be more or same as like in professional job? Please clarify the same.

    3) I could see the comments which are underpinned by the others as well that, we should or must upgrade our skill set to compete with other migrants or Canadians to get through the job. So the query arise is, what so ever the fact is, why would the government grant PR’s to such skilled persons where they don’t have sufficient sources to accommodate? It could be the trap or deceive the situation.

    4) Currently I’m at a position of finding consultancy in India who can extend the support on PR processing, if anyone come across such a well-known consultancy who could be given more trust, please pass on the same.

    5) Also, which country would be the best for IT guys whether Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand or any, please pass on the inputs.

    Any references in this regard, will be a more of help. Kindly assist me to decide further as I don’t want to ruin my life by dreaming the facts which are actually doesn’t exist at all.


  51. The problem with immigrants these days is that they are intitled, they believe that Canada OWES them something, they come here thinking Canada is going to serve them up everything on a silver platter, a lot of them come here and go on welfare, not for my generation, my grandparents came to Canada in the late 60’s when they got here they worked hard and actually contributed to Canada, the Italians, Portuguese etc are known for their contributions of building and construction of many cities in Canada, the Italian immigrants built the entire subway systems in Toronto for example.

    They came here knowing that Canada didn’t owe them anything, they owed Canada something for giving them an opportunity to live in this great country. Today these immigrants come and expect Canada is going to hand them good jobs and high wages. Work for it! you owe it to Canada!

  52. Hi,

    What if I get a job and then move to Canada? I am an SAP Technical consultant with Global SAP Certification. Would it be easy for me? Your discussion has got me all worried now.

    Best Regards.

    • Just wait for a couple of days for a detailed response about your chances in Canada with this kind of qualifications. We will seek views from those who are already connected to SAP here.

    • We spoke to someone we has worked with SAP in Toronto in the past. He says this: Many folks with similar qualification who moved to Canada, unfortunately have to struggle like any other job here. The reasons are no different from any other technical job. And these reasons are: The certification is done in India and not in Canada, secondly, lack of Canadian experience.
      His recommendation to you is this: Research and find SAP consultant community groups in Canada on LinkedIn or, Online (specific to his specialty area) and start networking to understand what help he can expect and who can help getting to the right opportunity upon his arrival.

      • Hi, I am 30 and my spouse is 26, we both are well settled in our biz of Printing industry & Cosmetic industry respectively and doing grt equally. We are planning to migrate to Canada with the action plan – Study for a year or two in our respective specializations i.e. Marketing in or Entrepreneurship, Work and settle.
        We want to basically move for a better future for our child, after we start planning for the same.
        Please guide me as to how is the plan that we have mentioned above. Also, after having so much of experience in our respective biz, will the same help here in Canada, if we start small?
        Or according to you, job is a better option with such a background?

        Please guide.


        • Mostly people migrating to Canada or the US,etc, say that they are moving for the sake of their children. But basically they have their own itch to live in the western world. Nothing wrong with that. But if you are well established in your business back home, why don’t you send your child for higher education? It is not difficult for students to get PR in Canada these days. Well, on the other side, you guys are a young couple. So no harm in trying something new in life. But don’t close your businesses when you come here. Calgary, Edmonton will be much better cities for compared to other cities because Alberta province is doing better than other Canadian provinces.

    • SAP has good demand, but competition is high due to outsourcing, so there are many people in local market who came in TFW program for consulting firms like IBM, Accenture, TCS and trying to settle down in CIC/FSW category. Having said that, there is good chance if you know new technologies rather than just traditional ABAP program, like PI, WF, BPM etc. and good command in English, if you don’t have much exposure in newer tech then at least you should have USA work experience working. If you have demanding skills, you maybe able to get the job even before landing here in Canada (rare though). As far as certification goes, I disagree to “Newsadmin”, SAP certificate is global n still valid in Canada, exam process is same wherever you appear and it’s SAP, AG, Germany who certifies it not India. In fact, nobody really cares about certificate unless you are interested in Govt. Job in Ottawa (new immigrants are not eligible anyway, you need to have security clearance), what is important here in Canada for IT job in Canada apart from core technical skill, is soft skill like presentation, team work etc.

      Good market for SAP is Calgary, Montreal (language may be a barrier, high competition n low wage), Toronto (high competition, low wage), upcoming market Regina (Saskatoon) n few jobs in Halifax.

      If you are young, I think you should try, maybe you have to start with low salary range, but eventually after adding couple of years of local experience, you will be in better place.

  53. Hi, i’m 20 and I’ve planned to pursue my higher education( masters in electricals)in canada. after reading all these comments I’m quite confused, how’s the job prospects in electrical and computer industry in Canada ?.(I have plans for studying and working there & also I do have the thoughts of settling in canada)

  54. Hi..I’m 38 years old from India, married and have one son of 6 years old. I have a Chartered Financial Analyst from USA having 15 years of experience in Equity Research. I’m thinking of moving to Canada and I have applied for PR. Please give me any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    • The CFA is a great qualification, but not all people do well in Canada with this degree. Anyways, since you have made up your mind, go ahead and you will find something.

  55. Hi, I am 40 and so as my wife. We have two kids of 10 and 6. We have over $ 200K savings. We plan to move to Winnipeg area as my wife has been accepted to study 2 years business administration course at a college. Currently I have a good job and I make approx. US$ 65K a year. Do you think at our age we can establish ourselves well in Canada? I understand I may not find a great job there; in fact, I would want to start some small business in a small city (not willing to live in big cities) in the future. Do you think if my wife gets her diploma from a Canadian college at the age of 42, will she be able to find a job there? The principal purpose to move to Canada is to ensure that children get better quality education. Please share your thought. Thanks!

    • Considering your age and your huge savings, we recommend that you carefully weigh your options.
      1) You say you want to move to Canada for your children’s education. Yes, they will have access to good education. But mind you, one is already 10, and once he goes to college it will cost you a lot or he will have to take a student loan. Frankly, it will be a better option if you send them for higher college/degree education to Canada.
      2) You say your wife has been accepted for a two-year business administration course in Winnipeg. That’s fine and she get her degree. The university/college make money, but will she get the job? There are no guarantees and it happens to tons of immigrants and they get frustrated and some even leave.
      3) The major point for you to consider is that you are making good money and have a huge amount of savings. You are taking a big risk because small business may succeed or not. It takes a few years. You are at the prime of your life and you have comfortable life back home in Bolivia.These years should be spend without tensions. But once you are in Winnipeg, you will have tons of tensions to deal with. These will impact your family life. We have seen this thing happening to so many families. Nobody immigration consultant or officer will tell you these realities.
      The best course of action for you will be to accompany your wife without resigning your job (if you have one) or closing your business. Take a long leave, come here and explore your options for six/nine months. If things work out for you and you feel comfortable being in Canada, then take the next step. We have cases similar to yours. Couples came here at the age of 40 after leaving well-paying job in their countries. Husbands couldn’t establish themselves and they went back after three/four years, leaving their wives and children back in Canada. It is terrible for families because children get to see their dad ONLY once a year. Family life is not worth wasting.

  56. leo_entp
    Guys, am 30, me and my wife are planning to migrate to Canada. We have a good set up of biz. here back in our home country. We are self-employed basically. It is just that the work has become very monotonous and very routine.

    We feel age is a no bar, but according to our family, it is!!
    My basic question to the room is that, is it sensible to leave well established biz and hunt for a new job or start writing a new chapter altogether?? And how is the job scenario market as far as immigrants are concerned, are they preferred??

    • There are two things in your case. Age is on your side and yes life sometimes become monotonous and you want change. But on the other side, you are established with a good biz. Frankly, our advice to you is this: There is no harm in making a change because you are young. You can retrain and get some jobs but it will take some time and expenses. Barring retail jobs, the employment scene in Canada is NOT bright. Even if you both get jobs, they may not be paying you much.If you don’t have kids, that’s good because both of you can work. But at the same time, it doesn’t make any sense to close well established business and move to another country simply because others are going or you hear all those stories about Canada, America, etc, which are not true. But if you have made up your mind to come to Canada, then don’t close your biz. Come here and explore. If you are successful in finding jobs or starting some biz, only then close your biz back in home country. The good thing is that age is on your side.

  57. Thank you for the prompt response.other thing is how long is the fsw visa immigration process? Also which city is best for choosing a career in cosmetics ingredients marketing? How about the print industry there? We have done our basic research but have received mixed reviews??? Also are the child free education benefits Applicable to immigrants? We understand the struggle we will have to go thru at the beginning but we are ready for it. We have been served everything on a silver platter till date,which is not digestable to us now. Hence we have taken this decision to carve our destiny.

    • The FSW process takes over a year. As for a career in cosmetics ingredients marketing, all provinces are ok. Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) are doing much better than Ontario.

    • Hello friend
      I was reading your article and just could not resist to write to you. Things might be monotonous here but you can always consider to expand or change your business. Keep so many things in mind – i.e. if you go to canada you may not be able to attend the funerals of your so many dear ones. You might be making good money but in your lifetime you may not call yourself as rich. Here in India you can afford to hire a helper but you can’t think about it there, the psyche of your children would also be different then you. In India children are there to help the parents but in Canada they may move out after growing up, the list goes on.

  58. Dear Newsadmin,

    I am 40 yrs old married guy with one kid of 4 Yrs.I am in IT and my technical expertise is in DataBase Administration.My total experience is 14 yrs and working for a big MNC in India. I checked my eligibility,I am eligible to file Canadian PR.
    My wife (36 yrs age) is also working as MBA degree and working as a Senior PR executive in an event management firm.

    Pl advice. Do I proceed with Canadian PR process ??

    • You guys seem to have the right credentials for Canadian market. But the only point is your age. You are 40. It will take you some years and struggle to get going here. So think hard. If you want to go ahead, play it safe, take a long leave from your job and come here to explore things. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

    • No. Don’t come. Only come if you want the passport and intend to go work in the USA — which needs you — and not in Canada. If you want to work as a bus driver but never had the chance or an insurance salesman or a real estate agent, then Canada is the place for you. The job market is a tight one, tightly controlled by mason skills – that require certification and diplomas and degrees issued by Canadian institutions. If you have worked with let us say GE in India and then came to Canada, GE Canada will say “you don’t have Canadian experience” and they won’t give you any job even though you may have designed the system they are using. Such a person will be hired at once in the US but not Canada. If you are not coming here with a view to migrating further to the USA, then don’t come. It is really not worth it. I am sure if you tried at your end, you can probably find a way to get into the US on a job on an H-1 visa. Go there if you can and apply from there and not from India. Don’t waste your life. Have a happy life.

  59. Hello Admin, I have gone through above comments which are not in favour of canada but we are also thinking our profiles are hubby is 31 year old and mba hr working with very good it company in india as asst.manager. he has abt 6 years of exp. 2.i have done and 4 year s of banking hommaker as 8 month old baby. 3. We dont have much savings but we owned two appartments in developing city. My hubby’s package is fairly good.shall we apply for pr as fsw list hubby is eligible.pls reply

    • Two points here.
      1) Why do you want to emigrate if your husband is doing well? Life is not all hunky-dory abroad, and don’t trust the NRIs who will never tell the truth.
      2) But you guys have age on your side, and you can afford to take risks. So think hard and if you still think that you should go ahead and apply for FSW, then go ahead and be ready for the initial uncertainty, expenses and struggle. FSW will take over a year and by that time your daughter will be about two and she can be put in a daycare in Canada. If you are determined, things will work out.

  60. Hello Newsadmin,

    I’m working as software engineer in embedded systems, also known as system programming. what is the scope of job opportunities for this field in Toronto?

    • The IT sector is not bad, but it depends on you age and experience and your willingness to face the initial difficulties like updating your skills to Canadian requirements.

  61. Hi,I am 62, never crossed Bangalore border.Fortunately studied plenty of books related to history economics and culture.Indian society is plagued by manusmridi or manudharma which denied equal rights to the society.People with above mindset moving to western countries from india find it very difficult & not ready to adopt western working culture,which gives equal rights &dignity.

  62. Remember that the only purpose why we are here, is to Eat, Sleep, Reproduce, and to die one day. There’s nothing to achieve, there’s nothing to prove. We all came from nothing, we go back to nothing. Whatever you choose in life let the consequences come and happen, because that is the Truth.

  63. Hi. Unfortunately you are all correct in what you say. The struggles are there when you emigrate to Canada. I think the people who have the rudest awakening are the people from India who have worked in the Gulf and have made some money and then decide to up sticks and leave. They have something called taxes in Canada, Indian qualifications are not considered on par with Canadian qualifications, language skills and soft skills of these immigrants is usually terrible, most are not prepared for the culture shock and the fact that they are at the bottom of the barrel. This confuses me. When Indians come to the GCC head bobbing they are happy to be abused by Arabs and treated badly and then after “making it” (kissing Arab ass and being prepared to do senior positions for less money than western expatriates) it becomes a problem and its all down to Canada.

    My story:

    I came from a rural town in Punjab. I used to walk to school and had no English language experience until I went to university in Delhi. I came top in my undergraduate and masters degree and then did an LLB and MBA on scholarship from USA. I came to the GCC and worked my way up and become the CEO of a large Arab company. At 40 I had had enough of being treated like a dirty third class citizen and moved to Canada after getting my immigration sorted. I came with my wife and 6 children and worked all sorts of jobs and it was hard. I never gave up. We rented and focused on my children. I saved every penny and then was able to take a mortgage out on a condo. That changed my life. I began to flip properties and at 60 I own over 30 million Canadian dollars of property outright. No loans. Just hard work and patience. All my children are doctors and are happily married and settled in Canada. My advice is do not give up and stop living in a bubble when you come to Canada. Also remember that 300k is not going to last long and being arrogant and rude and communicating in poor English will make your life harder. Canada is not the land of opportunity. If you are prepared to work damn hard and then some please come. By the way, if anyone needs any further assistance then let me know.

  64. Hi NewsAdmin,

    I am 33 years old and have 7+ years experience in IT industry. I am currently thinking of working abroad and want to save some money to buy a property back home in India.

    1) How is the market for IT professionals in Canada? Will I have to obtain a Canadian degree? I went through your earlier posts and you mention about ‘upgrading’. Can you tell me exactly what you mean by that, if it’s not some degree? Actually I am not interested in working in IT industry any more as it is monotonous and needs continuous learning.
    2)I have an IT/ITES business running parallely here in India. Will I be able to establish the same in Canada easily, may be a branch of our India office?
    3) My passions include pencil drawing/painting, cooking even though am a male. But I don’t have a degree in those. I am longing to have a career in those to be exact. Is it that I can land a job that help me follow my passions?
    4) I have a 2 year old kid. I and my wife need to give good eduction to him and may be make him a doctor some day. Does Canada offer free education till he becomes a doctor ready for practice?
    5) I won’t get a long leave in my firm, the only option is to quit and rejoin if necessary, which I don’t prefer.
    6) Should I take my wife and kid along with me now or at a later stage?
    7) Most important of these all, is Canada the right place for me and my family?

    • Let us begin from the last and seventh point in your post:
      7) Yes, Canada is a very good place for any family, any person.
      6) No, you should not bring your family with you. Come alone and explore your options first.
      5) Don’t close your business/job options in India when you leave.
      4) Education is cheap till school. But to make him a doctor, you will have to pay all his fees which would be very expensive. But he is very young and you guys can save for him if you both work.
      3) Soft skills such writing, painting, drawing, journalism,etc, are not in much demand in this country. If you are an accomplished person in these areas, please don’t come. You will be frustrated.
      2) If it works out, it will be the right option for you. But you have to face the initial struggle.
      1) Canada is a good place for IT professionals. But you say, you don’t want to work in this field any more.If you want, you MAY have to upgrade your skills. Employers may ask for Canadian experience and credentials.

        • My spouse is working here but she is interested in being a housewife and thinking of resigning her job. If I am planning to pursue a career in Canada I don’t think her quitting would be a good option. At least she can take care of household expenses and child’s education with her salary. My salary from part time jobs will be exhausted in Canada itself & won’t be able to send a part of it to her I suppose. Am I right?
          Moreover if i land a job in IT industry how much will I be paid per hour as a start after I complete a Canadian course?

          • Your wife need not be a housewife in Canada. She can get some 9-5 job. You can admit your kid to a daycare where he stays till 5pm and she picks him up after 5pm. It works for most single parents. If you get a proper IT job, you should get 50,000 to 60,000 dollars a year at the beginning.

  65. hi admin,
    i am 32 yrs old working in the financial markets ie currency and fixed income market since 8 yrs ..I am married and have a son who is 1 yr old.After going through ur posts it looks like canadian degree is a major tool to get a decent job there.Is it cheaper to get a PR and then apply for a course or apply directly as an international student ,,

    • Yes, it is cheaper to get your degrees in Canada if you are PR (permanent resident). Foreign students are charged three times more fees than Canadians/PRs. And Toronto is a major financial hub in North America.

  66. I am not Canadian, not from Canada and never been to Canada and am not from north America. But I wonder at your attitude that u can decide you want to move to a country and to just take a job and make a great life and living off that country?

  67. I’ve move here in Canada with only $ 150 US dollars in my wallet and that’s what I started with. I started from scratch and worked hard and smart on my way up. I was a RN (resident nurse) back home and tried to pursue my profession but it was too hard for me at that time. So I was trying to be creative, I figured out that if that part is too hard to go through I’ll try another field and with a different approach. Now I am in a management position with the aviation industry and make more than a RN. The story that I’ve read, sounds like a typical kind of person who wants to start fresh but wanna be on top right away. Seen and worked with these kind of people a lot, and I surely know how these kind of person works and acts. I don’t mind it if they only know what they are doing. By the way, why are you still here? All you need is a plane ticket back to India.

      • How would they know if they will not take the extra steps, i was on the medical field with zero knowledge at all about aircrafts and operational procedures. So i’m saying why move to another country which is the first step and not bother taking the other extra few steps. So you’re just gonna sit there and whine about how shitty your venture and your situation is. Well giver, and that will take him far.

  68. Simply put..You are not fit to live in Canada..I have friends and relatives in Canada who are working at mcdonalds and constructions and they are doing fine..I think You are to proud to take low level jobs or to stupid to do it..Get out of Canada go back to where You belong..

    • Sitting at Benguet in the Philippines, how do you know about someone’s personal experiences in Canada? How do you know that someone is not fit to live in Canada?

  69. I am planning to migrate by next yr 2015 with my family 2 kids and I have experience in administration & accounts around 10 yrs. Do you think I will be able to get a job? It is very scary reading all these stories but again I would like to take a chance/risk for my kids sake. I don’t mind doing small jobs.

    • If you area ready for any small job, then go ahead. We guess you will need some accounting courses to do here for getting a job in your field. But accounting offers jobs in this country. But most important is your age. 40 should be the deadline.

        • What is your profession and that of your husband? And what are your family circumstances – children, home/business ownership, etc? If you are well established, then it is advisable that you don’t uproot yourself.

          • My husband is purchasing office and I work as an administration officer, reasonably settled, able to save a bit. I want my kids to have good education, that’s why I want to move. But after reading all these stories, I am really scared though nothing is settled at the moment. My application is reached in Aug;14. waiting for the positive reply from CIC.

          • Since you are in the UAE, we guess you are facing the same dilemma that most Indians working in the Gulf face – whether to go back to India or to Canada/Australia. Since your application will take a while, you both have time to think over it. In case, your kids are about to go to college, then the right option for you is this. You (husband and wife) should stay in the UAE and send the children to Canada for college education. Your children will get their PR soon after their education and then they can sponsor you. That’s the safest option for you.

    • The most of important thing when you land in Canada is to get the correct guidance otherwise you will be lost with advise from every corner. I moved here several years ago from Dubai and my field is Finance and Accounting. These days there are so many opportunities in Finance and Accounting provided you have the right skill set.

