Canada’s Ottawa becomes world’s coldest capital

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TORONTO: Toronto airport on Thursday, December 28, recorded the lowest temperature for the day (December 28) in almost sixty years when the mercury dipped to -22 degrees C in the morning.

The lowest temperature recorded at the airport on this day was -18.9 C on December 28, 1960.

The Canadian capital Ottawa on Wednesday also became the world’s coldest capital city when the city’s overnight temperature dipped to -29 degrees C. With wind chill, it felt like -36 C.

Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator, is the world’s coldest capital where the temperature dips to as low as -40 degrees C in the winter.

But on Wednesday, Ottawa beat Ulan Bator which record the low of -26C.

Canada is in the grip of bone-chilling winter, with most cities in the Prairies (central Canada) recording temperature below -20C. The coldest place in Canada on Thursday was Yellowknife which recorded -37C.

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