John Abraham to make film on greatest Indian wrestler Gama Pehalwan

Gama (right) wrestling-with-Stanislaus-Zbyszko-in-Patiala-in-1928
Gama (right) wrestling with Stanislaus Zbyszko in Patiala in 1928 and beating him in 42 seconds

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BOLLYWOOD: The success of the film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on legendary athlete Milkha Singh has triggered a race in Bollywood to make films on sports stars.

While Sanjay Leela Bhansali has already been making a film on Mary Kom with Priyanka playing the role of the world boxing champion, now we will have a film on the greatest Indian wrestler Gama Pehalwan, also known as the Great Gama.

Actor John Abraham is producing the film under his production house JA Entertainment.

John, who is fresh from getting married in December, will play the role of Gama in the film which is yet to be named.

Actor-director Parmeet Sethi will direct the film. The shooting will begin later  this year.

Actor John Abraham to play the role of Gama Pehalwan in his film.
Actor John Abraham to play the role of Gama Pehalwan in his film.

Who was Gama Pehalwan?: The Great Gama was the name of wrestler Ghulam Muhammed who was born in Amritsar in 1880. At age 20, Gama was crowned Rustam-e-Zamana or the World Champion in 1910. His daily diet included 10 litres of milk, one and a half pounds of almond paste, meat, eggs, fruits, etc. About 5ft, 7 inches tall, Gama weighed 200 pounds.

He remained unbeaten throughout his life. Gama’s last major bout was at the age of 49 in 1929 when he beat Jesse Petersen in one and a half minutes. But he continued to wrestle into the 1940s.

In 1947, Gama shifted to Lahore where he died in 1960. Indian industrialist GD Birla gave Gama Rs 2,000 and a monthly pension of Rs 300 when the great wrestler suffered heart ailment and asthma and faced financial difficulties. After Birla’s gesture to their wrestler, Pakistan also increased pension for Gama.

Gama wrestler
The Great Gama

Gama is also famous for lifting a 1200-kg stone in Baroda in 1902. He had gone to Baroda to attend a wrestling tournament. But there was no wrestler who could fight him. So Gama lifted the 12-quintal stone up to his chest and carried it for some distance. This two-and-a-half feet stone is displayed at Baroda Museum, with an inscription telling that Gama had lifted it in December 1902.

Gama has inspired characters of video games such as Street Fighter EX and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Bruce Lee was a big fan of Gama.

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    • He was born in Gujranwala, not India but present day Pakistan. He migrated to Pakistan so don’t steal our legends and claim to be yours.

      • hahahaha …..
        what do you mean by ours..?
        during his fame or his time it was one and whole Hindustan……
        So stop acting like child…..
        Grow up kid .. Be man !!

        • Gama the legend was for all of us……. great athlete, disciplined and being remembered even today. Let’s celebrate his life rather than behaving like this…. I am Pakistani and a Gama fan.

  1. Gama pehalwan should be known as an Indian. The partition of this country makes different types of differences in the minds of the people of these two countries.

  2. Gama Pehalwan India Pakistan dono ka thaa.Magar Woh ek Muslim pehalwan thaa or India kaa is liye kehlaya q k tb Pakistan ek mulk ki hesiat she bna nai that lekin jab Pakistan bna to Woh Pakistan mein lihaz se gama pehlwan Pakistani hi hua.Agar tab Pakistan hota jab Gama larta that to Woh yakinan Pakistan ki hi numaindigi karta hua dunia ko nazar ata.

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    Idhar toh sab apni hekdi bandh mera tumhara..
    come out of this stupid behavior and instead of wasting your precious time in these arguments learn from him and try to be strong like him..
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    Voh bajrangbali ki bhi pooja karta tha..
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