  70. Hi Newsadmin,

    I am planning to do MBA from one of the college in Canada under work study visa. Under work study visa we will get 3 years WP visa too. My wife will accompany me and she is planning to work full time. Please let me know your views on the same.

  71. Thank you for the reply.

    But few of my friends said it is difficult to get a job when dependent accompany under Open WP. Is that true?

    She hold MBA (HR) and 4 years experience in Human Resource.

    Please suggest.

  72. Hi Newsadmin,

    You are doing great job in guiding people ! I am a Purchasing Professional (Procurement/Sourcing) with 9.8 years of experience. I am 31 years old and I live in India. I am married and have a 6 months old daughter. I am planning to apply for Canada PR this month. It would be great if you can shed some light on opportunities available within purchasing field in Toronto or whole of Canada and your expert opinion if moving at this stage of life would make sense.

    Not just Newsadmin but if any individual who can advise on purchasing field, it would be of great help.

    • You are young and you seem to be in the right profession for Canada. If you are willing to face initial difficulties, then go ahead. But if you are doing well in India, why do you want to move to Canada?

  73. The article mentions “self-esteem”. My god! Self-esteem, pride… That’s acquired and personal. There are many more factual things wrong with Canada that are worth mentioning. It may be a cultural thing. To some family and personal feelings matter most. But seriously how can anybody expect to be treated with dignity and welcomed into a high-paying job in any country. Even at home it is a race that is almost impossible to win. How can anyone seriously think it will be better anywhere else?

    My experience in Canada is similar to that of most others: The country is advertised as paradise but actually just drains you of your resources. Real-estate is unaffordable and the houses are a joke: crappy wood construction not worth even half its price. Compare houses in the States with Canada if you want to laugh! Education is a failure (see article) and Canadians end up knowing little about the world, cannot make up their minds and are actually discouraged to do so (it’s called “political correctness” aka ignorance). Canada is a wishy washy consumerism society. Just watch their TV programs. Pathetic! I was warned in Europe but as so many others didn’t listen. Don’t get me wrong: As a white male I got a much better deal than many Indians I know here. I came to become Canadian but instead learned to appreciate the rest of the world more.

    Bottom line: if you are a person of character, have strength of will and can work, you can make it anywhere. You don’t need Canada to suck your money, youth and confidence from you to leave you like the rest of Canadians: confused, broke, irrelevant.

    • seriously.. i agree with you…they are very dumb conservatives…you can also check how much Canadian companies spend for research and development ? it is very low compared to global or even Indian based frugal researches which are less expensive.

    • Hi ‘White European Canadian’,

      You got it right. This is NOT a brown, white, yellow problem. It is a problem of a few SELECT families VS the rest of us. People just don’t get it, especially new Immigrants because they get ‘bogged down’ in their communities and problems (that is the idea -that is why the government ‘supports’ maintaining your ‘identity).

      We I was in BC to do my IELTS test, two other boys did the tesr with me, one was from NZ and the other from Aussi. I am also from an English background, but HAD TO do the test. The girls ‘manning’ the ‘English IELTS’ center were chinese (HK?) and spoke ‘chinese-english’ and by the time we had to do our speech test we had ‘acquired’ the ‘dialect’. 🙂

      The point I am trying to make is the ‘possibility’ of the IELTS center ‘belonging’ to a ‘special family’.

      So, again, it is NOT brown, black, yellow, white; it is everyone else VS 75 (or so) families.

      To add a ‘punch line’, last year two of my Irish friend who lived in Canada for over 10 years denounced their Canadian citizenship in favour of their Irish citizenship… (I know a few more like that, including some HK chinese friends of mine).

      Thank you.

  74. I am working in ME and too late to migrate. My kid is studying Electronics Engineering in India and I plan to send him to Canada for Post Graduation. I can finance his PG in Canada. This way he will have Canadian qualifications that can help in finding job and eventual setting up. Am I right in my thinking? Is it a good way to enter and settle in Canada.

    • Saro, yes this is the right approach for you. First send your son to Canada for his PG. On completion of his studies, he will two-year work permit as well as apply for his permanent residence (PR). Then he can sponsor you. It will be quick and the least painful way to make transition to Canada. Then you will also have a choice whether you want to live in Canada or your native country.

  75. Thank you for your advice.

    Please advice – my wife has 4 years experience in human resource – recruitment domain. Is it difficult to get a job in BC under open work permit.

  76. Guys, there is two ways you could see this what she saying is right and wrong. What she is saying that people go to Dubai with a work visa and all the money goes to their pocket and no tax.They get the job for their qualifications. When you immigrate to Canada, even though computers in Canada and Asia calculate and work in the same way but companies need Canadian experience before they hire someone to do the same job they did before. The answer to that is most of the time it is due to the fact people don’t know how well you behave in a Canadian work culture so no one wants to take the risk initially.The other thing about education is Asia employers only care about what degree you hold they don’t care if you have any work-related experience you have very good example is me I don’t think if I go to India with my Canadian college diploma and 20 year IT experience I will make more than 1 lakh a month where I make easily more than 250K a year. So author, try hard just the initial 5 years are hard after that you will be fine.

    • yes and you will have to return to India after your retirement in Dubai… if that is what you desire then go back to India… if you want some place to call home other than India… short term pain for long term gain…

  77. As u said about some are real but some are not true in life i thik so. I was a university lecturer in india. I came to canada to have a better life. I was doing my job in 6th place within one yaer of my arrival in canada. I am not interseed to teach in Canada. When compared to canada and india, the major and main problem is corruption and beurocracy. these two are very high in india, but when we are in canada the govt is carrying the human beings very well. i like this. the affectiin and love of the english people is very mazing. I have a better life and i can win and enter into my career. you could not be upset try your best again and again u will win.

  78. HI!
    If you want to make money, no matter what the job is, Canada is the place to be. Why do you want to settle here? The winter is terrible, racism, no happiness and the list goes on! If you want to do a “show-off” to your enemies, better choose some where else.
    If you have your own house, property and a good income in India, “what the hell is wrong with you guys to settle here?”. What is there in Canada that we dont get in India???
    I am from Kerala and have been living here since the past 3 years and still have no intention in settling here, even though I have a decent job.
    I know it is unfair to say this, Wealthy people coming to settle down here in Canada deserves this kind of bad experience, and stop complaining because you asked for it.
    Live your life like a King in your country 🙂

  79. I totally agree with this article. I immigrated to Canada in 2012 and was lucky to get into this country young at 26, God bless not in 30s. But in my story i was very depressed with my own personal problems , and was ok to face anything that this country gives to me. So the experiences that i faced here did not bother to me that extent. So what I have interpreted from the experiences that I faced here is:
    1.Canada is very conservative country, may be because of their British influence they tend to think that they are very privileged and people from outside are good for nothing.
    2.From govt to prostitute, everyone does business over here,because it is a business country. immigration is also a great business. Your timely intelligence and street smartness will save you. Smiling face will definitely cheat you and they (Canadians) are very diplomatic about it. So someone who has a business back home wants to do business in this country or USA, I say it’s good bet and you can expand your market.

    3.Reference checks in resumes are extraordinarily important in this country and your networks only pay you off. Before coming here, I was thinking hiring based on backdoor recommendations are Indian small town saga but nice to see over here.

    4.Switching between India and Canada in winters will be good idea sedji , think of it. But rosy ideas to settle here may backfire and you may curse yourself. Of course you can make money over here by doing even shit jobs .

    5.Survival jobs are many a times so hard (like industrial labours ,restaurant jobs ) that you can’t concentrate on upgrading yourself and going after the career you wanted to pursue.

    6.Driving licence is an oxygen kind of thing in this country. Ifyou are immigrating to canada, make it a priority that you learn the basics well .

    7. Canada doesn’t have large-scale job generating industries like IT industry in India, exception is oil sector in Alberta (skilled trades and engineers who get licence are welcome), automobile and pharmaceutical clusters in Ontario and Quebec, and mining. 90% professional jobs are licenced , and you need to strive hard to take licence first while maintaining your expenses with shit jobs. Persistence and hard working immigrant will get to job. Never think like india or dubai where you can immediately jump into professional jobs.

    8.Regulations and licencing exists in almost all streams. So any professional who wanted to enter into same stream , make sure that you have the right skills and hardworking attitude before landing here, otherwise you will end up in shit jobs. Non-regulated professions like marketing definitely need Canadian experience, for that may have to volunteer, which is hard with survival jobs.

    9. Many international students are more successful than the immigrants, because at young blood you can afford to have more risks.

    10. Lifestyle expectations are the main factor for immigration than money and I say that back home is 100% more entertaining than here in Canada. Canada is just a mirage.

    11.Racism doesn’t exist for naked eyes (contrary to Australia), but it definitely exists with a good diplomatic face.

    12. Good for retired people and elders. they have a hundreds of pension schemes and other social security schemes, will fetch you after 65.

    13. Jobs like plumber, electrician will fetch you a wage of 100$ per hour but a bank employee may be paid maximum of 30$ (if very experienced).

    14. Safety and security that everybody gets is commendable especially ladies.

    Conclusion: if you have good job and saving in India/Dubai, why do you come here? But if you are so adamant that you will strike gold in canada, then i say go ahead, your efforts may pay off, may not immidiately but definitely.

  80. Hi
    I am 30 year old mechanical engineer working in oman oil field …recently I got married to a msc nurse..currently we are prepairing for our ielts exam to migrate to canda…I am putting all my earnings and wat ever I have in this effort hoping for a brtter future…Am I doing anything foolish by this …I see do many experienced people here kindly guide me….I was wondering will my wife be able to get a nurses job soon as we reach there or will I be able to find a job as an engineer …..Please give me your suggestions. …

    • She will have to take an exam… and then she can go from there… !!! It will take time… please dont put your hopes in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary… try other places… its hard not to be with people from the same country… short term pain for long term gain…

  81. What teh author said in this article is absolutely right for some people. Of course, what she has written is right for many well educated people from India. In India, we have good education and there is a good value and good salary for those jobs. This place Canada is good for people not well educated and ready to hard work. People from some countries, seeing money and facilities here, come here only money and for them money is everything. Working overtime and making double or triple than a normal person.

    We Indians give value and most importance to the family too. That is another reason people from India don’t like this country as they (Canadians) can’t understand the family values of our Indian people.

    Living with kids is really horrible here. You will be really shocked with the culture here. If you want to have a decent life (Indian standard – only Indian people can understand this), both husband and wife need to work, then forget about your kids. If money is all important, then forget your kids. If kids and family are important, then you can’t have a decent life with one person earning (there are exceptions). Or you need to have someone from your home country to take care of your kids (not someone from a different culture, they will spoil them more).

    It is a good country for young people and who are ready for any jobs.

    I would say if you have good education and good job and a decent status in India or any other good countries, it is better to live there.

    Come to Canada only if you are ready to do any job, work overtime, ready to face hard winter, don’t prefer family or family values, no plan for kids, ready to do all work alone, spend all the money you get here, don’t think about savings and family.

    I am thinking of going back to India in few years. (London dekha, Paris dekha, our dekha Japan, sare jagah me mem nahi dekha doosari Hindustan)

    There are issues in India, we may not have everything there, but still India is the best for Indians.

    By the way, I am from God’s own country.

  82. I spent 11 years in canada. I went to Canada in 2001 and stayed there till 2012. I started my first job at $7/hr and reached up to $120000/year. I am now Canadian citizen and love Canada.

  83. I moved to Toronto, Canada almost four years back from Delhi, India. I don’t know what was the intention of post as its not true Canada don’t have opportunities as in any other countries too you have to learn and develop your skills as per country requirement and adopt in the culture else you fall behind. If the author was so frustrated about the whole situation than they should have gone back. Canada has so much to offer specially for families like free healthcare and education and equal rights rather like Middle Eastern countries where you always be immigrant. I feel this post is useless and misleading for people who are skilled and don’t mind working hard to get something good for their family.

    Best of luck to everyone who is planning to move to beautiful Canada!

    • Hi Vipin, As we have mentioned and as some posts by various readers also say that you should be young and willing to do any job when you migrate to Canada. Looks like you fall in the category of young (student) who got his degree and got a job or someone willing to take up any job. Good you have succeeded, like so many do. But we at this portal know so many other young Indian students who are pushing their resumes around and not getting jobs despite their local degrees. We know that they are working as security guards at airport, as waiters in restaurants. We know the Indo-Canadian community across Canada very well and we can tell you that if many Indians with MBAs/CFAs are successful corporate executives in downtown Toronto, there are tons of others with similar degrees who are not getting any jobs or are working as bank tellers. What he author has said in this article is his/her story and you must be respectful of his/her views and she is NOT misleading anyone.

  84. Hi Newsadmin. I’m 27, single male, working as a key account manager on the commercial side for a Fortune 500 company here. I’ve got a bachelors in computing and a MBA in marketing as my credentials. Having applied to FSWP earlier this year, what do you think are my chances of settling in and finding a job in reasonable time in Canada, if my application is successful. It’s going to be a massive step for me plus with the way my industry is right now, I don’t think my employer will allow a sabbatical so I will have to resign outright. Thanks.

    • You are young and computers,financial sector/accounting are pretty good areas in Canada. But you may have to upgrade your skills and get Canadian credentials.

      • I don’t particularly belong to the financials field, I’m a key account manager in a sales role, so my forte would be B2B account management and selling. Do you think I’d be able to cut it after getting the required Canadian credentials?

      • Hi news admin,
        Salman here from dubai, currently am doing job as supply chain manager and had done masters in supply chain management. am 31 years old and my spouse also wd me here doing and she is Pharmacist M Phill.
        we want to settled in Canada so pls guide me to seen our current jobs and also both fields value in Canada

  85. People migrate somewhere because they want a better life, since they have no opportunity etc where they are. You were living in Dubai, you had good jobs, family was doing well! What more did you want? If you were living somewhere in India where you couldn’t find a good job or weren’t able to sustain your family, then it’s understandable. Honestly it just sounds like greed to me.

  86. Hi

    I am 33 yrs old my father came to this country 17 yrs ago after working in middle east for 20 yrs yes he had difficulties like most immigrant family with children of 4 surviving was tough but after going to school and doing old jobs my father survived he did not reach the position he left behind. But for us life was little different we where able to go to school and yes did have student loan and also we were able to get a decent job. When my father decide for us to move to Canada my other friends parents decide to send there kids to India for further studies at the end they end up in middle east. Now they have kids and would like to move to Canada for their children. My father made the decision to move to Canada for us and we are thankful for that as my father said to me never let your ego come between you and decision because when time comes to feed you they will be the 1st one to turn their face. No job is big or small

  87. There is dignity in all jobs here… at least we have jobs… It took me 10 years… i finally got my Canadian dream…. Dont give up…. try another smaller less known city or Province… they have much to offer…. I moved from Toronto to Edmonton because there were more jobs available here… giving me my experience… after that… the country is yours to discover…!!! 😉

  88. hi admin
    im 30.. recently married with 6 years experience in the travel industry..i currently work as a senior account manager for a reputed airline company in the gulf. With regards to my education..ive completed my bachelors in comm followed by an MBA in marketing

    i have been stuck with the thought of immigrate to canada or australia for a while now as i din have the right information or advice to make a decision.. However after reading the above comments/suggestions..i do have a better picture abt canada.

    .my questions :

    1) whats the scope of travel industry in canada.? hm clearly understand that since i wudnt have the leverage to be choosy considering my profession..but just to know..

    2) job opportunities in general.. is there high rate of unemployment?

    3)Would we have to enrol to any diploma courses frm Canada as we dont have canadian education exposure.?

    4) your personal suggestion and if you have any idea abt the situation in australia. Is it any different there.- honestly i havent heard many disaster stories from people who’ve migrated to aus as compared to canada..


    • Sunil,
      Frankly, what we know of Indian people with background in the travel industry coming to Canada is that most of them have their businesses – travel agencies, etc. Yes, in almost all jobs, immigrants are required to get Canadian credentials. To be honest, in many cases new immigrants should not be asked to get Canadian credentials because degrees from other places are as good as Canadian courses. But they do insist.

  89. There is an Indian song that goes like “Kahan tak suno gay kahan tak sunoown” (Till what extend you want to hear, till what extend should I say). This is true with every immigrant and irrespective after 1.5 years everybody struggles and stand up to take the challenge. This is why the slogan, ” Canada, yours to discover”.
    If you forgot who you were and what you were doing/how successful you were back in Dubai/home and mentally prepare yourself to start from zero again, there is 99.9% chance that you will succeed.

  90. Hi News Admin,

    I am 29 year old, currently working in the middle east as a chief accountant for the past 8 years, married with one Kid. I have been thinking on migrating to either New Zealand or Canada, but after reading all of the above comments it seems a very terrifying situation, even though i am ready to put in the hardwork. Also, my wife is a certified Special Needs Teacher, will she be able too find in a suitable job. Will we both be required to go through different courses in order to upgrade our skills. Even though age is on my side, appreciate if your could guide me a tad bit, my mind s set 70-30 towards moving to New Zealand, but don’t mind Canada as well.


    • We don’t know about New Zealand, but in Canada you and your wife must be mentally ready to start all over again. If you ready to rough it out, you will succeed and you are at the right age.

    • Hi Shrein,

      For Canada read ALL the above comments.

      There is some demand for special-needs-teachers in Canada. But like many say, you may not get it immediately or get the ‘regular’ salary. Many corporations in Canada hire new immigrants solely to pay lesser wages.

      New Zealand has a very DIFFERENT Immigration Policy. I know a person who went to NZ a long time ago with an MSC and an MBA. He went back to his own country (his marriage also broke). For many who maybe wondering what I am doing in Canada – most of my income comes from out of Canada and I am building more businesses/clients out of Canada. I made the mistake (for 9 months or so) to think I can make money in Canada (doing what I like to do) but I learnt VERY QUICKLY and I decided to give Canada time – and it is working for me slowly (very slowly – at the current rate I will have a decent revenue in Canada in another 2 to 3 years), but since I am not pressed for money in Canada I can take my time – I work with clients and countries who knew me before I came to Canada in other countries. I have ZERO ‘white’ customers in Canada (except for French Canadians) – and my customers are ones who have been ‘taken to the cleaners’ by the ones who they dealt with before me or have small budgets. Read my other comments – that is a true picture (IMHO).

    • Hi Sherin,
      I am a bangladeshi Canadian living in canada for 12 years. after studying i am in new zealand now working for 1 year until november 14th. i would say this:

      first, employment is limited in new zealand. most high level jobs are in 3 cities. auckland, christchurch, and wellington. canada has much much more jobs than here. most high level offices are just on the other side of the sea….Australia.
      NZ population is 4 million while canada is 37 million; so you can imagine!

      second, immigration points purely is easier in NZ due to the low population. many ppl got NZ passport and went to australia for jobs. this has been severely restricted beginning of 2014.

      Third, a good thing i noticed is in NZ, you dont have to start all over again. degrees are recognized. my friend did medicine in pakistan and his degree was accepted. i was shocked to hear that cause in Canada it will never be so. I started a world tour of working in different countries after frustrated of not getting jobs in canada having studied upto MS in USA. withing the one year i have been here, i started surveying in the field and promoted to project manager in few months. my western degree and passport is the key. my mom keeps telling me to go back but i dont want to step down from being a king in asian countries.

      forth,canada’s economy is stronger and work life is more hectic than NZ. you will get more for your money, less free time than NZ. also, you must be prepared to start from the bottom in canada. i dont want to say it but i had relatives cry who being a surgeon for 25 yrs was taught how to cut bread at subway and how to mop floors.

      i plan to settle in malaysia soon. i fear going back to canada and getting stuck on the low paying odd jobs.

