Iranian women disguise as men to enter stadium to watch soccer match

Iranian women disguised as men to watch a soccer match
Iranian women disguised as men to watch a soccer match. Photo courtesy BBC.

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In Iran where women are barred from attending men’s football matches, some soccer-crazy women did the unthinkable recently.

Donning fake beards and red shirts, these Iranian women sneaked into Tehran’s Azadi stadium to watch a men’s football match, according to BBC.

The photos of these women disguised as men have gone viral on Persian and English social media where they are being hailed as `fearless.’

One of these women told Iranian newspaper Khabar Varzeshi that this is not the first time that she has disguised herself as a man to watch a soccer match. She said she used different disguises on previous occasions to successfully enter the stadium and watch male soccer matches.

She said learnt new ways to disguise as a man by searching on Google.

She said she was stopped by the security only once, adding that she has never been scared of being detained.

“Why should I be scared? We women do not commit any crimes by going to stadiums. The law has not defined women s presence at stadiums as a crime. They have, of course, detained a few women and they have given a written promise not to go back there again,” she said.

Another woman in the group said, “We went through the first and second gates in a group, and no one figured it out. But once we sat in the stands, everyone realised.”

“They came over and took selfies with us, praising us for going. Another interesting thing is all of those who knew we were women did not shout anything rude throughout the match.”

She added, “Our goal is to keep going until they allow all women to go. We are doing this to say to the authorities that if they don t let us in, we will keep going nonetheless, with or without beards.”

A Iranian woman disgusied as a man watching the match
A Iranian woman disgusied as a man watching the match. Photo courtesy BBC.

But to ensure that these women were not in any trouble, they were accompanied some men.

By the way, Iranian women are rated as one of the most beautiful in the world.


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