Glow around the world at Ontario’s largest indoor light festival

From the Taj Mahal (top) to London Bridge to the the Eiffel Tower, you can glow through the whole world at Ontario's largest indoor light festival in Barrie.


BARRIE: Feel it is too cold outside to go visiting all the festive light displays?

Have no fear. Barrie in Ontario has just the right solution for you.

Welcome to Ontario’s largest indoor light festival.

Set in an enclosed heated garden, here you and your family can revel through the dazzle of a million interactive lights as you take a trip around the world and enjoy all the landmarks of famous countries.

Pick up your passport at the entrance and set foot through the Pagoda style door to China to see its dragon and other wonders. A customs official will stamp your passport as you pass through. Then trudge onward to Mexico to explore the world wonder Chichen Itza and to snap yourself against the backdrop of a giant piñata.

Welcoming you after that is India with its awe striking Taj Mahal. This is the place where many linger before heading to ‘La Gaie Paris’ where one can enjoy an #instagram moment  using a heart shaped hanging picture  frame with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

After the precious moments in France you trek to The Netherlands to see the windmills and meander thru the icicle forest before crossing the channel into England where the Tower Bridge, millennium eye and Big Ben await you.

At every border be sure to get your passport stamped, because as you exit, you will get festive edible goodies as a bonus!

All throughout this winter wonderland there are activities for children. Hopscotch on LED lit spots is a hot activity. Plenty of children also swarm around the lively storytellers of fables. The kid’s zone is really alive with a multitude of games and face painting. Of course there is the traditional magic castle playground which is an all time favourite.

In addition there is a superb vendors’ market where one can delight in snacks and pastries as well as wholesome food. Adding to this is a bar that serves excellent hot chocolate, mocktails, mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages. Live bands playing all sorts of music liven up the mood.

Bring together the people you love to stroll, laugh and play with and celebrate the warmth of the season under the sparkle of a million lights. Barrie’s glow gardens, playgrounds and interactive features will entertain the kids for hours, while the adults kick back at the licensed bar and enjoy some seasonal beverages and live music. Glow’s illuminated sculptures are the perfect backdrop for selfies and family photos.

Ontario’s largest indoor light festival goes on till January 6, the epiphany, when the three wise men came bearing gifts for Jesus.

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