  91. If any one watching this and thinking to migrate to Canada or Australia, just read carefully the replies from the Anglo citizens that will tell you how their minds are setup, most of them never lived somewhere else that is why they think they have a good life there, all pushing you to work more harder like a donkey, study more (things most probably you already an expert in it), wasting time, money and family for nothing only to fall in the shit trap of their boring, tiring and killing (both physically and emotionally) life,
    If you consider your self successful where you are don’t even think about the migration trap.

  92. Brief Analysis: They left Dubai in 2009 where world economy was still facing after shocks of “Financial Crisis”
    Husband worked 3 Decades in dubai, considering he came to Dubai in 20 Years of age, in 2009 he must be 50+, this is nearly age of retirement and any company in any country would not certainly welcome employee of this age so easily
    Author worked 2 Decades in Teaching profession, considering she also started work in Dubai at the age of 20 Years, What was she teaching? Which School? They rose to this position just because of skills or early entry in Dubai market, if early entry was their sucess factor in Dubai I doubt they are going to be successful even in India now.

  93. If you have that kind of hate for Canada then why dont you surrender your passport and go back to your rich country.
    you have to work hard for you life and your family, changes doesnt happen in just one night.

    • Her bitterness about the state of her life in Canada must not be misconstrued as hate for Canada. Yes, we agree change doesn’t happen in just one night.

    • Hi Aley, just consider this: A person who criticizes is not a ‘hater’. People who criticize are MUCH MORE VALUABLE than people who CONFORM. It is this human-nature that drives us to excel and that is why the Government of Canada welcomes EDUCATED people.

      I have employed people since 1989. The conformists never progress themselves or the enterprise. I believe the same applies for Canada (or any country).

      Canada has a long way to go and people like the author who are not afraid who show the true plight actually benefits Canada (than the ones who prefer to live a lie).

      Canada (the land) has a special quality – even during WW2, German spies defected when they came to Canada – people fall in love with the land. So, we criticize, grumble, etc all because of the love for Canada and not the opposite.

      But, the immigration policy of the 80s, which was solely to get the Immigrant money most now end – like Sam Jackson said – we must now use the BRAINS we have to compete. It (the Immigration policy) MUST concentrate on family unificationn and making white, black, yellow, brown all feel ‘Canadian’. The more we bring 250,000+ immigrants with FALSE promises the more difficult it is to rectify the situation. Affirmative ACTION must be enforced and controlling bodies like the CRTC must be made ‘nepotism/corruption’ free.

      So, in that light the author is doing a GREAT service for Canada!

  94. hi admin
    am a degree nurse currently working in middle east.planning to migrate to canada with my 2 year old kid and husband who is in saftey field.would it be a better option

  95. Dear Newsadmin
    I am 31 Years old from Bangladesh, I am married with a 6 month old kid. I have a BBA and an MBA degree in Finance. I understand from previous comments that I have to start from the very beginning so I am not mentioning anything about my experience(correct me if I am wrong). If I plan on moving to Canada I would like to know your view about the following,
    1. What are the job opportunities for people with BBA & MBA degrees from Bangladesh?
    2. What courses equivalent to my current degree do I need to pass to get eligible for a decent job?
    3. Can these course/degrees be acquired being in my country?
    4. Till I get a proper job what other jobs is there to support my family temporarily?
    5. Initially are the income from the temporary jobs(odd jobs) adequate to maintain a decent living?

    Thanks & Regards

    • We have seen many new MBA degree immigrants India starting as bank tellers and then move up. That could be the road for you too if you come to Canada. Jobs of tellers will pay you just about enough to survive, and you can do courses (like MBA) part-time or in the evenings.

  96. Being the son of parents of immigrants who moved to Canada from Dubai, I agree, I watched my parents struggle as new immigrants in Canada raising a family of five. My dad owned a business in Dubai and my mom had a well paying corporate job. The main point is, they did it for their kids future.
    Did they have started low paying jobs? Absolutely! Did they complain about it? No. They understood that they made a conscious decision for the betterment of their kids lives.
    While my parents struggled, my two siblings and I graduated through university and the fruits of their labour paid off. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and was the Director of Operations at a national company by the age of 28.
    Us “kids” now are forever grateful to out parents and will make sure they like a happy like in Canada.

    You mention that you put your kids through university. Where did they study? In Canada? Why did you leave Dubai? If you had stayed there, what would you have done after retirement?

  97. Canada is a great place. One of the few countries where you can start from zero and build your life if you work hard and smart. Here is my story.
    I came here as a 18 year old international student. Started off washing dishes, then flipped burgers, then a math tutor, then a teaching assistant, then a research assistant, then a co-op student at well known companies during summers, then again delivered pizzas and worked as teaching assistant during university terms. After paying over 100k in tuition fees and long nights in the university libraries or student center, I landed a decent job as an engineer after graduation, got promoted after a couple of years to a management rank and after another promotion and switching companies I’m earning $160k/year. That’s my last 11 years. I’m 29 year old living in a 750k house with 310k paid off and 440k mortgage. I drive an Audi A4 that was bought brand new 4 years ago and I’m married to a beautiful girl who I met here. And I just can’t wait to see what else future has in store. My parents visit me from India pretty much every summer for a couple of months. All I want to say is, if you work hard and smart and show some perseverance, you do get chances to succeed here. On the other hand, you have to adapt to Canadian culture and have strong communication skills. If you can’t do this, then it’s better to stay put wherever you are now.

  98. Hi Newsadmin
    Nice to see that u r assisting people in their way to move to Canada. I would also like to seek your guidance on my status, i am 35 years old ( married with 2 kids 5&2) & already have my PR CARDs planning to move to Canada next year, I am ACCA qualified from UK & a member of certified general accountants of Canada (CGA) apart from that I am writing my final paper of CPA US as well & planning to do CAAPA certification( distance learning from SAIT) as well, planning to move to calgary & targeting a job in oil & gas industry .
    Currently working in Middleast on a decent job. My experience is in the field of finance , accounts & audit.
    Please advise.

    • You have the right qualifications and experience. Definitely, Calgary is the place to be in, today. And you are at the age after which it will become risky for you. Possibly, don’t resign your job in ME and don’t bring you family intially. And possibly, first come alone because then you will be able to concentrate on your job hunt and control expenses.

    • Do you want to swap, mate… I am in Australia, hehhehehhhh.
      Anyway from experience, you will be really crazy to do that. If you have a decent job, especially in the middle east where you are a king, you will put yourself and your family in a shit life in Canada or Australia. You will remember my words for the rest of your life if you go ahead. Sorry, if I see someone going to drawn to Canada or Australia, I have to warn him.

    • calgary is the best place i live here and there is abundance for the one who know how to make money .
      dubai is place where u sprnt most of u r time working for someone and then what ??

  99. Hi Newsadmin
    I need your guidance…I am from Pakistan. .32 years old and married…going to have our first kid soon…I am a Pilot of ATR-72 aircraft and my wife(30years old) is working in a multi national pharmaceutical company’s logistic department as manager…she has a bachelors degree in Pharmacy and MBA in logistics and supply chain…she has requisite experience in quality control and logistics both…we are planning to migrate to canada…what are the job opportunities for both of us ?
    Would it be easy for me to get a pilots job in any airline or any aviation industry job ?

    • Your wife has the right qualifications/experience. She may have to update her credentials and if she lands a pharmacy job, it will be well-paying. But your aviation sector is very bad. We know young guys here who have earned their commercial pilot’s licence locally, but they are not getting any break and they are doing odd jobs. If you are planning to emigrate, then be ready to do anything. But honestly, if you are doing very well in Pakistan, then think very carefully. Don’t get impressed by the stories of others because you are in an upper-crust profession. If you want to go ahead, then don’t quit your job when you come here.

  100. Could agree no less with this article. I have a Ph.d from a Canadian University and I am still being denied job and even an opportunity to teach. It all depends on whether you have contacts. Immigration is an assault on human dignity. They promise you heaven and you are DISCRIMINATED at every step. Canada is good for refugees and people who have no hope of making it big in their respective countries. They can some how manage. But for people in established positions, please do not make the mistake of taking the immigrant boat.

    • Joe, I read many comments here… your comments is the only accurate one (see my comment above). Canada IS GREAT if you come from as a refugee similar situation, but NOT if you lived n dignity/respect (doing good jobs) in our country. But, I will say it again if the Immigrants integrate then the ‘others/government’ wont be able to keep up the discriminated. The disrimination goes UNDETECTED by the use of the ‘recruiter’ (the hiring company is protected as the ‘recuiter’ is the one doing the descrimination). I don’t advice anybo to send they ‘resume’ to ‘recuiters’. Again, I say LEARN ENGLISH, LISTEN TO/WATCH CANADIAN RADIO/TV. KNOW what is going on!

  101. Admin you are doing a nice job by helping all
    I am 39 years old doing job at managerial position in aerospace industry. My wife is 37 years old and is specialist physician. We have two kids aged 12 and 10 years.
    We both have PKR 100k/month plus salaries in Pakistan along with many facilities like free housing, medicals, servant etc. A year back we filed our applications for Canada immigration which are now close to be finalized. The only reason for that was providing good educational options to our children in our close supervision.
    The realities discussed here pose a bigger challenge than we perceived earlier. For the very first time we are reviewing our decision to migrate. Can you please give some guidance on our scenario.

    • As we have said, come here when you are young (student) or you are willing to do any job. Bluntly speaking, you should not migrate because you and your wife are doing well in Pakistan. No immigration official or agent will tell you this thing. Both of you are working in such professions that it will be difficult for you to get a break in Canada. Please don’t get impressed by the stories of others you hear. Considering you age, the best route for you is this: send your kids to Canada for higher education. They can apply for permanent residency after their degrees and then sponsor you. Then you will have the choice whether you want to be in Canada or not, without staking your own careers.

  102. I lived in US for 20 years now back home and extremely happy doing business of my own) ……..i finished my bachelors and MBA from distinguished schools and then worked at Blue chip companies….during schooling, I didnt mind working on campus crappy jobs at that time…..but there is no meaning of doing these shit jobs overseas, for people who has options……the global shift of power already happened……China is the largest economy now and India , Russia, Brazil and other emerging countries will create new high paying jobs for years to come… i believe if you have strong morale then stay in your own country and try to make a good living because many world leading conglomerates are being born in these emerging countries at the moment.

  103. I live in Canada past 10 years, this 200 years old country has developed up to this because people work hard.Its not like India or middle east.people coming from these countries will take solid 5yrs of hard work just to begin,after 10 years u will be having a Canadian life.high security for human life,no bribe, free medical,every official things happen in timely fashion. but no job in Canada is guaranteed. and our whole life depend on job here.

  104. Here are the facts: Canada’s banks were the first to require a ‘bail-out’ in 2008 (secretively) with $114BN (why secretively?). New Immigrants bring US$7.5BN per year to Canada. Old ones (like me) who REFUSE to work for Wal-Mart/McDonalds bring in US$150BN per year to Canada (this money is why Canada is ‘rich’). I have lived and worked in many countries. Just look at CRTC-Bell-Rogers(not to mention Insurance, Banks, etc) and you know how corrupt/controlling Canada is! My wife and I REFUSE to be SLAVES here, so we are fine. We have an excellent command of the English Language so nobody can get the better of us (if you don’t want to learn English/French-for-Quebec and Integrate {don’t keep watching your homeland TV/movies, etc} – LEAVE!). Any job that pays over $80,000 per year is ‘reserverd’. The ‘planned communities’ are nothing but SLUMS (so don’t RUSH to get one and create ‘demand’), and they are making them smaller (tighter) every time a new one come up. DONT TRUST REALTORS – even if they are your own kind – after some time everybody forgets their ‘scruples’. Don’t be SHY to bargain. And most IMPORTANTY don’t show off to your countrymen in your homeland, that is the biggest SIN you do by making more people fall into the same hole you are in – be truthful with them (about your difficulties). In my opinion Canada is (one of the) the most corrupt country in the world. The problem, however, is with the ‘New Immigrants’ who ‘love’ to work for minimum wage. The average ‘Caucasian/2nd+ Generation’ Canadian REFUSES to be a slave, they have more dignity than the new immigrants. Many have written articles/books on how Canada is CONTROLLED by a FEW (about 75) families… the rest are just SLAVES! Take the above advice and you can BEGIN to make it in Canada (or any country, for that matter)… but keep in mind, in Canada a big salary is if you are earning over $120,000+ per year – how many new immigrants earn that much?. Finally, in ANY country, as they say ‘money talks – bullshit walks’ – IMHO

  105. Dear Readers
    We must learn from the mistakes of others and experience of people. Canada is the third largest economy of world. This country provides employment as per the equality standards without any discrimination. This country has the best social and human sectors serving the natives and international immigrants. I am not a Canadian national but I have read about it and it’s government. I love it’s voluntary services which are run to help people to settle in Canada and get good jobs. I must advise you to return to India immediately and live your own life. I can pray for you. I would appreciate you if you write few of the good things about Canada also to praise the country which obliged you by welcoming at your wish and will. You are not happy here you can go to solace where you get pleasure and happiness. God may give you peace of mind

    • Mr Arshad, you are wrong about Canada’s economy…it is not the third largest economy. It is not even among the Top 10 economies of the world. You are living in Pakistan, and immigrants who live here know a lot more than you about the ground realities. Thanks.

  106. “In my opinion Canada is (one of the) the most corrupt country in the world”

    Hahahaaa, that is because your opinion is not very educated.

    “My wife and I REFUSE to be SLAVES here, so we are fine.”
    Lol you are amusing and have brightened up my morning with your ignorance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  107. Lots of people are posting nasty comments by sitting in other countries but pretending that they are in Canada. Comments from anyone and anywhere are welcome but don’t pretend that you are in Canada or that you are Canadian. We are not displaying their nasty comments here.

    • Sounds to me like this is a one-sided conversation to slander my country by a bunch of people that are more than happy to take from it what it gives them. Then turn around and say that would rather be back home.

      If that’s the case just do it then.

      But you won’t post that. You’ll moderate it so no one sees it.

      • Hello A Canadian,

        I feel for you and understand what you are saying. But try to understand what many are saying. Like I said elsewhere, I have made many GREAT ‘old-generation’ Canadian friends from NL to PEI to ALBERTA/SK/MN/ON to BC to NWT. You maybe one of the fortunate ones, but I know people in the ‘sensitive’ industries who are wondering what is going on on Canada, I have a neighbour who is highly skilled and a good worker (Irish descent) who for ‘no-real-valid-reason’ get laid off and has to fight the EI to get the claim. My other neighbour (lady) who is English descent lost her 20+ year job and is struggling to make ends meet while here CEO is enjoying a salary close to $1MN per year. I could go on and on and on, and I have written and spoken to politicians in all MAJOR parties… nobody cares… the banks were bailed out in 2008 with $114BN but the bank CEOs still boast how their salaries were $12MN+ per year (I also have an email from Industry Canada JUSTIFYING the outsourcing of Canadian jobs to India/China/Eastern-Europe/etc). So ‘A Canadian’, tell me ‘what gives’? I have written a paper on how the Libs-and-the-(p)Cs run this country taking turns and how the NDP is there only to pacify the protest vote and the ‘Greens’ are there only to ‘justify’ the ‘environment’ taxes. An Eastern Canadian, who’s ancestors came over 100s of years ago told me (he is 90+ years now) that with every consecutive government the only thing that has happened progressively is tha loss of ‘freedoms’ of the average Canadian. Please feel free to comment as this would be a great place to discuss this as, like I said, the politicians I write to don’t want to discuss this with me. Thank you. Canada is a beautiful country with nice people. I have driven from coast-to-coast-to-(nea)coast and have seen stepped and touched each and every province. 🙂

  108. Hello News Admin,

    I agree with you. The people commenting don’t read or watch Canadian news (most don’t listen to CBC). I have travelled to every province in Canada and have made great friends. My comments are to highlight the problems in the system, not a lack of love for Canada or Canadians… but like I said a few families are in ‘control’ and that is what we must aim to change. As for corruption, yes (all things equal) Canada is one of the most corrupt. We read daily about the Ontario Power Mishaps, the Senate, PM Allison Redfords mansion in the skies in Alberta, The secretive (not a secret anymore) bank bailout, the government ordering the EI to reject 40% of the claims, the CRTC-Bell-Rogers association, NWT diamonds sent to Europe for polishing, the oil refining deal with the USA, the NAFTA, the Robo-Calls in the last Fed election, etc. My many Canadian (old generations, 2nd+ generation since the 80s and Military/Government) friends tell me of the history because I make friends and AM Canadian. I have also served in many associations and boards, etc and also have friends in the forces.

    My comments are based on facts with the hope of educating the new immigrant of the perils and also hopefully to catch the attention of the powers that be to CHANGE Canada before it is TOO LATE.

    Thank you.

  109. It all depends for what reason one wants to immigrate to Canada. If you are an ordinary worker at your home, then yes Canada is the right place to be in, provided you are a hard-working person. The pay off for working hard would definitely be rewarding once you immigrate. Sky is the limit for your aspirations and strive.
    On the other hand, if you are coming from a third world country to Canada, then you have touched paradise. Security, law and order, and non discrimination are all present in this great country. Not forgetting the social security and many other amenities a Canadian benefits of. No one should ask for more in Canada, for Canada has all what life can afford. But remember, it is not as rosy as it sounds. Being a Canadian citizen, in as much as there are rights you are definitely entitled too, yet there are obligations you have to fulfill. After all, isn’t this what life should be all about? In any situation, it cannot always be take, take, take…, but in reciprocation there has to be “give”.

  110. Dear news admin , kindly provide advice for an intending PhD graduate who will graduate by 2016 and begin a lecturing career at 36 years old in Entrepreneurship.Main interests/specializations include social entrepreneurship,family entrepreneurship ,strategic management and technology commercialization. I am married with a wife and 2 children. My wife is an accountant. Thank you

    • Yours look like specialized area, and we will let you know by sending your query to those who are in this field. As for your wife, accountancy is fine. She will have to update her credentials.

    • It depends on where you have your degree but essentially if not from Canada or USA, do not expect it to be of any help. You may have to start from the bottom rung of the ladder. But with your education and WILLING TO START ON YOUR OWN, you will arrive to a higher level, by perseverance and willing to work flexibly. My Ph.D. is in Engineering, in a very special field and from USA. Flexibility meant that I adapt to what the market needs. I am now the owner and VP of a computer applications company and not in my specialised field. I changed my engineering field of work four times, from design of concrete structures, to steel structures to earth quake (seismic) engineering to reliability engineering ..etc and now in a very different field all together. My three sons, born and educated here, one graduated from Hotel and restaurant management to now construction despite beeing the winner of the highest prise in his studies. Another graduated from university of Toronto (highest in Canada) in mathematics and science but is a very successful sales manager. The third is a graduate of Commerce but is working as private investigator, something that he has to learn on his own.
      So, if you take these examples as a guide and be willing to adapt and persevere, you should have the best chances. Canada gives you and better it is for your children, the chance to prosper and live a comfortable life, away from revolutions, wars and instability…

  111. Canadians have the same struggles when they start. They have to get an education, but more importantly, they research what jobs are available for the courses they want to take. When they finish their degree, they must get experience from a lower paying job and before they can move into a job in their field. (Usually they do this by working at a fast food restaurant while in high school). No one gets a good job without experience and education. I’m very curious, why would people think they would get hired without Canadian experience or education? People immigrate to Canada from hundreds of countries. Are Canadians supposed to research the education systems and jobs of every country, know how that equates to Canadian education and roles and then choose you above all of the Canadian educated and trained applicants? How are we to even verify if what you have on your resume is true? If we arrived in your country, not speaking your language very well, from a university that you have never heard of, would you hire us above your native born citizens? I truly do not understand these expectations from every single country around the world? Are we to educate, provide free healthcare and jobs to everyone?

