Fake Uber driver sexually assaults two women

Fake Uber driver Hissan Hamad
Fake Uber driver Hissan Hamad who sexually assaulted two women in Ottawa.

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TORONTO: A fake Uber driver, who sexually assaulted two women in Ottawa last week, has been arrested.

Hissan Hamad, 37, was arrested after Ottawa police circulated his picture for the public to identify him.

In the early hours on May 10, the accused offered a woman in her late 20s a ride while posing as an Uber driver in the ByWard Market area of Ottawa.

While driving the victim, he sexually assaulted her.

After sexually assaulting the woman, he stopped the car at an ATM and directed her to get cash to pay him for the ride. When the woman paid him and he left, she called police to report the incident. Uber drivers are not allowed to accept payment in cash.

Ottawa Police alerted the public about the man posing as an Uber driver and trying to pick up intoxicated women.

As another woman victim of his sex assault came forward, the fake Uber driver turned himself to the police on May 12.

Hissan Hamad has been charged with sexual assault on two women. Police suspect there could be more victims of this fake Uber driver.

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