Four-in-ten Canadians have never married, says survey

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TORONTO: It is not good news for wedding planners and the institution of marriage.

More than half of Canadians think that marriage is not necessary and four-in-ten Canadian adults have never been married, says a new survey.

The survey by the Angus Reid Institute shows that 53 percent Canadians think that “marriage is simply not necessary.’’

Only 47 percent Canadians feel that a couple planning to spend the rest of their lives together should get legally married.

Despite being lukewarm to marriage, a majority feel that getting married is “a more genuine form of commitment’’ than living in a common-law relationship.

Interestingly, 76 percent Canadians reject the notion that a religious wedding is more ‘legitimate’ than a civil one. Only 18 percent agree with the statement: “A religious wedding ceremony is more legitimate than a civil wedding.”

Still, most of those who are married say that they tied the knot at a religious service.

Seven-in-ten (71 percent) Canadians say that couples should live together before getting married. Only 19 percent disapprove of live-in before marriage.

The survey shows that 73 percent Canadians in the age group of 18-34 have never been married.

Only 43 percent Canadians are currently married. And one-in-four (40 percent) have never married.

About 47 percent of those who have never married say that financial instability was the “major reason” for their single status.

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