    • Utter nonsense. The hubris of this statement is beyond belief. So an Engineering Graduate, with years of experience, regardless from which country, must flip burgers and wash dishes even after getting a Canadian degree, to meet some ungodly Canadian standard? Like what exactly? Name one field that Canada is ahead of other developed nations.

      I have seen the Canadian system asking an immigrant with a Canadian Masters degree with years of experience to write qualifying exams for EIT when, a fresh Canadian Graduate is automatically granted his EIT. I took my Masters degree and left immediately to the US where, they were glad to pay me double the typical Canadian starting salary without asking for ‘US experience’. Funny, US never asks for US experience, witness H1B, TN (NAFTA) visas etc.

      I would warn potential highly skilled immigrants to stay away and definitely not bring more than what you need to survive initially of your hard earned money, not one cent more. They’ll take your money and chew you out and will never acknowledge your skills. For low to moderately skilled, you don’t have much to lose.

      If you’re not lucky or possibly in IT, Canada can destroy your life. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to sacrifice your life so that, ‘possibly’ your kids can have a better one. If you’re a qualified person, you don’t have to and have better opportunities in other places. This is not the 1950s, for god’s sake. Be warned.

  112. Hello,

    WOW!! Lots of comments here! The biggest adjustment is going from a tax free country to one like Canada where taxes exist and fairly high. Secondly, teachers are not being laid off, they are just not getting hired. Boards do not graduate teachers, universities do. The teaching profession is tough to get into for everyone, not just immigrants. It seems the writer did not do research thoroughly or apply for jobs before arrival. It may be tough when moving from one country to another and some difficulty should be expected. Life in a new country is what you make it, don’t expect something for nothing. Try and try again but don’t give up. All the best!

  113. Oh well, I moved to Canada from USA in 2002 with a U.S degree and U.S. experience. However I didn’t have Canadian experience which is supposed to be superior to their own ‘Daddy’ the big old U.S.A. Most of the innovation, products and ideas are making their way into Canada from U.S.A and Canadian economy is mostly (around 80%) dependent on U.S.A here. A specific race of Canadians who is born here is not well educated, and doesn’t deserve to hold the positions they are currently holding. They do not want to ‘Hire’ an expert who can lead and challenges their status quo. I could tell that they were intimidated by my confidence, experience and challenging personality, they didn’t want to hire me because they figured that they will out of job once I started working in their organization. I figured that most of these white ‘Canadian’s did not even have degrees required to be working in the profession but they were hired due to the ‘Friends or relatives’ in the company and worked their all lives. They are ignorant losers who don’t want competition in their organization or country. The reasons are obvious, if they open the market and start hiring based on merit they will soon be out of market and most of the qualified and hard working immigrants will take their place.

    Canadians experience is not superior to the U.S experience and education, it’s actually inferior to their LORDS. This is just a gimmick, successful immigrants here in Canada runs their own business away from the main stream and they work in ‘Silos’ Yes, I agree that any immigrant can be successful in Canada but system doesn’t support success in professional jobs. Many immigrants are under employed here and they continue to be under employed all their lives, it’s not success, it’s just accepting the fact that they can not get a better job.

    I can write a bigger article on the situation in Canada which can provide a bigger picture on the shortcoming of this country. I love Canada as a country but these Canadians need to man up and accept the reality that it’s competition and bet it on merit not your lame culture of friendship and ass kissing.

    • Sam Jackson: Well said! This exactly the point, a ‘select few’ have established themselves and control the economy. It is ‘who you know and NOT what you know here’. If you read the other comments above, the people who are ‘happy’ are the ones who are doing the ‘lesser’ jobs….

    • I live in Calgary, I disagree to this. I know many people got the deserved job/salary based on their US education and/or experience specifically in IT related jobs even when market is bit slow in 2008. It depends on many factors, skill set in demand etc. Same with Oil and Gas sector, many people from other countries did get the job with their prior experience/qualification from other countries.

  114. I would like to hear from the author in another 5 years time. Its just the first part of her story. If they decided to be in Canada about 10 years earlier i-e younger & energetic, they had better chances of settling down faster. Dubai can never be your home, Canada “is”. Good times or bad, when you are in your home you dont give credit to your home or start blaming it. Your home, with all the support system around you is just there for you. Its up to you how you make the best use of system. Once settled, you support to make that system even better. The author didnt mention anything about her kids. I would like to hear from them as well. There are many other elements of this story including, attitude, competence, adaptability & temperament etc. As a general comment, every batch of people i-e immigrants will have extremely successful stories & some struggling stories. We know a couple who are both qualified dentist from an eastern country & cook food for delivery. Their kids are so young that where ever husband goes for delivery, he takes them along as dentist wife is too busy cooking. Guess what, they have saved enough money for opening their own practice & they are both close to getting license. Can you imagine where will they be in 4 years time!

  115. The immigration policy was probably designed to brain drain qualified and skilled people from developing countries and them make them bring all their investments to pump into Canadian economy to bring prosperity.

    Remember no jobs would be given no matter how well qualified or experienced. Jobs are for whites only.The white people have been conditioned not to grant employment to non whites and even if job is given to a few it is ensured they are fired well in time on false grounds of incompetence.

    The whites would go to the extent of criticizing the employer as to why the non-white exists in the organisation else they will not do business with the org.

    The govt is a silent party to all this nuisance feeds loans and student loans to immigrants to get useless degrees from Canadian universities thus on one hand running the establishments and upon graduation candidates are never given jobs on grounds of having no Canadian experience no matter if one had already worked in top Fortune 100 companies.

    So this leaves grads no choice other than to go abroad to work to make money and in turn pay taxes to feed the Canadian system and repay loans that they took to get useless degrees that could not even get them a job in Canada.

    If one even comes back, no canadian org is willing to hire yet on the basis of Canadian credentials and experience in Fortune 100 companies.

    So come here for cheap labour, low paying jobs that cannot make ends meet.

    Else it is a wonderful and safe country to live and enjoy life. They key is bring money from outside of Canada to pump it into the local economy to benefit the whites.

    White Canadians will never mix up or socialize with new canadians specially the french class.

    Watch komataga maru documentary.

  116. Hi all.I was just wondering if any one knows any information regarding the sales field in the food & beverage industry? Difficulty,salaries,opportunities,best place to start,…etc.thanks

    • Yes, you can work checkout at a big-box store or gas bar. But in places like Toronto there is a waiting list for ‘checkout’ jobs. I am sure this will answer your question. Canada’s banks were secretively bailed out in 2008 for $114BN+. That is why Canada looked good and people came here leaving their jobs in other countries (like the author?). Read the Canadian news critically (not wishfully). Ask yourself ‘why is the bank of Canada not increasing the interest rate?’, ‘why do houses cost so much?’ as anybody you know in Canada what they do for a living – ASK DEEP QUESTIONS. Over tens-of-thousands of Canadian kids go hungry every day! Ask why does Canada have Soup kitchens and food banks, etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH! In any country it is who you know and not what you know and Canada takes the cake – read the commment by Sam Jackson.

  117. Maro of Canada,
    Here is a free advice from a Canadian who immigrated to Canada in 1964.
    Canada at that time was less than 9 millions. It is now over 30 millions.
    Canada is not a paradise, but it is a decent country with a high standard of living and bery low crime rate in comparison with say USA.
    Do not expect your experience OUTSIDE CANADA to be of all use in Canada. Construction materials and methods are very different in Canada than most other countries except USA. So, if you have your Master Degree or Ph.D. from India or the Middle East, do not expect it to be the same as a B.Sc. in same field in Canada. It is not necessarily less, but is definitely DIFFERENT.
    Medical profession in Canada is a relatively closed field, although no body will ever admit that publicly. reason, health Care is free and Doctors are a load on tax payers, more doctors mean more medical expenses, and this is the REAL REASON, if you have a medical decree even highest specialist degree, you will not be finding a job IN YOUR FIELD here. yes many Medical Doctors, Engineers, Dentists and even university professors in their countries work as taxi Drivers and dish washers.. This is a fact. But if they persevere and look for FREE ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITIES, they will get much higher incomes than working in their professions. Their children who grow up in Canada and are raised in Canada, will have better chances and this is the REAL GOAL an immigrant should have.
    Canada has relative to many other countries higher taxes, as taxes are paid on many levels, purchases (Sales tax), licenses (special taxes), and Income tax. But taxes cover the services people health care is like Canada’s, look at USA for example. Education is free up to high school (secondary schools as called by many). University Education by immigrants and Canadians (all residents) is at 1/3 to 1/4 of what a foreigner will pay, the difference is paid by taxes.
    So, look at Canada REALISTICALLY and DO NOT EXPECT TO HAVE A PARADISE but in the long run, if you are working hard and depending on yourself, you definitely will have a much better chgance than in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, or Egypt. This is my experience as I know all of them and Canada and hav ebeen now in Canada for more than 50 years!! Take a sincere unpaid advice from an old Immigrant who is now Canadian.

  118. Hi Admin,I am Ay…I live in Finland presently.I am 32 a graduate of Town and regional planning,married with one kid who is less 2years.My wife is 28 a graduate of computer science plus 5 microsoft certification.She’s got 6years working experience.I feel miserable here in Finland because there is no prospect at all for educated africans and I have been doind extreme dirty job for the last 6years that I have been here.I and my wife already made up our mind about relocating to Canada and we are willing to start afresh and from scratch,take extra courses and try to get it right.Do you think we stand a chance considering my age(32) and our educational background?.Hoping to hear from you soonest.

    • If you are willing to start afresh and ready to upgrade your credentials, then why not? And Canada has a huge African community with a long history from the days of the American revolution when thousands fled to Canada. The age is on your side.

    • Please read the main article and other comments CAREFULLY. Most IT jobs are outsourced to India/China/Eastern-Europe. Canada has a huge unemployment rate right now (so do most other countries). My advice is to wait for about 2 to 3 years and allow the Canadian (and world) economy to correct itself. I don’t know much about Finland, but your kid will have a decent education in Canada – so if your kid is your priority move. My adivce is NOT (DON’T) to live in Toronto (GTA), Calagary/Edmonton or Vancouver. Go to a smaller town, especially if you want to bring up your child well – people are friendly. Do some research…

  119. 1 other thing thing which is completely different than the article that I have noticed when I used to live in Toronto is that the city is full of Schizophreniacs and mentally unstable people. In the buses, subways and my own apartment building these people are running around and the authorities or the government are ignoring the issue of public safety. I was scared like hell most the time around such people because there’s no telling what they can do to you.and in the eyes of the law they might get away with murder even because they are mentally unstable. a rich country like Canada with strong law and order should not ignore these kind of serious issues and should think of the public,if not image that they are painting for the tourists visiting canada.anyway but what the author wrote is sad but a fact because studying in universities you become aware that more than 95% of immigrants in this country are struggling every day. I had some good memories in Canada and some very bad ones. All in all I can say that I may visit Canada because its beautiful but living in Canada is a big NO for me. now I live in London, it is much more expensive and I do miss all the great sales back in toronto. but I’m much more happier here than I was over there. my comments mean no offense to anyone who view this article. it is completely my point of view and I do not mean to disrespect anyone else.

  120. I moved to Canada in 2010. I had an engineering degree and few years of work experience but I was very good at what I did and had I would say much better skill sets than Canadians in the same job. Before moving to Canada my wife got an admission for MS in the university and I contacted all employers in my field. I started this process just when I had applied for immigration so by immigration I had contacts with many employers and had some real prospects in place. When I moved to Canada I found the exact same job in the largest company in my sector in North America. Yes my starting salary was not great but I worked hard and in few years I was managing the entire business for one province. Fact is if you are well prepared and if you really seek out and are willing to move around in Canada and willing to challenge yourself then there is no place like Canada. Why the hell should I even think of working in Middle East where salaries are peanuts and people are paid based on their passport. Many construction workers are not even paid for months. To tell you the truth I personally hate the middle east culture. What kind of professionalism is it that you do not pay your employees for months, you hold their passports. They are a trash bag. Fact is Canada is a great great place, this is a free, fair country where everyone is treated equal. Many immigrants come here and don`t leave because they realize no matter what this nation has the right rules in place. If you don`t like Canada then go back to Middle East or anywhere in the world but don`t complain about this great place. This is a place where I believe people with skills shine and do extremely well just like the US.These are nations where nothing is impossible. GO CANADA!!!!!

  121. I was born and brought up in dubai.. I am a person who can weigh the pros and cons very well and that is why I wouldnt rate dubai as a livable city for indians. Racism is at its peak. Expecially against indians.. We work like dogs and get paid far below what we are worth, because in dubai indians (even with a professional degree) = cheap labour.. We should understand that labor laws in dubai are very weak and the ones suffering are the Indians .. I know uneducated whites who earn 4 times what an indian with a professional degree in the same company earns. Please realize that taxless doesnt mean life is free. You pay a lot for medical care with mediocre health care standards, pay a part of your salary for children education and wait, it is a fact that the cost of a studio flat in dubai/abudhabi is as expensive as a double bedroom flat in new york.. During all this you have to save up money to buy a house in your home country, put up a good retirement plan and also save up for the huge amounts of money you are going to spend for old age health care, and finally go back to your County either when you are fired or retired. Canada is giving you basic human rights,will give you citizenship and take care of you in the future.. I am not saying life will be on a silver platter or a rose bed in other counties but you need to figure out which suits you best and work through the problems.. I pray for you and please remember grass on the opposite bank is always Greener. Tc

    • Arabs and Canadians consider themselves superior, hence they do not treat everyone equal. Arabs do exploit labor and human values,however thanks to good Canadian legal systems it has not openly possible to do the same here.

      The only downside I see for Canada is systemic discrimination against non whites in jobs. There are NO jobs for outsiders and they wont be tolerated to have good ones.

  122. Hi NewsAdmin,

    Kindly go through my short query here and guide me over it. I would be extremely grateful to you for it could be a life-changing decision for me.

    I am 24 years old and have an MSc degree in IT from the delhi University. I have 1.5 years experience in the sowftare development/support domain. I earn 3 lakh indian rupees per year. I am not happy with my carer here and was thinking of migrating to canada by 2016 solely for the purpose of a better life (wealth/standard of living). I come from a low middle class family background.

    Would it seem to be a logical decision for me to take this step at this stage.

  123. I strongly believe that if someone is really good, he can do well in any place or situation. I wonder what would have happened to you if you were living in Canada for 20 years and moved to Dubai in 2009……Dubai would have offered you a Million $$ job???/
    I say Canada Immigration department choose you to migrate to Canada thinking that you are good and have skill sets to get absorbed in Canadian Job Market. But No!! They were wrong. You could not sell yourself well to the employers here…….
    I moved here in 2011. I have lived in Dubai and also UK but never complained about any place I choose to live because it was my decision to live in Dubai, UK or Canada……
    Any ways be strong and more sensible and work on the reasons ‘Why Canadian employers are not hiring you’.
    If you are really good for my business why I would not hire you?????

  124. I am 24 year old, Mba in retail management with no experience..
    I wanted to know if there is any scope of getting in retail sector in canada ? Please advice.

    • Mr Abdallah A Al Ramahi, please keep the debate civil and there is no need for you to pontificate to others what they should do or not do. Everybody has his or her own experiences in life.

  125. Hell all, it’s a kind query here.. I have completed my B. Tech in IT. Having around 3.5 yrs of exp in SAP (software consultant!), presently I am working with IBM. I am planning to migrate to canada. Wud it b a right decision?? If so, will it be gud to take a course out there and search a job by side with study visa or to apply for my PR wait for it n search a job out there from here. I am from India and 27 yrs of age.

    • Someone with experience with SAP asked a similar question previously and we answered that. If you get PR, then you save in terms of college/univ fees because international students are charged three times more than Canadian citizens or PRs. Whether the decision to migrate to Canada is good or not depends on your circumstances and your own gut feelings. But age is on your side.

      • SAP has good demand, but competition is high due to outsourcing, so there are many people in local market who came in TFW program for consulting firms like IBM, Accenture, TCS and trying to settle down in CIC/FSW category. Having said that, there is good chance if you know new technologies rather than just traditional ABAP program, like PI, WF, BPM etc. and good command in English, if you don’t have much exposure in newer tech then at least you should have USA work experience working. If you have demanding skills, you maybe able to get the job even before landing here in Canada (rare though). As far as certification goes, I disagree to “Newsadmin”, SAP certificate is global n still valid in Canada, exam process is same wherever you appear and it’s SAP, AG, Germany who certifies it not India. In fact, nobody really cares about certificate unless you are interested in Govt. Job in Ottawa (new immigrants are not eligible anyway, you need to have security clearance), what is important here in Canada for IT job in Canada apart from core technical skill, is soft skill like presentation, team work etc.

        Good market for SAP is Calgary, Montreal (language may be a barrier, high competition n low wage), Toronto (high competition, low wage), upcoming market Regina (Saskatoon) n few jobs in Halifax.

        If you are young, I think you should try, maybe you have to start with low salary range, but eventually after adding couple of years of local experience, you will be in better place.

        • Just wanted to add little more info regarding SAP jobs, apart from TFW, there are others who came into competition. As SAP/few IT jobs are highly paid, many under employed n highly educated join crash course n certification courses (majority of them are in Toronto n Montreal), try to get into market with cooked up resumes. I have no complain, its their survival struggle, BUT -ve side of that 1. they give hard time genuine candidate as they are ready to work in low salary to get their first break 2. many of them fail to perform on job due to lack of hands on practice/real time work experience, many here blame recruiters not selecting their resume without local experience. This one of the reason specially in SAP why recruiters don’t proceed with lack of local experience, they want to make sure the candidate is genuine, so they look for people who worked in a local reputed firm few years.

  126. i 100 percent agree, this story is similar to mine. with all the details are amazingly correct. the immigration itself is a conspiracy from the gov of canada and their intention is to make profit and sustain the demographics of canada disregarding the employement market.

  127. I don’t understand why people are very offended. Everyone’s experience is different. When my family immigrated to Canada we face a lot of hardships too and no I did not have any high expectations. I am one of the last people on earth who would look down on odd jobs (I hate to use that term) and hence I worked them. Today I am training to be a medical doctor (first year resident) but I can see where the writer comes from. Although the law in this country is not racist, I lived in Halifax and boy is it one of the most racist cities in the world. I don’t live there any more so please don’t ask me why are you still there. It did take me a while to relocate though because it is not easy to move. Its not like you are changing apartments. Yes this is a beautiful country and has many advantages living here but it is certainly not a bed of roses and coming from UAE, I can tell you that people in Halifax were definitely way more racist than the people in UAE. That’s not to say people in UAE are not. My point here is there is an essence of truth to the article even if it is exaggerated. Why does it offend some of you so much? Expressing your opinion freely is one of the advantages of living in this Country so let it go. If you have something to say , please say it constructively and by the way for those of you saying go back well guess what first world countries should stop meddling in second and third world countries, turning our leaders into your leaders puppets. When that happens trust me many will go.

  128. I don’t understand why some are very offended by this article. It’s her opinion. Some have good and some have unfortunate experiences. Yes Canada is a beautiful country and there are many advantages to living here but I can also think of many disadvantages. It all depends on your expectations and priorities of life. Wow you all proved her right with your rude answers and that was my hardest struggle in Canada. People made in to robots to serve a capitalist world. I am one of those robots too but it took me a while to adjust living among robots.

