`Cannibal Africans’ targeted by mob in Indian capital

Africans in Delhi.

It never happens to a white person in India because Indians have obsession with gori chamdi. But black people, mostly students, are often harassed, looked down upon and taunted.

The case of a midnight vigilante raid on African students in a south Delhi locality in January 2014 by the then Delhi law minister Somnath Bharti on the rumours that the Africans were running a `drug and prostitution racket’ is fresh in the minds of people.

On Thursday night, the Delhi Police had to rescue six African nationals in west Delhi from a mob after rumours spread that `cannibal Africans’ had kidnapped a teenage boy.

Police said they got multiple calls about a mob attacking African nationals staying in the Kakrola area of Dwarka in north-west Delhi.

When cops rushed to the spot, they found the mob shouting slogans against the `cannibal Africans’ who had locked themselves in in their rented building.

Police rescued six African nationals and took them to police station for their safety.

“We also received a call by a local that a 16-year-old boy had been kidnapped by the Africans but later it was found to be a rumour. All the African nationals are safe and now in the contact with their association. No injury was reported to any of the foreign nationals,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Anto Alphonse said.

The police officer said, “During the investigation, the police discovered that the entire trouble started after a local woman indulged in a fight with an African woman.”


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