  129. Hi, me and my husband have taken the decision to migrate to Canada. ..but after reading this article I am confused that whether it will be a good decision or not. I am a lecturer in a university in marketing .My husband is doing great in our country. He is an associate manager in a multinational bank.. we have a daughter and she is 11 months old. I am 27 and my husband is 28. Thats the scenerio. Can anyone help us to take the right decision?

  130. Hi Neger,

    A friend of mine who was the GM in a multi-national bank migrated to Canada in 2001/2002 with his IT qualifications (remember the Y2K bug). He worked for a rent-a-car outlet (he never got a Y2K job he was hoping for – I believe) for a few years and then (around 2006) got a job in a bank generating computer printouts. He was laid off a few years later and was on EI. Due to EI regulations he was ‘required’ to take a job (clerical) job elsewhere (which by what I see he does not like) (If I am not mistaken current EI laws can ‘force’ to you take ANY job)… he had to sell his nice house, etc… His wife who is from a respectable (up class) family and studied in a private school is a ‘cook/helper’ in a kitchen…

  131. Go to Australia or New Zealand!!

    There they will ask you to go through qualifying exams first, then get a job – a more sincere approach for these countries that want to benefit you and themselves.

    But Canada makes you come with your kids and money and expertise, and then you end up losing all three of them.

    Increasing the duration before you get Canadian citizenship to four years?? And much more tedius and slow process with more strict regulations is another example of Canada’s not so genuine decisions, for a country that thrives on immigrants, kids and their money.

    If you don’t like it, leave? This is exactly what I am planning to do as soon as I finish my Australian exams. You think Canada is the second biggest country? Measure it without its freezing areas and then tell me how big it is.

    By the way, Australia is a continent, if they didn’t teach you that in school.

    Medical insurance? Oh please give me a break! They are so inefficient. It seems the doctors in Canada are the ones who weren’t clever enough to find a job in the UK or the USA, and had to come to this freezing paradise. I personally and half a dozen of my friends clearly found their standard of efficiency (Two of them are literally handicapped after malpractice operations by doctors).

    Let us meet in 2020 when all the immigrants realize the scheme and stop pumping their kids and their money into Canada and see what this snow white paradise and its economy will be like.

  132. Hey Guys..

    Now am planning to immigrate Canada, to be a frank its a dream to be settle there in Canada and now applying for PR. Plz suggest me about Canada, job opportunity there? Which city?

    I know, it could be a toughest moment for anyone willing to relocate to CANADA as I’m being one of them. Am very much appreciated if you might want to provide some assistance on following queries as it may play a crucial step in my life to decide whether to go to Canada or any other country according to my profile suits .

    1) I’m a graduate in Mechanical engineering having 5+ yrs of experience in Power Sector as Quality Control Engineer (Welding in Pipelines, Inspection etc,), and my category would fall under 2132 occupation code of FSW program, so are there enough opportunities in the same skills mentioned above? What could be toughest situation in finding a job in same profession (Please provide references in the area of Oil and gas or Power Sector only)

    2) Well the other fact is that, I’m ready to work in any non-skilled job as long as it paying more when compared with earning in India. So therefore, is it the admirable truth that even I choose a job which is out of my profession, my earnings would be more or same as like in professional job?
    Please clarify the same.

    3) I could hear some moron comments from other people, which are underpinned as well that, we should or must upgrade our skill set to compete with other migrants or Canadians to get through the job. So the query arise is, what so ever the fact is, why would the government grant PR’s to such skilled persons where they don’t have sufficient sources to accommodate? It could be the trap or deceive the situation.

    4) Currently I’m at a position of finding consultancy in India who can extend the support on PR processing, Because right now am working in Malaysia. and i should know the exact stuff’s before choosing the right path

    5) Also, let me know , will i land with job ??? or you ppl will assist me to find the job once i landed in Canada or any, please pass on the inputs.

    6) And most important one, expenses. How much cost will it take to immigrate to Canada??

    Could you please address the above all

    Any references in this regard, will be a more of help. Kindly assist me to decide further as I don’t want to ruin my life by dreaming the facts which are actually doesn’t exist at all.

    Thanks all in Advance.

    Hoping to hear from you soonest.

    • If you’re dreaming of landing job in Canada, you must read yesterday’s report which says that 200,000 new fresh graduates are looking for jobs. And even more fresh graduates will soon join them in the job market. Not a nice job scene for graduates and professional people. In fact, Bank of Canada chief made big news yesterday when he said unemployed people shud work free so that their CV becomes better. This is shocking to tell unemployed young people to work free.

  133. The whole problem in the western world as a whole is that they are so used to living beyond their means. They did this by occupying and exploiting most of the world which they now refer to as the Third World, somehow implying that they are the first world. This to a large extent is correct. However it is only so for the big multinationals and their lobbies who basically call the shots, and control the governments and also artificially overvalue their currencies, since they control all the financial institutions like the world bank IMF, etc. This is what I refer to as economic apartheid which has only benefited the Walmarts, Sears etc, and screwed the rest of the world, by exporting low-paid jobs to China and India making a select few very wealthy, and creating warehouse economies in the western world, including Canada, made in China and warehoused in Canada, lots of jobs for forklift operators, and sales girls selling all that cheap junk made cheap by virtue of this economic apartheid, artificially overvalued currencies. Politicians don’t give a damn about people or jobs. The lobbies basically call the shots, be it the arms lobbies or multinationals, in the name of free trade. Working people are screwed. If any political party has the balls, they need to say to hell with WTO and free trade. All goods made in countries whose currency values a lower than western currencies should be taxed to make them as costly as goods made in Canada, and the long term solution is to have a gold-based currency which would have equal value on the lines of the euro.

  134. Hi,

    I am 37 years old and wife 34 having 1 year old daughter. I am well settled here in India and i am Mechnical Engineer with MBA in Inernational business field having 13 years of experience in automotive filed. I am willing to move to Canada. please let me know your views and advices whether i will have good job opprtunity in Automotive or Mechanical field in Canada.
    Main intent to move to Canada is to earn money and have good prospects for daughter.


    • Abhijit, three things in your case. If you are well settled, perhaps it is not wise to put your family through years of fresh struggle. We have seen well qualified people like you land here at your age, then struggle and finally give up. And we know many who have gone back to Delhi and other cities. The second point is that you want to earn money. We don’t know what to say here, it could be the other way about. But if you are very very lucky and straightway land a good job, you could make some money. Otherwise, you will have to go through the struggle route and it could take a few years. So don’t be gung-ho, but be realistic because when reality will hit you, it will hit you very hard.The third point is your daughter’s education. This is the argument of 99 percent people. It is good till school, but college/university education is pretty costly. Please weigh your options carefully to ensure that you don’t up losing your career, savings and a few valuable years of life. Another option could be send you daughter for college education here. She would be eligible to apply for PR and sponsor you. We don’t know how old your daughter is and whether you are willing to wait. But it will be the least painful option and you will have all the choices in the world.

    • Abhijit, I would say NO… some else also said this.. you will lose your daughter and possibily your wife… I am yet to meet a south Asian girl who did not rebel or speak ill of their parents. My daughter was educated in private convent until grade 10, even then I had problems with here… but being Roman Catholic and Convent background helped…. but not without challenges… when children realize that parents were right it is too late (here)… Also, you will NEVER be able to do anything in Automotice unless you re-qualify here and work as a *free* inter for some ‘garage’….

  135. Anybody who thinks Canada is going to give you paying, lucrative jobs think again… read the following two news items:

    1) BoC governor tells jobless youth living in folks’ basements to work for free

    2) Widespread cost reductions at Scotiabank, which include plans to cut 1,500 jobs, could be a sign of changes to come in Canada’s banking industry, several analysts suggest.
    (both on

    Don’t believe the ‘Canadian banks being safe’ – they got a massive, secretive, bailout in 2008 for $114BN (they call it asset-takeove, loans, etc – but the point is they got $114BN in 2008 because they DID HAVE A LIQUIDITY PROBLEM – I.e. Financial trouble)

  136. Clearly this article is written by a middle east fool. A lot of people who are booted out of the middle east because they cannot be citizens there (they are treated as second class) and don’t want to return to India (because they think they are above those in India) think they can come to Canada and do as well as they did in the middle east. Just because you were over paid, under worked, and didn’t have to pay tax, don’t think the rest of the world runs like that. The middle east survives on oil and once that runs out you will have your arses hauled out of there. They will have to go back to growing dates and feeding their camels. They think they can come to Canada and have a red carpet rolled out for them – well guess what!!! Nobody give a shit about you. You want a good life – then work for it, pay your tax like everyone else earn an honest days living, mow your lawn or shovel your snow and shut the fuck up about it. Canada is a great place – do you pay a lot in taxes – sure – but kids education up to grade 12 is free, healthcare is taken care of – you can own a business, a house and a cottage too. You dont have to break into a bank if you or a loved one is sick. Those in the system here stand a great chance of employment – upgrade your skills if you are educated from somewhere else and you are good to go. I drive on fabulous roads, eat at clean restaurants, enjoy summer with my family, am safe and know i will get help within minutes should the need arise, earn an honest living and have respect for the law and all those fighting to keep us safe. We dedicate a day to our soldiers both fallen and those who fought and are alive and give them the respect they deserve when they die. There is dignity of labour and you learn to respect everyone. Something you wont get in either in India or much less the middle east.

    • It is only Canadian born and native talk like “Ernest” above. The types and numbers of problems migrants face in Canada, it never happen to those similar type of migrants in Australia. Why? Because there are government’s discrepancy in Canada. Canadian government should not bring that many skilled migrants if they can’t make that many skill jobs for those skilled. Skill migrants are those people who are well educated and experienced from backhome. This is how they are considered skill migrants. A government can’t cheat people by bringing skill people in their country and make them involved in odd jobs. It is kind of fraud and ripping people off around the world. Yes, Canada is a beautiful country. It is beautiful because majority of the skilled migrants are involved in lower level jobs (being victims). If these people leave Canada, this country will be like a country in middle of Africa. The above person will not be able drive on fabulous roads, eat at clean restaurants, enjoy summer with family, bla bla bla.

  137. Hi Newsadmin
    I am 43yrs old and working as an IT manager in a consulting firm in India, my wife also works in a govt sector, we have 2 kids(studying in 7th & 4th standard), we want to settle down in Canada just for the better life for our kids, I have my elder sister already living in Edmonton(Alberta) for 15Years and she is willing to extend every support to us. should we move at the age, please advise this will really help us to take decision.

    A couple looking for help and advice.
    Zaidi L.H

    • Mr Zaidi, your sister can definitely be of great help to you for some time. And Alberta is the best province to move into. But the only problem is your age. As we have mentioned, people who are over 35 and settled in jobs should think very very hard before migrating. Mind you, it won’t be easy and you should be ready for all the struggles of transition and pain.Your wife won’t get the kind of security that govt jobs provide in India. If you are solely interested in a better life for your kids, you can send them to Canada for higher education after school and it is so easy these days. Your kids will get permanent residence easily after their education and then sponsor you.

  138. I came to Canada from Australia with work permit through the same company I was working in Australia. The company motivated me to come to Canada. But after my arrival, I realized this Canadian shitty situation within 6 months by my experiences and through friends in Canada. I was feeling like to go back to Australia. But rather than going back straight way, I thought to stay in the region for few years. So, I started looking for jobs in USA and got one. Then I have moved to USA. Canada is really a fool’s paradise. I am 100% agree with the author.

    • Accounting is not a bad profession as it offers jobs and self-employment opportunities after updating your education here. But it could be a little risky at your age. We wonder why people should waste precious happy family years by struggling in a new country to rebuild their lives.

  139. Hi Nesadmin
    Thanks a ton for you valuable advice, I really appreciate, but we are completely confused, should go or not go, in fact we had two pushing factors, one the higher education of children(both daughters) which is expensive in Canada for the foreigners whereas it costs 1/3rd or 1/4th for the residents. Second factor was the quality in life. My sister who is well off in Edmonton saying that Just come and she will take care of everything, will support us(financially or otherwise) till the time we get settled on our jobs.

    I know I am troubling you by asking the same question again but please help with some more words.

    Thanks a lot
    Zaidi L.H

    • Well, if your sister real means what she says, then think seriously about going ahead. We know people of your age who have come here (in Ajax, Pickering) and are now staying with their sisters. But here are three things we want to tell you. (1) You and your wife may never again get the kind of jobs you have right now.You will realise it only when you will go through it. So be ready for it and be ready to do anything (mostly retail jobs). (2) Yes, it costs foreign students three times, but most of them do part-time work and manage to raise money for their fees. etc. (3) Quality of life is much better here in terms of daily hassles, but not in terms of social and family life what you have in India. You get something, but you also lose something. If you have made up your mind to go ahead, you and your wife should not resign your jobs. Take long leave and then come here and explore all the possibilities. Hope it helps.

  140. Hi, Reading most of the comments of this forum & it’s gr8 to have the right replies which can help a lot people in taking their decisions. Thanks for the same.
    I am 35/yrs (Life Insurance, started from ground level in sales now in Middle Management position with 10yrs experience in the same line/done BCOM , MBA – got the same equivalency certificate from WES also ) and planning for PR in Canada with my family including my Wife/35yrs (Teaching profession in India) and two kids 10yrs & 4yrs and my mother/60yrs.
    As per the immigration points required , I am securing 73 points.
    Planning for PR for better job prospects/ better life of ourselves/ Future Security/ Bright Children Future. And importantly ready to do anything initially which is required to settle my family forever with determination & confidence.
    Presently in India, Life Insurance private sector is getting down yr by yr and there is ZERO future security for myself and teaching profession (for wife) private schools are also not very good pay masters.
    Need your advise 1)that weather it is an ideal decision
    2) Scope over there for me & my wife – as per our prev experiences & industry.
    3) Some good family friends are also there to support/guide us initially.
    4) Should search job before coming , if yes how?
    Would appreciate your advise. thanks

    • 1) You are just about the right age. Since you are willing to do anything, then go ahead and you will definitely get a break in your field by acquiring local life insurance qualifications. But be ready for all the pain and struggles. 2) As for your wife, entry into teaching will be difficult and take time if it happens. 3) Yes, your good family friends can help you, but only for a limited period. It happens here often enough. 4) Start your search for jobs only when you have your PR.

  141. Hi,I am 38 and my husband 36.I work for HR AND my husband in banking field.We have not yet made most of out of our career.Hence are looking for an option to get it better.Both hold bachelor degree from India.We have a 4.5 year old daughter.Do you suggest us to apply for PR?If we get lucky in getting one,if you can give your thoughts around these points.Thanks

  142. Success and failure can happen to anyone, anywhere. There are no guarantees in life.

    What Canada offers, is a unique blend of great opportunities, a challenging lifestyle, and peace of mind. The weather varies greatly from coast to coast. The cultural blend varies greatly from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood. Jobs and business opportunities vary greatly from province to province, city to city. You may not get everything you want in any one place, but you are given the same opportunity that everyone else gets to find your best fit.

    Having lived in the Middle East, South East Asia, and Canada, I can say without a doubt that they are pluses to every region, but the best balance comes from taking full advantage of everything Canada has to offer.

    All you need to do is be realistic, temper your expectations, be willing to assimilate into a wonderful community, and you will find your calling. After all, when you look around you, you will see that you’re surrounded by people who are willing to brave challenging weather for half the year, just to carve a life for themselves and their families all around you.

    That should tell you what being a Canadian is all about. Is it in you to become one?

  143. Everbody has to understand that if one has already put 20yrs of their life to reach where they r now, it is going to hurt for sure as one has to start from scratch. If u r able to kill ur ego, prepared to change profession, there is no reason why u can not be successful here. But, money is not everything. You have to consider ur social circle, living style, cultural values etc too.

  144. She came to Canada in April 2009 which was immediately after the fall of the construction industry in the Middle East. Which means their ME visa got cancelled and they opted not to go back to India. If they would have started their own small construction or even renovation business, I bet this article would not have been posted at least by this lady. The biggest mistake which newcomers are making is to just stick to Toronto. My friends, Canada extends beyond this one city as well. Here competition is tough being a service industry, life style is expensive and demands for skills is unique. You shouldn’t even be complaining about the endless hardships while you are making bad decisions without any research. Canada is not begging people to come down here. And for those like me who predict for this place to become a brown region very soon, you should do some research rather than making silly predictions like we use to do back home.

  145. Just a note… i know people that live here in Toronto, Canada, who are going to Dubai to work (accountants) to earn enough to return here and buy a home.
    To hear someone from there (Dubai) coming here is interesting.
    I would suggest that if you are coming to Canada with a million Canadian dollars.. you will do pretty well as it’s an awesome headstart.
    But $100,000 will not get you far if you’re starting from scratch here.

  146. I am shukra from india. I just completed B.TECh in production engineering.Ijust wanted know if I completed MBA from Canada I will get job there or I will try for masters in Australia ??

    • We don’t know about Australia, but MBA + B. Tech is a nice combination that will help you land a job. Take a closer look at Australia also and then decide.

    • Hello Pradeep, please give us a little more time to answer the first of your six questions. Once the answer to the first comes to us, we will respond to all your six points by the middle of next week.

  147. I would like to thank you all for your valuable inputs. I agree that struggle is there when one has to start from zero & may not be as successful as can be in his homeland. But above all other options like money, settlement, life security what really matters is the enviormental conditions which current generation is making & will leave to the generations to come.
    For living everybody needs fresh air & clean drinking water, rest can be arranged, but are we really know that clean drinking ground water is becoming a dream for common man in India. There are water filters everywhere in india & this industry is booming @ 40-50% annually. Everybody is asking before drinking water : is it RO water? Whereas Canada has world’s major share of natural water,
    Some people must have seen USA’s Ex Vice president Mr Al Gore’s movie “The inconvenient Truth” if not then must spare some time to view it. There is abundance of material available on the Internet regarding the world’s future climatic conditions. If we have personally ever noted regarding climatic changes we can easily understand that summers is increasing day by day & peak heat conditions are also shooting up.
    Winters are becoming shorter & minimum temperature are also dropping to new lows. Here in India/Asia/Middle east these changes can be felt easily. We know that climatic conditions in Canada are very harsh. Winters with lowest temperatures almost halts the life for a long time.
    If we further study regarding future climatic conditions of major cities of Canada, these are going to change drastically, summers will be more prone & lowest temperature will also change.More sunny days will be there. Roughly in year 2050 numerous changes will happen in Canada’s environment which will affect it’s economy in a positive way as openings will be more, working conditions will improve & economy will find its new trends.
    What I want to say is, although we are living easy life in India or someone in Asia/Middle East, but it is going to be worse for sure for our kids.
    In view of above, should someone move to Canada today. He/she may only survive there with no money at all in accounts, but does it really matters? if we can give a livable environment to our kids after 30-40 years which is our prime responsibility.

  148. U mentioned ” self-esteem ” more than twice in ur depressing article which tells me simply that it is purely ur issue .. and not fair to share such negativity with others..

  149. Based on the aforementioned comments, I decided to go for Australia. Can you guys give me expert advice that whether the problems which migrants have to face in Canada, have to face the same in Australia.

    Though question is bit deviated from the main topic, but your expert advice and experience will abet people (who are working day and night to make their offspring life better) to make right choice.

  150. As a Canadian I understand the struggle but it would be the same for a Canadian to migrate elsewhere also. Canadian citizens have a hard time getting by if not educated and the bar is set pretty high so it would be the same for people who immigrate. I know that the expectation for “upgrading” is a delusion and based on false promises. Our TFW policy is flawed and ineffective at best. With that being said, if wanting to migrate to Canada, research, resesrch, research! Make sure it is the right decision for you before coming here!!

  151. The author wrote a very nice article.
    I left a professional job and moved to Canada during 2005. I also sold my property in Pakistan with the hope that I must have enough money in Canada to settle there.
    Within three months, I got an impression that immigration to Canada was PROBABLY a MISTAKE.
    Within next three months, I was SURE that it was a MISTAKE.
    Within five years, I concluded that it was a BLUNDER!
    After eight years of hardships, I managed to collect so much money to buy air tickets for my family members. I packed my stuff, left everything on the road and returned back to Pakistan.
    I am now financially weaker as compared to 2005. Now, I cannot think of buying that property which I disposed of in the bid to settle in Canada once forever.
    Its 100% true that there is no racism in Canada, but it is equally true that your PhD from Oxford or Cambridge is useless if you will be competing with a native Canadian having a Diploma or even a Certificate.
    The tears from eyes of highly qualified individuals never stop when they wash dishes in the restaurants of Canada.
    Decide wisely..

  152. Really a heart breaking story. But my friend, Hhw does self esteem relates to work? As a starter, you need to grow from zero. Living in Canada is a dream for many as well as mine. I was born in Kuwait and so was my father, I work almost 12 hours a day and yes this is a wealthy country but there is nothing called as home here. I would prefer a hardworking life in Canada than to be a lazy ass in the racist And crazy Arab world. As per your story, do u realize or just have forgotten the Arab treatment you use to get back in Dubai?

  153. Hi, after getting to read so much about the sad part of how immigrants suffer, do you think we should stay back in our home country and be the way we are.Can we take a plunge for good? Is it safe with a child of 4 years.Leaving good jobs and starting from scratch, will I be happy with the decisions are all the questions running in my mind.Please advise.

    • Hi, For HK, its a little different. i live in vancouver and most ppl are from HK. they have successful business and live here 4 months of the year enjoying this place in summer. in terms of jobs, you will be successful as their are many HK contacts here

  154. For anyone considering a move to Canada:
    I firmly believe that when Canada wants the new Immigrants it wants not them but their future generations so that it can shape them into them mould of the Canadian culture and society. Not to say that is it not a place for seasoned professional – if you are a one. Canada is a country, a place and a nation it is not a lottery where when one wins all of the problems suddenly have a solution and the life magically gets better.

    I am a naturalized Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin, and have known many who have moved here from Middle East and have the same opinion as the author of this article. I am educated and I like most new Canadians have done my tour of a basement and a menial or starter jobs but it didn’t take me long to get to a place where now my family and I enjoy living standards perhaps better than most Canadians.

    My observations is that most new immigrants from South East Asian origin at least for when they get here expect same life style as to what they had back in Middle East/Pakistan/India etc. Forgetting the fact that this is a new place, with a different rule set and most importantly an expectation of certain type of work and life ethics and at the least a decent level of understanding the language to where you can clearly understand the expectations and very clearly make your expectations understood.

    Every one of us that has moved to Canada has done so with our free will. I know might be a tough pill to swallow but next time you think about how Canada has done you wrong, be sure to look for the the invitation letter you received from the Canadian Government requesting you to wind up your life and move here. There may be a return address on the back where you can send a mail to ask for your money back 🙂

  155. I lived in Dubai for 10 years before moving to Canada and I can tell you that Dubai is not a real place. Everything comes easily there. It is a place that makes people lazy and arrogant. We struggled when we moved to Canada and we are still struggling but I am sure Canada is better for the future of our kids. My husband and I were very successful in Dubai and were earning lots of money but this is because we were brought up the hard way in our own country. We moved because we wanted our children to live a real life and help them lead the right way to success.

  156. No… , this is the cry of a loser … i came to canada on a student permit in 2010 ..working for an ..happy and content its a land of opportunities..yea you need to work hard and compete with the whites .. In the middle east life is easy got no Arab to question your skills ,for immigrants .. simple advice .. if you work hard you can do good !

  157. I moved to Canada & came back after 3 months; was doing well & was well settled in my home country but the long 8 years to immigrate to Canada made me eager to leave every thing & migrate to Canada my dream land :).

    On reaching there I realized I needed good 4 to 5 years to settle down & till then I had to sacrifice in all aspects of life that included me & my family my children were @ the stage were they were growing up & needed my & my wife’s time which we could not spare for T LEAST 4 TO 5 YEARS.

    So I concluded to come back as it was not the right time for my family for all the hard work & sacrifices we needed to survive.

    To survive & reach our desired me & my wife had to work very hard; including the odd jobs & up gradation of our qualifications mentioned by the author.

    So we came back; as according to our perspective we might have reached the quality of living we desired in 4 to 5 years in Canada but might have lost many things during the time.

  158. Wow Newsadmin doing a great job.God bless you for this service.My husband is 40 and he has BSc, LLB graduate (rank holder} with MBA but ended up in managerial job for our sake, has 13 years of middle east experience with frozen food industry. Now he is planning to pursue his career in law industry and willing to take up LLM course. Can you please advise us is it a right place to move in and best universities for LLM course and ofcourse job opportunities for the same. Is it good to migrate and then study there or just right away apply to the university. We are aware of the fees structure for international students it’s more but his age is 40, so we don’t mind investing as it his interest. And during his studies will he get working hours for any basic jobs he finds there, if so how many hours? Me and our 5 year old kid won’t move along with him till he settles down there. Thanks a lot once again.

    • Deepa, your husband can get admission for his LLM. He can move to Toronto and get into York University which is very good. But there are hardly job opportunities after the course, and he will have to start his own practice. Which most desi lawyers do. Yes, he can find work somewhere during his studies or join some law firm as an assistant. You are making the right move by not going along with him till he settles down. But has he got his immigration to Canada?

      • Thanks for the immediate response,No Moderator we didn’t plan for immigration but will directly apply to the university and enter in student visa and extend later. Anyway we need to study there why wasting more time in migrating process we thought. Fee is high for international student it’s ok for us not as costly as other countries.Is it advisable to enter in student visa will he have any other problems other than high fees?

  159. Its fools paradise for those who think they will become Ufsar as soon as they reached Canada. But its really heaven for those who believe in hard working, more study in canada, doing some extra courses to enhance their CV and over and all for those who don’t think ANY work as inferior.

  160. Dear all,
    I have done my M.Sc.Ph.D. in Analytical chemistry (2000) and having 13 years of teaching experience at higher education level in Indian college and Libyan University. I taught various interdisciplinary subjects. Even I have experience of handling various responsibility in organization of programs in the college. I have 14 research publications. My age is 43 years.
    Is it still time to come to Canada? May I get any college/ University lecturer/ asst. professor jobs in chemistry?
    Now this profession is included in the demand list of Canadian immigration.
    Kindly Advice me, because some consultants are asking me to start immigration process.
    I would be very and thankful for your valuable advice….

    • There are not many research/teaching positions, if any, very hard to get in. I know couple individuals with international research publications/teaching experience didn’t get any job, luckily they found something equivalent in industrial jobs. Not sure why they have teaching in FSW category.

    • I am Dr.wadi from India and I am here in Canada on PR status from 2012. I hold a Doctorate in Public Policy from Osmania University in 1999 and Postdoctoral fellowship in Sustainable Development from Osmania University in 2004. I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching in public policy and rural development and I have also worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, Sweden and Elyria for postgraduate students. I have also published a book on Rural Development in May 2012. I have also got my credential assessment from ICAS, Guelph, Canada. They awarded earned Doctorate. Here Still I am working as a Machine Operator( General Labour).I am not discouraging you…best of luck

  161. Great article. Thank-you for telling the truth. Let me return the favour. I am a white Canadian male from Ontario. I grew up in Canada and was educated there. I left in 2007 due to lack of opportunities. My brother, who is exceptionally well educated stayed behind and is doing a job far beneath him. I returned home last year with a fantastic resume and a ton of dynamic international/Canadian experience. I worked overseas at the managerial level supervising Canadian staff (not that something like that should matter). The only calls I received upon returning home were from sad con artists and clueless job recruiters. Months passed by and I watched my hard earned savings dwindle. At one point an employee from Service Canada told me to apply for OW (welfare). Imagine that, an able bodied Canadian educated man in his 30s taking hand-outs. Not a chance. I quickly saw the truth. The loss of manufacturing, outsourcing, constant immigration and the temporary foreign worker program had flooded the market. I finally got a job through one of my old bosses working in the social services sector. The job was not permanent and did not pay well. I found people from all walks of life and professions trapped there. Many of them were hostile and unhappy. My fellow Canadians being the worst. It is a sad story but not an uncommon one. If you go to any mall or the new outlet shopping centers in Ontario you will see young, intelligent, well educated Canadians working retail. I get it. The market is what it is. No one owes you a job. That said, I do think more of my fellow citizens need to be more honest with you and themselves. It is awfully hard to address a problem if we do not acknowledge it. Most of us get angry or make excuses upon hearing this. You hear typical questions related to your profession or lack of “Canadian experience.” The stupider people tell some to “go home” or work harder while they surf the internet or hide behind a union. Unfortunately, most of us do not get to travel much due to the high cost of living. When we do, we go to Florida, Mexico, or somewhere warm. We generally return from these places feeling relaxed and happy we live in “the best country in the world.” Therefore, most of us are unaware of the rapid changes and advancements taking place internationally. We are also unaware of the fact that Canada is rarely in the news and in fact a minor player on the world stage. The local media and educational system maintain a steady stream of propaganda promoting Canada as the best nation on earth. Advertisers further exploit this theme and help to sell ideas like “Canadians are too friendly (funny)” or well received with Canadian flags attached to their back packs. The words Canada and Canadian are repeated ad nauseam on television and the radio everyday. This formula is then blended with some anti-Americanism and comparisons. The outcome is a kind of distorted self-perception about where the country features on the international stage. Few feel that they can learn something from foreigners, particularly those from “third world countries” and enjoy the narrative of the poor humble immigrant coming to Canada for a better life. Multiculturalism is preached but poorly understood. Assimilation is the norm with few people learning about their neighbours origins. Surprisingly, almost no one picks up a foreign language. Probably because companies do not value employees who speak languages other than English or French. This of course is a mistake, particularly in an era where Asia is becoming economically dominant. Most people appear to be somewhat unaware of this fact and more concerned with hockey and other domestic matters. Despite everything I have said, my advice is not to write off Canada or anywhere else for that matter. Acknowledge it for what it is and play along with the charade as long as it is beneficial. Establish different bases in different locations. Many of you come from means or have made money elsewhere. So buy a property in Toronto when interest rates go up the market finally crashes in a year or two. Get PR if it suits you. Buy a property back home or somewhere in the States where things have bottomed out. Spread out and do not sever ties. Do not land in Pearson international airport (in Toronto) thinking that you are going to make it work no matter what. Be flexible. It might work out or it could be a bust. Don’t deplete your savings! Ignore people who say things like “they are tired of people coming to the country to take,” etc. Everyone takes. No one seems to be tired of taking your money there….do they? It is a great country with a lot going for it but you have to make it work for you. Fantastic schools and good health care. If you have lived in some of the places I have you also know that it is safe and over policed. Even if you only live in Canada part of the year or send your children to university there, it is nice to have options. Good honest people deserve a chance to build a better life for themselves and not be deceived by anyone.

  162. Dear moderator,

    I am 33 yrs old single lady who is planning to apply for PR. My educational background is education, but I have tried many different decent jobs from customer service to teaching. And I want to come to Canada for a new prospect in life, and I anticipate to start all over again. What advice can u give so my application would b easier? What certifications should I acquire if I’ll try teaching

  163. I spent 5 years in Canada and found out that if you want to just spend your life without goals but just need basic necessities without interruption, then go ahead and move there. Else stay where you are and count your blessings. Life is tough in Canada, extreme cold and more racism created not by locals but the immigrants (second-generation) who feel superior being born there and acquiring proper English accent.

  164. Hi Newsadmin
    Believe me you are really doing a good job by helping people to take their decisions.
    In your reply to Karthik G you said that Canada is a very good place for any family or person but in my case the reply was that it is not good in terms of family & social life.
    I am confused seeing these two different statements.
    Hope you will not mind it, we are having a tough time and still in between Yes & No.

    Lakhtey Zaidi

    • In our reply to you post, we said: Quality of life is much better here in terms of daily hassles, but not in terms of social and family life what you have in India. Now here is the clarification: By family/social life, we mean your large circle of friends/social acquaintances. Yes, if you land a job, Canada is a good place for any family/person, but in terms of social life you won’t get what you have in India because here everybody is so busy. People from the same community gather at the weekends at religious places or at other places. Our blunt advice to you this: At your age, if you are well settled, please take decision carefully. Grass always looks greener on other side. We known so many friends who have moved back to Delhi after failing to find proper jobs. If you still want to go ahead, don’t quit your job, take a long leave and then come here.

  165. Thank you for your opinion, it is an eye opener for the highly skilled professionals. Also many of the comments made me realize how xenophobic some Canadians can be. I’d rather stay around friends and family with a good job in my country than be surrounded by a group of twats that always will consider you second class citizen. Just because someone posted her experience, people did not hesitate to come out with the not-so-bright patronising comment: go back to your country… As if anyone owns a country. I am sure there are awesome Canadians, but if you are going to work in lower jobs, you will be surrounded by the phobics ones.

    • Pradeep, we spoke to a couple of senior mechanical engineers from India (IIT trained) who are with oil and hydro (power) companies, and they say that both oil and power companies in Canada are in doldrums at this time. Further fall in oil prices will scuttle projects of oil companies in Alberta and thus reduce most engineering jobs. The same goes for power plants. Thermal plants are to be replaced by nuclear plants, but it is very uncertain many years it will take to start this process. Moreover, they say, you will have to update your qualifications.But if you ready to do anything and wait for your chance in your field, then go ahead.

  166. Hard work is not a bad thing. if you are committed and hardworker, then succuss is there for sure, but most of the people of developing countries are lazy in doing there jobs. They like short cuts and easy jobs, no mental exercises. Therefore they found it difficult. The real people just need a fair and conducive environment. And Canada is providing that environment. I love Canada and Canadians and it’s my dream to be there.

  167. A study published yesterday by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that “Canada performs exceptionally well in measures of well-being,” according to an online report. On a range of measures — housing, income, health and safety — Canada scored among the world’s best-performing countries. The study scored 36 nations, including 34 OECD members, Russia and Brazil. No overall ranking is reported.

    The findings will surprise some, given our 7.2% national unemployment rate, 14.5% youth unemployment rate and economic growth projections that remain soft in the short term.

    Here are seven highlights from the OECD report:

    •Income: The average household earns US$28,194 each year after taxes. That’s more than US$5,000 above the OECD average. There is disparity at both ends of the earnings spectrum though, not surprisingly. The top 20% takes home US$55,718, while the bottom 20% earns US$10,526. We ranked seventh on household wealth and ninth on income.
    Read more: Keep more of your money at tax time

    •Community: Canadians spend two minutes a day volunteering; that’s about half the OECD average. On the other hand, 64% said they’d helped a stranger in the last month. (The OECD average is 48%.) And 94% know someone they could count on if needed. We ranked seventh on support network.
    Read more: Volunteering in retirement

    •Housing: Nine in 10 Canadians are satisfied with their housing. The average home in this country provides 2.6 rooms per occupant, more than any other country. And 99.8% of Canadians live in a home with a private washroom that has an indoor, flushing toilet. (The OECD average is 97.8%.) We ranked 24th on the ratio of housing costs to income, eighth on basic facilities and first on number of rooms per person.
    Read more: How much does it cost to own a home?

    •Environment: We’re better than average on both air pollution and water quality measures. We ranked 14th on pollution and 12th on water quality.
    Read more: Are you living green at work?

    •Health: Our life expectancy at birth is 81, a full year above the OECD average. And 88% of Canadians say they are in good health. Health spending in this country makes up 11.4% of gross domestic product. (The OECD average is 9.5% of gross domestic product.) We ranked third in health and 17th in life expectancy.
    Read more: The Canadian health-care system at your fingertips

    •Safety: Just 1.3% of Canadians said they were assaulted over the one-year period leading up to the survey. That’s well below the OECD average of 4%. Our homicide rate is less impressive. It’s 1.6%, only marginally below the average rate of 2.2%. We ranked first on assault rate and 23rd on homicide rate.
    Read more: Seven smart safety tips for women

    •Work-life balance: Canadians work an average 1,702 hours per year. That’s 74 hours below the OECD average. When asked if they work more than 50 hours a week, 4% said yes. (The OECD average is 9%.) We ranked ninth on working long hours.
    Read more: Five secrets to finding a better work-life balance

    The full index is made up of 11 categories. Canada ranked 27th on job security, fourth on student skills, fourth on government transparency and eighth on life satisfaction

    • ‘Sir there are lies, damned lies and statistics’ so said ‘Disraeli’ and made popular by ‘Mark Twain’.

      The original author says just that, if you read the ‘reports/statistics’ and come to Canada you are doomed! The ground zero situation is very different to the ‘ratings’. I personally believe that rating companies are ‘coerced’ and it is ‘false advertising’. And like another commenter says, I have met doctors who can’t write a sentence in English!

      The average salary is high because a SELECT FEW earn over $120,000 per year while a majority earns a sub $36,000 salary. That is the real situation in Canada.

  168. I am sure glad I am not in any company of some of these deep-rooted venneous and arrogant individuals who are ungreatful for life and opportunities that present themselves. Did anyone ever learn life is not fair?

  169. Hi newsadmin
    U really doing a great job guiding, please do help me too.iam 25 yr old married with a 2 yr old kid, , practising dentist in India. My husband is a homeopath as well as an accupuncturist. We r planing to migrate to Canada by the express entry program. Do we have scope over there??? Please giv advice

  170. Hi, I immigrated to Canada in 2006. It takes a bit of time and effort but you end up emerging as a winner. It’s all about how quickly you adapt to the new environment and your willingness to excel in whatever you do. Anyway, I am real estate salesperson specializing in toronto downtown core. The real estate laws are different here and the tenant or buyer don’t pay anything for real estate services. Cheers and good luck! I will be happy to help my fellow Indians. All the best!

  171. 37 yrs old in the airline field and husband is 39 yrs in the hotel industry both in sales and marketing. We are considering to apply for canada immigration. How is the job market in these fields and are we above the age limit.

    • Hi Michelle,
      It depends on what kind of job you are doing in the airline field. However, the aviation sector is very tough and there are very few high-end jobs in that sector. You husband can definitely make a career in sales and marketing, but it will take some time. Considering you age, you guys should be ready for any jobs, to begin with. Frankly, if you both are doing very well back home, you should be very careful.

  172. Dears,
    I (34 years old) am working as System Engineer in Saudi Arabia, I am applying for immigration through a company called Change of Phase Consulting Group, though its costing me a lot. I have 4 dependant as under:
    Wife age: 29 Years old
    1st Son age: 8+ years
    2nd Son age: 7+ years
    3rd son age: 2+ years

    I am getting a very handsome salary package here in Saudi Arabia, my aim is not to quit my job once we reached to Canada. I want to come back after 2 to 3 months after getting the PR and continue my job here in Saudi Arabia in order to support my family leaving my family over there in Canada. I’ll be visinting my family twice an year to keep my visit rotating. I have few questions as below:

    – Once my family completed four years and get the Nationality, what will be my status, will I get too or do I need to complete my duration.
    – How’s the life there for a family who’s husband is not there and all the kids are boys, what is the difficult ratio in sense?

    I really need your kind advise in order to step further, what I am doing is it right or not.

    Your suggestion are appreciated

    • Mr Ahmed, you have to complete four years in Canada individually to be eligible for Canadian citizenship even if your wife and three children get the nationality. As for the life for a family whose husband is not in Canada, there are so many here whose men are working in the Middle East.

    • Hello! Brother we also applied fr PR and our case is also the same and having same plans as brother Ahmed mentioned above. My husband will stay in dubai and continue with his job ,I shall move with my kids to Canada.
      Firstly I would like to know how much money we want to live with monthly expenses ? (2 bedroom flat, bills for waterelectricity ,grocery)
      I wanted to know is it easy to manage alone with kids age 14,12, and 8 ?
      I am a science graduate working as a kindergarten teacher here in Dubai, what is the criteria if one wants to start as a volentier in public school in Canada?
      Do they allow to volunteer as an assistant teacher ?
      Please if any one can answer to each of my questions , I shall be thankful .


      • Saba,
        You can very well manage your household with $2,500 to $3,000 with the three children. We have to confirm whether they allow teaching volunteer work in teaching.

        • Hi Everyone…I’m planning to apply for canadian PR but in all the blogs and forum i see only negative things except few positive points. I’m 32 now with 8 year of wrk exp and lot of insecurity in mind to leave job and to do fresh start in Canada.How difficult in searching jobs in Supply chain having indian experience. What is the maximum risk, a person can face after reaching there…

  173. I am in travel industry (ticketing) for last 14 years and my wife is a qualified teacher in the Middle East. We have 2 kids, 10 and 8years. We are planning to immigrate to Canada and our immigration documents are in progress . Our age are 44 and 42 years. Having read above comments I request your honest opinion as to travel-related and teaching job scene in Canada

    • Bushan, we will try to get you feedback from people already in this field. One of our colleagues just last week attended a gathering of Canadian travel agents, tour operators and ticketing agents in Toronto. Just wait for some feedback. Quite a few people who came from the Middle East have their own travel agencies here. As for your wife’s profession, you have to read comments posted by people in this profession. In fact, the writer of this article herself came the Middle East after teaching there for almost two decades.Your wife will have to undertake skill upgradation courses here and then have patience. The only worry is your age. As we have mentioned that the right time to come here is before 40, possibly 35, because it takes a few years to rebuild your life here.

  174. I am 22 years old and recently graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree from a popular British University based in Dubai. My previous experience have mainly been in random sales job that I did during the summer vacation.
    I intend to immigrate to Canada and hopefully get a job in the real estate industry.
    What do you think is the best way to make the move?
    Should I pursue an MBA in Canada and look for a job? Or get a job and do the MBA at the same time? Or is there a better a way to approach the situation.
    In addition, I would really appreciate it if you could give me salary figures for real estate brokers/consultants in various areas.

    Thank you for doing an amazing job here.

    PS – I have lived in Dubai all my life and can’t imagine going back to the country I came from thus I want to move to either Canada or USA as these are the only two places that sort of “fit” my lifestyle. In addition, I have a few close friends and family friends there so I won’t be that “lonely or miserable”.

    • Aisha,
      You are young and the best course for you is to first get immigration. Once you are here, it depends on your finances. Yes, you do a job and MBA simultaneously. For real estate, you will have to do a course and then join some brokerage as a salesperson. As for real estate income, if you work hard you can earn any amount.

  175. Hi Admin,

    I am 29 and my partner is 28 living in Singapore. My partner works in a manufacturing company as a Senior engineer with only 5 years of experience. He does not have a high education and only a diploma in Engineering. We both are looking to start a life in Canada. We want to build a family and looking to improve our quality of life.

    Working in Singapore sound just as tough as building a career in Canada. Pay is low and the standard of living is very very high. Houses (a apartment) here cost almost half a million dollars, you have to work till you die, government barely helps you in anything and you live from pay check to pay check. We are seeking a better life for our future, not looking to be rich but to live modestly and have a good retirement. Currently we have no debts and no children.

    After reading most of the comments here, I believe my partner would need to start from scratch and earn his Canadian qualifications. Do you think it’s possible for him and I to work odd jobs and pay for his education at the same time? I know the struggle is real, where do you think it’s best for us to start and how much money should we set aside.

    Would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this. Thank you!

    • Why not, Gibson. If you are ready to do odd jobs to pull through the initial phase of your life in Canada, you will succeed. Further, manufacturing is Canada’s mainstay. You guys have the right age.

  176. Hi All,

    I am 30 years old and working as an Assistant Manager in an MNC in India, earning a good salary. I am an MBA (finance) from reputed Institutes of India.I am married and no kids yet. I have applied for canadian PR and it is in the final stages of processing. After reading the comments of this article I am afraid of immigrating to Canada by resigning my good job and salary and all my family here. Please suggest is it a good Idea or not?


    • If you have a good job and good life, then why leave. If you still want to give it a shot, please don’t leave your job before coming here.

  177. Hello Admin/Moderator. Kindly go through the mentioned profile and give your valuable feedback

    My name is Divya. I will turn 24 this June. I have done my BBA + MBA (Finance and HR) from a reputed university in India. I am currently employed with a reputed MNC selling white goods. I am working in the Accounts Payables section as an executive. I have 1.5 years of corporate experience. I am planning to do a Post- Graduate Diploma in the field of financial planning. I am looking towards colleges in Ontario region. Before I reveal the options that I am considering, please tell me the current job scenario in Ontario for Finance based jobs.

    Thank you very much in advance and God Bless you. 🙂

      • What is the scenario in Vancouver for any finance based jobs? From what I have heard, there is not much scope except in Oil and Gas and Tourism. If one wants to pursue a career in say Financial Planning and Analysis, Can Vancouver be considered?

  178. What is the scenario in Vancouver for any finance based jobs? From what I have heard, there is not much scope except in Oil and Gas and Tourism. If one wants to pursue a career in say Financial Planning and Analysis, Can Vancouver be considered? It is a request to the moderator/admin to answer this query!!!

      • Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. When it comes to Ontario, I have shortlisted a few colleges to study the one year financial planning course. They are as follows:

        1. Connestoga
        2. Fanshawe
        3. Seneca

        In terms of environment, job placements and curriculum, which out of these 3 are considered good. Also, if there is any other college(s) other than the above mentioned, please suggest. Thank you.

          • Dear Admin/Moderator,

            I personally found the course curriculum of connestoga better bcoz it is an all-rounder course i.e. it covers every aspect of business be it finance, economics, ethics, maths and law. I would request you to kindly suggest why Seneca and why not Connestoga. Thank you very much for your prompt relies!!

          • All these institutions are great. Since we were asked about the preference, we just gave the opinion because Seneca is more known in the GTA. Frankly, there is little to differentiate between these institutions.

    • Hi Espire,

      I live in vancouver for 13 yrs. yes it is not an economic hub but a tourist place. there is scope in financial planning but you will almost certainly be out of luck. all major business is with HK, korea and china. There are tons of chinese ppl here in these sectors and they control the market. plus you need fluency in cantonese or mandarin

  179. Hi please advise.I am from India. My husband is a Manager in analytical testing lab and I am a Pharmacist here in Dubai.He is 43years old everything is well settled here but we are thinking for immigration to Canada just for our kids for better education and university degree …still studying 12 and 10 years. Please advice .Do I think we can get a decent job out there.

    • Asmi, as a pharmacist you will do well, but we are not sure about your husband as his is a very technical area. If you want to move to Canada, you guys should act quickly because age is not on your side.

  180. Hi ,my self MBAMarketing/Finance)with 8 yrs Exp in Automotive Sales & MArketing and am 2 yr old,My wife is a optometrist and we both are working in Middle east .we are plannig to migarte canada so kindly advice me the chnaces

    • Sorry there was some mistakes with my earlier question

      ‘Hi ,I Done MBA Marketing/Finance)with 8 yrs Exp in Automotive Sales & MArketing ,My wife is an optometrist and we both are working in Middle east .we are planning to migrate canada what are the chnaces of job we can get ,we are realy confused

      • Aneesh, you both can find jobs in your respective fields after going through the initial tough phase that every immigrant goes through. But it depends on your and patience.

  181. Hi I am an IT Professional (managing IT operations for international BPO and not a programmer) with 15 years experience and aged 40. My wife is a HR professional with 12 years experience. we work in Mumbai ,India and wants to look migrate to Canada. what are the job prospects. we earn substantially here but are frustrated with the quality of life in India. No kids and hence are willing to thing to move to canada.

  182. Dear admin

    • We don’t know much about the hotel and construction industry, but if you are ready for sales/marketing for any sector, we think you have much better scope.

    • Hi Noor,

      The hotel industry is great in the west coast in vancovuer. tourists are always flocking from asia and vancouver is the gateway to canada. For construction, your husband will have to upgrade to canadian diploma. foriegn experience is not counted. many engineers with masters still have to do construction and project management diploma. the good thing is many punjabis have local construction businesses here and so you can fit well with networking.

  183. Appreciate the great job in guiding, I am 41 yr old married with a 14 yr old kid, working in an Indian public sector company as Manger(IT). My preliminary skill SAP BASIS administration and project management. My basic qualification is Mechanical Engineering. Wife is qualified but no working experience. We are planning make use of the new entry scheme, Do we have scope over there??? Please give advice

    • Ramesh, many people with SAP skills are doing well in Canada. Why not you. But remember it will be a new beginning which will come with a lot of initial struggle and pain. Be ready for that.

  184. Dear Admin

    I had recd PR for myself, wife & my kid in 2010. We went to CANADA two times but didn’t stay there more than 2 months. Our PR will expire in Oct this year (only six months left). Due to some unavoidable reasons I am thinking to move again before I lost this opportunity.Pl advice ,should we go now & would we be able to regain our PR status if we enter in CANADA before expiring the PR or we have to apply for extension of PR after expiry date which may or may not be granted to us. The above is applicable in Australia as PR holders can enter even on the last day of their PR expiry date & regain their PR status. They have to stay there for next two years for further visa extension to travel abroad & return back to Australia.Your reply would be a great help. Thanks in advance

  185. With reference to above query, I am requesting everybody to spare some time to go thru above lines & give their valuable inputs as i am unable to find it anywhere else. With regards & thanks

  186. Hi Aradh,

    I think it is possible to renew it but not reapply for it. We immigrated as a family in 2004. now this is a while back and i dont know the exact law now. my father went back to Bangladesh. his PR expired. he was not allowed to extend it and this is something which is almost impossible to do. we spoke to many lawyers and no one could do anything. They said the only possible way is on a very rare exceptional basis….maybe review by PM or something of that rarity. As a result he lost his immigration and he would have to reapply all over the process again and chances of successful reapplication is slim. However,do land before it expires and extend it. Again i cant quote the present situation but this was in 2009. My father has not come to canada since.

    • Dear Salman,

      Thanks for your valuable comments.Does your father regret his decision of coming back as I am feeling since day one? What is your personal opinion on this decision, was it right?

  187. Read most of the comments and they really match what people who migrated in Canada say: “Working on odd jobs” (with a skilled worker visa)
    So my question is that how good are the odd jobs. My basic qualification is B.Sc. computer science and 6+ yrs job experience in networking (Internet provision/Telecom). My age is 31yrs.
    In my home country India, I have trained myself on multiple other skills not related to my qualifications for example if I have the right tools, I can do gardening, plumbing, hairdressing, auto-repairs, electronics/circuits, automation, IT infrastructure, Computer/laptop repairs, software assistance or anything that the job demands. My question is, if I’m on a skilled visa and if I start working on such kind of jobs, can I make some good money out of it or pursue it as a career? What will hold a higher value- my job experience in telecom or these other skills? Also, can I be a freelance consultant in any or many of these other skills along with a skilled office job?

    • Nikhil, if you ready for odd jobs, then you will be fine. You can start your own hairdressing and make good money. Professions like plumbing and gardening are pay well.

  188. Hi Aradh,

    he might have regretted it before but now we have spread out over the world for our work. its for the best and we dont plan to come back to canada. i travel and work internationally and am living the life. i studied in canada and USA much more high end stuff…couldnt find a job even in canada except security or cashier….so frustrating and disgusting

  189. Thank you. I had a lot behind this encouragement. I am thankful I was not born and raised here. I pity the people born and raised here. The main reason was the way the Canadian government dealt with my mom who is a doctor.
    They deliberately find excuses to not give people work. My mother is Cambridge postgraduate doctor. They said her basic medical degree is from Bangladesh and therefore she cant be recognized as a doctor. They told her to redo entire 9 yrs of medicine. She gave exams and she scored 100% in 5 out of 9 subjects not having seriously read for 20+ yrs. Me and my sister were amazed as we are unable to score such perfect marks till to date. There was no response back and she ended getting a job in a subway restaurant where they taught her how to cut a bread when she was a surgeon for 25 yrs!!! Believe me, corruption, nepotism, racism here is rampant and very subtle.

    I didn’t get a job because my name not a cool English name and I refuse to change it. I will never forgive the Canadian govt.

    But one thing i will say is having a canadian degree and passport has changed my life. So definitely worth it for you kids.

    • Aradh, if you have not lived in Canada for two years out of the 5 years after getting your PR, technically you lose your PR even if you now arrive in Canada. But you can appeal through an immigration lawyer. Now, we don’t know how much time you have spent in Canada.

    • Aradh, the suggestion to you is that you shouldn’t waste your time or resources on this thing any more. You have already been here twice and you know the reality. So, it is not worth it, though the grass will always look greener on the other side. If you are doing okay there, that is all the more reason for you not to unsettle your life one more time. Don’t believe in other people’s stories.

  190. Leaving his/her own country permanently is a mistake people do. I have a principle stand that I shall not migrate to any haven leaving my home in my own country.

  191. My name is Komalpreet, I have landed in Canada not too long ago myself, since then i have helped many to move to Canada and find a job (may not be a dream job as yet but surely you earn your living here). If you do need assistance in moving to Canada, I can gladly help.


    • Hi Komalpreet,
      I have posted my case on this page on May 2nd. Please go through it and share your valuable advice/suggestions.


    • Komalpreet ji thanks!

      I am an Electrical/Electronic Engineer with 11 yrs of experience in Solar, Electronic & Automotive Industry.
      I am looking for a job in Canada if you can help.
      vineet Kapoor

  192. I am a masters in biomedical science from UK but worked for the last five to six years in hotel industry. I am interested in firstly working in the hotel industry , later setting up a small kirana grocery store for indian foods? Any ideas suggestions ?

    Raju parihar

  193. Hey Guys. Im a 32 Year old Married Male living in India. I work for an MNC and am the Regional Manager for West India. I have a Masters Degree in Construction Management from USA (Lived for 2 1/2 years). My wife has Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management & MBA in Marketing from India. We are thinking of moving to Canada for the following reasons:

    1. Better lifestyle (calm and peace)
    2. Developed Country so facilities are up to the mark
    3. Make some decent money and start something own
    4. May be study at the same time to upgrade our qualifications

    Reasons I want to emigrate from India:
    1. Pollution in Mumbai is horrible
    2. People are selfish and self centered
    3. Lower quality of living. You get sub zero standards from Govt even after paying heavy taxes
    4. Pathetic roads and drives !

    I feel I am fair with my reasoning and expect a reply pertaining to the MY QUERY ALONE. I do not want replies from users who have OBJECTION to what I typed above as this is my personal opinion.

    I see people using this blog as debate section and I do not want it to be one. I’d rather expect a detailed STICK-TO-THE-POINT reply from patrons.

    So guys, please let me know if it is a wise decision to move to Canada in the year 2015-16. If yes, I want to know if Work-Study Visa is good for both of us (or) shall we opt for PR directly.

    My Target Job Profile: Engineering Company
    My Wife Target Job Profile: Hospitality

    Cheers & Keep Walking..!

  194. Hello Admin,
    I am 38 years old, my wife is 36, daughter 11 and son 4 years old.
    My plan is to immigrate to Canada under Federal Skilled Worker program.
    I hold a MBA Degree (finance), self employed for last 12 and more years, the business that I do along with my father is well established and i earn sufficient money to live a decent life (money wise though) here.
    But I am not happy here in India, as the work that I do has become so boring for me from last few years. I don’t like running for money all the time and want to lead a life with some interesting thing like running my own personalized coffee cum book shop or a restaurant, or even run a children daycare centre etc., where i could meet different people and see smile on their faces, find peace and satisfaction at the end of the day. So i decided to move some other better city in India and thus explored a couple of other cities which I thought would suit to my requirements. My present city was not bad at all as I remember from my childhood, but different illiterate state governments over a period of last 15-18 years had turned this place into a shit hole. Traffic jams, worst road conditions with dusts, dusts and dusts and potholes, crime, corruption at its best, electricity failure, government officers and police literary harass you, sex discrimination, dowry, believe me if someone ever visit a hospital for some treatment these doctors over there will suck his blood out of his body, the list is not going to end and still we fool ourselves over false arrogance – My India is great. So you can now understand why I want to leave.
    Anyway, I rather got disappointed to find that there is advancement in quality of life if I move to another city but I will have to start again from zero to setup a new business and will have to live more or less in similar environment.
    Now I have decided to move from this place where life is a joke and start over in a decent country say Canada or Australia.
    BUT after going through all these comments above I am feeling quite depressed and seems like nowhere to go – no country for old men.
    I don’t mind working hard, want to have some personal time for my family and friends.
    I will really appreciate if you could write something about my concerns and give some idea about my how much backup money is required to survive in Canada. What’s the chances for me to establish my own venture in Canada?

    Thanks a lot!

    Suggestions from other readers are welcome.

    • A couple of things for you. First, everybody gets bored with routine, it doesn’t matter whether you are in India or Canada. That should NOT be the reason for you to move out. You need to just sit back and appreciate what you have, rather what you don’t have. Lots of people take such important decisions in their life in that state of mind when they are feeling agitated. Which is not good. So think hard before taking any decision because restarting life is not always easy. Now, if you decide to move out to Canada or Australia, the right age is what you are now. If you migrate after the age of 40, then it will be difficult for you. In fact, people should think hard about migrating once they cross 35. As for you choice of running a coffee-cum-bookshop or a daycare, that won’t be a problem if you have the money. For opening a daycare, you will probably need licence and certification.So don’t feel depressed…just sit back and take a decision only after seriously thinking over the whole thing.

        • …can u give me some idea about how much money would I need to start and run a daycare centre. If possible please give me some idea about expenses in detail (breakup of total expense) on my email or whatever you find convenient.

          • We have to confirm the expenses from people who are running day-care centres. So you have to just wait. But broadly, you will need certification and then the place from where you will run the day-care centre. They will inspect the place to see whether it is fit and safe for the kids (no traffic near by, etc.). Then there will be requirements of equipment, kitchen and any assistant/s you may have to hire.

    • This is an article on LinkedIn titled “6 Reasons Why Canada Is Not the Place for You”

      Reader discretion advised!

      I am a new resident of Canada. A month after completing my two years here, a friend shared an article online that immediately grasped my attention. It was titled “Don’t Make the Mistake of Migrating to Canada, it’s a Fool’s Paradise.”

      I would not attempt to speak to the validity of the resounding assertion in the latter phrase of the title, because I believe only the author should have the right to speak for herself. I would however say only this in response: I’m not sure if Canada is a fool’s paradise but it surely is a graveyard for the conceited narcissists who think they deserve the same kingly bounties they were bestowed upon in their past country of residence for no good reason. Still, I can only agree with the author that Canada is indeed not the place for you. But I intend to do more than that; I will attempt to enumerate the various reasons why Canada is not the place for you.

      Before I start, let me make it clear that I do not mean to make light of the multitude of problems that the Canadian society grapples with, much like any other society in the world. In fact, despite being a newcomer, I make it a point to be an active member of the movements that aspire to make Canada a better place for its residents.

      I read and reread the article a dozen times just to make sure I wasn’t missing any finer points made in the seemingly nonsensical piece. And trust me when I say this – it came across as equally nonsensical, if not more, every time I read it. But reading it a number of times did help me get a better perspective, not of the topic discussed but of the likes of people who make that assertion. The last few times I read it, I read between the lines, pausing every so often in an attempt to understand the writer’s real personal disposition and her internal impetus to be so negative. The answer to that question was obvious in her choice of words. The disclaimer at the end of the article was particularly funny, “due to privacy concerns, the name of the author is changed.” You see, the beauty of being positive is you don’t have to hide your true identity.

      1. It is a new reality and you don’t get it

      Who in his sane mind would compare life in disparate regions of the world using the same measures? Hello! You are in a new country. Building your expectations based on your past experience, accomplishments and bestowals is a recipe for disaster when immigrating to any new country. Just like the CEO of a smalltime firm would be happy to accept a senior management role in a multi-billion dollar global enterprise in a first-world economy, a rational immigrant is satisfied with finding a job in his relevant profession without griping about the job title.

      It is a new life after all, one in which you will have to go through the same struggle that most successful people before you went through. It’s a given; get over it! For those who arrived here with an open mind, willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, ended up achieving much more than they bargained for. It is the law of attraction at its best. As for your late realization about having to ‘work much below your professional rank’ – duh! May be you’ve been in stupor about your true professional rank all your life. Welcome to reality!

      2. You are not flexible and you carry the burden of your obsolete notions about society

      Settling in Canada or any new place in the world is like unscrambling your life. The key is to be flexible in every sense of the word – to unlearn and re-learn. In the last two years that I have been in Canada, I have rediscovered my true potential in more ways than one. I have been able to broaden the horizons of my professional and personal learning beyond my wildest imaginations. I do not have enough time to count my blessings, let alone whine about my failures. While we are at it, please educate yourself about the equal respect that people in Canada are afforded irrespective of whether they teach at a school or work at Tim Hortons. The article in question sounded almost derogatory to all the wonderful hardworking people who make the terrible Canadian winters something to look forward to for hundreds of thousands of new (and not so new) Canadians. So if you value people solely on the basis of the colour of their collar, Canada is not the place for you.

      3. You are innately negative and you surround yourself with people like you

      As for all the ‘warnings’ and advice the author received prior to embarking on her journey to failure-dom, consider my own example. In addition to the overwhelming encouragement and support I received from everyone I reached out to as a newcomer, I attribute my success to my stubbornly resolute desire to surround myself with only positive people. That has been the singular most impactful factor behind whatever personal and professional success I have achieved in a very short span of time. With that mindset in place, nature worked to bring me in front of positive people every time I would need help or encouragement. Like attracts like my friend and it works wonders when you surround yourself with positivity. But if it is in your very nature to tend to ignore the positives and being thankless for all you have, Canada is not quite the land of opportunities for you that it really is for thousands others.

      It is a place for people with grit and resilience, people who value personal growth and achievement beyond bank balances as its sole measure, people who are not bystanders but an active member of their communities, people who share a relationship of respect with anyone and everyone they come across, people who cherish and celebrate not only diversity but social justice and inclusion, people who are smart risk-takers and have the priorities for themselves and their families all sorted out. Please accept my condolences if you do not fit into any of that. Once again, Canada is not the place for you.

      4. You cannot own your decisions and do not have the courage to take the blame

      Just like all major decisions in life, immigrating to a new country is a life-altering decision – one that is highly strategic in nature for yourself and your family. If you couldn’t pull it off despite taking the exact same decision that many immigrants took years before becoming first-generation millionaires in Canada, there has to be something fundamentally wrong with your approach. Successful Canadian immigrants never blame anyone for their failures – and yes they have had more than they can recount. Despite all the failures, they always focus on tailoring their strategy and readjusting their course, never losing sight of the goal. I always thought to myself, “even if one out of the millions of people who came to this country could be successful, so can I.” And of course there are more than a handful of examples of successful immigrants in Canada. So let’s admit it – you had the same chance and you blew it. As it stands now, you only have yourself to blame for not being able to materialize a future that many others coming from much less privileged backgrounds before you (and after you) did. The length of your list of people to blame will not change it in any way, because if your gut reaction to your failure is to look for people to blame, Canada is not the place for you.

      5. You are the third kind

      As a mentor for newcomers, I come across all kinds of people. There are three categories. First there are those who are true strategists and fighters – perennially optimistic and persevering in the wake of many early failures, determined to make their decision work for themselves and their families. They are the ones who know their goal and stop at nothing to achieve it. And guess what, without exception, they all do. Then there are those who left their luxurious lifestyles to immigrant to Canada with no clue as to what their motivation or objective was. They are the lost souls who can still make it because they have the attitude for it – positivity and grit.

      And of course there are some like the author in question. They say they had everything anyone can hope to have in a lifetime – a perfect job, incredibly deluxe lifestyle, best education for children money can buy, and a bank balance they could live off without ever needing to work. Still, they say ‘a bug bit them’ and they decided to move to Canada for a reason they terribly fail to articulate in a 800-word write-up. Although I can write a separate 800-word article on the true motives behind that decision just reading between the lines as I did, I’ll save that for another time. This type has no idea what brought them to a whole new place and much less idea of how to let go of their ego and start a real struggle. If you have no clear goal for a major life decision, if you are not comfortable taking up the challenge of making it in one of the most competitive countries in the world, and if your ego is dearer to you than the dream of making Canada home for your children, alas; Canada is not the place for you.

      Did I mention that the friend who shared the article was one of the third kind? He went back to his ‘home country’ after his first setback. While he was in Canada for less than a year, he was in a ‘visitor mindset’ and considered his place of birth his only home. If your definition of immigration is visiting a place outside of your home country rather than changing your home, Canada is not the place for you.

      6. You are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone

      I have met people who have been in Canada for more than double the time I’ve been here and they have never attended one professional networking event, they haven’t heard the name of a single government-funded program that provides free services to immigrants, they have never written to another successful immigrant asking for guidance and advice, they don’t even have an updated LinkedIn profile and they still call their resume, a CV.

      These people have seldom had a conversation with a person outside of their immediate community. Granted they had the taste of real success in their countries of birth or at other places, they experienced opulence and rubbed shoulders with their likes (aka people at senior professional ranks), still what they do not know is this: just like an accomplished sprint athlete would have to struggle to put his foot down on the floor once he is in zero-gravity, an immigrant has to reassess his strengths and accomplishments in relation to his new reality. It warrants going out of your comfort zone and doing things you never thought you needed to. You are bound to fail in your first attempts. Get done with all your failures as soon as you can and start enjoying the trade-offs that formed the core rationale of your decision to immigrate.

      • The ‘guy’ who wrote the article on ‘linkedin’ is employed by CIBC. Big corporations/banks like CIBC depend on Immigration for their survival (they share 250,000 new customers every year). New Immigrants bring a minimum of US$ 7.5 Billion per year to Canada. The money Trail is as follows: CIC -> Air Canada -> Banks (see?) -> Houses/Rent -> Telephone/Utilities -> Cars/Transport -> Look for jobs -> Re-study (also a big business) -> Do menial jobs (slaves) or go back.

        At the end the it has cost the person/family close to US$30,000 – So it is Economic Tourism.

        The ‘writer’ was doing ‘damage control’ in typical Canadian style – using ‘experts’ to discredit the expose`.

        Google ‘Canada Bank Bailout’ and see how much money the banks got… while you at it Google ‘Canada banks and Enron’ too…

        Yes, he ‘wrote’ it very well – very well indeed…

  195. Dear Admin,
    I am 44 and working as an interpreter/translator for 14 years in a government organization . My wife is 34 and working as a senior relationship manager for 8 years at an reputable international bank. We live in Dubai .We have to kids (9 and 5). We are both bilingual (French and English) as we come from Tunisia. What chances are there for us if we decide to immigrate to Canada.

    • Well, it is good to have French language proficiency because Canada has English and French as official languages. So most jobs advertised by government and the public sector (even the private sector) want applicants to be bilingual.Your story is similar to the writer of this article. She also moved to Canada from Dubai. Why not stick to your jobs, make money and later send your children to Canada for college education? After their education, they can apply for permanent residence and then sponsor you. Secondly, the age is not on your side and you may to do odd jobs here. But you are ready to do anything, then it is okay. So calculate your risks because you may end up spending many years rebuilding your life and complaining.

  196. Hello Admin,

    My family is all set to move to Canada, happily. Sad, after reading these comments my mind is been chiseled. I have 4 yr old and husband with h1 currently in US looking for opportunities. Canada bug was just a try for us at that time.
    Being a full time nicely paid professional in india now, I wonder would moving to Canada be a good decision.
    My question is: are we all supposed to fly at the same time to Canada as soon as we get the visas. or the main applicant can continue to get the PR done all alone.


    • No, he can fly alone and you can join him later. But the best course of action should be for him not to resign his job and to fly alone to explore the options in Canada. Our honest advice to professionals who have good jobs back home is not to take the risk. Frankly, it may not be worth it. Yes, people get bitten by the Canada bug because someone you know is already there, but the ground realities are very different.

  197. hello sir, i am 41 year old indian with diploma in mechanical engineering and having 18 years of work experience in the field of manufacturing and i am planning to migrate to canada applying for visa in my wife name who is a graduate and a software engineer with 8 years of work experience as testing engineer. what is the probabality of me getting the job and can i come to cannada first and bring my family later as i am planning to come as a dependent visa.what is the probabality of me getting the job.
    please suggest. i am ready to work in odd jobs also .

  198. First and foremost, my opinion only, is that the author DID NOT go through an elaborate process of researching and planning before making the application. Emigrating is one HUGE decision that one can’t take it too lightly especially involving dependants(it has nothing to do with the alleged ‘Canada Bug’). One clear mistake the author had was not having a mindset change and apparent poor financial planning. I would also expect the fortune they made in Dubai would keep them afloat but everything was squandered in just a few years? I had seen some PRs with meagre savings making it through so I wander why. The rest is history.

    It took me and my wife a couple of years to conduct thorough research, trawling through forums, making multiple trips to Canada to assess before even deciding on applying for PR(under FSW program). Back in the early 2000s, PR application took years(ours took 4 years!) and we landed in 2008…still working out fine till today. Sure, a lot of hard work, perseverance and sleepless nights during the initial phase, but we anticipated these and we even lowered our expectations but we made it!

  199. Hello, everybody i have quick query for the experienced as well as well settled Canadian Immigrants. I have 10+ years of Human Resource Experience in recruitment and training field and with age of 30+ years. Iam currently employed with a private firm and have decided to apply for Canada visa. I have spoken to some of the consultants and they all want to charge hefty amount for the entire process and proclaim that the HR field is quite in demand in Canada. I request you guys to share your inputs on the same so that i can go ahead with my decision to apply for Canada visa. thanks very much.

    • Hi Dan,

      The best advise is that since you have a job, come to visit Canada for a month. talk to people here and think about it. My cousin did HR from Toronto and he got great job offer. However, the reality is not changed. more than likely, you will have to upgrade here, start at entry level. those experience will not count till you get a job first. there are thousands of canadians who will get priority over you. Regarding, immigration, its better to go through consultants. very few people do it themselves but its possible.its just a matter of knowing. i know the steps now but since people dont immigrate frequently, everyone goes through a lawyer for this sensitive move. Also the rules change frequently, so hard for an average joe to know.
      I am talking for Vancouver as i live here

  200. hi everyone, one of our friend told us that immigration to canada is very easy.i am M Tech Computer Engg and working as Assistant professor in Mumbai with 7 yrs experience in teaching. He told me that u can easily get a job in Canada. He is trying to find a job for me like in resaerch so that i can earn n study also. My husband is also MBA in HR. We have decided to migrate to canada with it worth for us?

    Please suggest me.

  201. I find it rather sad, that these people come here expecting it to be the same as their home. They do little to no research. Which is their own fault. You must check if your education is good enough for the country your moving to. If not the upgrade before you come as education isn’t subsidized if not from the country your going to. What is the cost of living and the income level for the job you do, to maintain the same lifestyle or better than the country you come from. What one can do, is invest in a business before you come, so one can subsidize their burden when they first get here. Most of these people, just decide one day, they want to move to what they think is a better place. Then once they get here, they are shocked that it’s like most countries, with uphill battles without doing any research, to ease the transition.

  202. hello everyone,

    I have already posted a couple of questions before and got relevant and decent reply.
    One more query, does anybody have any idea about which professional/vocational or any other course, I (38, Master of finance and control) and/or my wife (36, Master of Arts (English)) should pursue in Canada (preferable Toronto) so as to get a job within 6 months to 1 year. I have two kids, 11 years and 4 years. I have a fund backup to survive for 10 to 12 months, Thanks.

  203. Hello people, I need some advice.

    I am a post graduate in dentistry from an internationally renowned Institute in India. I wish to apply for a PR, and then hopefully get into a Canadian University to validate my qualifications as a specialist. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thank you in anticipation

  204. This article is ridiculous. It’s more about the author whining over their wrong life and career choices. Bimal Sharma, I live in New York and have seen countless people from India making a decent if not luxurious living in Canada. Here’s what they do:
    1. They PLAN OUT before hopping onto that maple leaf flight.
    2. They KNOW that they have to work petty jobs even before they land and still don’t give up on their Canadian dream.
    3. They worked REALLY hard in India to earn their CA, CFA or Engineering from IIT, MBA from IIM. Basically they’re aren’t just teachers and construction workers and worked really hard for their education.
    4. They know what they want and HOW they will get it before hopping onto that plane. They don’t listen to “friends/family” before making choices for their own lives and they’re highly successful in Canada.
    5. They go out giving interviews and get selected purely on their credentials.
    Stop whining about your failures and name calling a country (Fool’s paradise? not really, you’re the fool here because you didn’t do your homework before taking that flight)
    Your ridiculous article may ruin someone else’s dream, someone who is more deserving than you. Go back to dreaming in Dubai.

  205. Hi all

    II’m 33 n working as a middle level manager with an mnc in india.india . my husband is 37 n eemployed with an Indian financial market firm.firm . We are planning to migrtate to australia. But also are thinking of planning to file for a pr to Canada. My main reason to move it to have a better living standard n escape the heat;; pollution etc..We got no kids have recently bought an apartment on loan so nonot much in liquid savings..though my husband feels he’s to old for d move n all but is ready to give it a shot..I figured the pr process of Canada is faster than that of Australia n costs less in terms of visa fee n liquidity that one is required to show..kindly share ur views as all the people I know who are settled abroad suggest australia is better and they all pretty much act as if the are all super happy wherever they are (canada aus n uk) even while they are doing ok kind of jobs.(telephone operator cook)one of them I know got employed at the airport n didn’t even know a word of English wen she moved 7 years back.back . all in all I know that here in india ..They wwud b working under me if they were here…so please guide me ..I’m ok to do such jobs Iver there as long as we are able to make good money and buy property in india without a loan etc n have liquid savings for retirement. .kindly guide.

  206. Dear Moderator,

    I am 31 of age and MBA (Marketing), 5+ years of work ex. 3+ years in industrial product sales (same product is sold in canada n worldwide n may b i can work as agent/freelancer for same product in canada but not sure as of now) and 2 years as software Testing Engineer. I am in talks with a consultant who is promising min 5 interviews (max. no cap) from canadian employers and asking 60K for that and is signing legal bond for same (money will be refunded if interviews not conducted). They will also guide me on interview clearing tips etc.It will be work permit for 2-3 yrs and tickets, accommodation sponsored by employer if selected.

    Family details:
    Wife,30yrs, govt. teacher job for last 6 yrs
    Kid, 3 yrs

    I request your views on this scenario (as i haven’t come across any other consultant promising all this). AND, wud it be better if I opt for PR rather this Work permit and start with odd jobs there and side by side get myself enrolled in any evening sales/technical etc course which can help in decent job (either in engineering or MBA). I will move alone first and will call family once i settle myself, targeting 1-1.5 yrs for that.

    Look forward to your valuable feedback and any other things you would like to share/inform.


    • They are lying. If there are no jobs where you can’t find it for yourself. It ain’t worth it. You will have much better jobs in India than Canada with the qualification you have

  207. Hi,
    just wanted to add my responses after reading this article . Unfortunetly all the issues the writer has spoken about, new immigrants face in Canada are true. I immigrated to Canada in 2003 from the U.S. Since i was immigrating from the U.S. the immigration process was a bit shorter and eaiser and all my college credits and work experience was accepted. However i seem have run into many similar issues as the writer has mentioned above.

    I have looked back at the last 12 years and compared to friends I went to school with in the U.S. Yes immigrants in Canada face a very very challenging life these days and is not as fruitful a

    there are a few reasons why things in Canada have become harder for immigrants in the past ten years.

    first, until 2001 canada was by many reguarded as a easy gateway for immigrating to the U.S. due the changes in the immigration policies that have taken place in the last ten years that is no longer the case .
    also the number of immigrants coming into Canada has drastically increased and the Canadian infrastructure has not made many changes in order to support this change.

    officialy Canada did not see much of a ression.LOL every canadian knows the reason how Canada has managed to remain financially healthy on the books. High Taxes high inflation of everything while benefits, pay and employment cuts have hit hard . Every Canadian has been experiencing this while the News channels kept blasting about how well the economy was doing compare to south of the border.

    There are many more reasons to why immigrants face a very challenging life in Canada now days .

    also wanted to respond to the frustration the writer has show about buying a house and being buried under a home loan . The property prices in Canada are off the hook because of immigration policies that allow investors to invest in any property value X amount of dollars and getting PR on the spot.

    • If your looking to make a better life and great money for yourself then Canada is not a place you want to immigrate to . If you are looking to make Canada a better place then you should think about moving to Canada

  208. hi
    i am in shipping for15 years and sailing as chief engineer on oil tankers.,Now i am planning to take up shore job. Any one who knows about shipping can guide me is it right choice to take up job in canada.How is job prospects for shipping.
    pls advise me,

  209. Hi,
    I am 38, IT professional with 12 Years of experince.I am working in India in Software MNC with technologies Microsoft SharePoint and K2,ASP.NET ,C#. I am planning to apply for PR. Although I am family with wife and 2 kids, initially I am thinking to go to Canada alone for months or a Year and then after making initial setup there I wil take my family there.
    My concern is about my age (38) and the opportunities. Looking at the comments above do I also need to take some schooling/course in Canada or directly can get a job in my field. I don’t want to spend my current earnings of learnings in Canada. I am planning to search job first then fly to Canada.Please suggest. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  210. Hi Admin,

    I’m 38 yrs and work in banking operations n sales of banking products which includes investment and loans.I m a single mother. Purely due to financial situation and to get my child good education I’m planning to move to canada.Kindly advice

    • Yes, there is very good scope in your profession in Canada. But, again, you will your initial struggles and you may have to update your skills as per Canadian requirements. Yes, you child will have good education. If you are decided, don’t delay because of your age. We have always advised people MUST be that they very very careful when they decide to migrate after the age of 40.

  211. Hai,
    Iam trying to get PR to canada.I am a proffessional with Engineering expertise.I need to know after I move to canada which is the best place to find jobs in Oil & gas field so that i will move to that place ? iam 38 years old.
    Please advise.

  212. Canada is not a land for the faint- hearted, or those that are seeking instant gratification. I emigrated here from India in 1970.I was a teacher….but all I could get was substitute teaching in Montreal. Back then immigration from Asia was low and bigotry played a large part in job or career searches. But, if you were adaptable and willing to chose a new path,( which I did) you made it! I got in with corporate retail giant in 1971 and went from sweeping stockroom floors and moving freight to a V.P in 1995. And then the company was sold in 1997. I had to start again from the bottom up and after working for a private mismanaged company for a few years I opened my own company in the same field and am successful again. The point is….if you are passionate about what you do for a living and willing to adapt….you can make a good life anywhere. Here you learn to appreciate change…just as you are playing your best golf….it’s time to pack away your clubs. Just when you think it has been the hardest winter…the new green buds appear. I love this country as well as the live it has given me!