My brother and husband are very supportive, says Sunny Leone


By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: Indo-Canadian porn queen Sunny Leone came to the Indian entertainment industry in 2011 when she entered the reality show Big Boss without disclosing her status as a porn star.

But it was during her participation in Big Boss that she was offered a role by Mahesh Bhatt in Jism 2 (sequel to the 2003 film Jism that featured Bipasha Basu). Later, she was signed by Ekta Kapoor for Ragini MMS 2.  In Shootout At Wadala, Sunny also featured in the item song Laila.

Sunny Leone opens up with Subhash K. Jha about her life in Bollywood and her future plans and how her family has reacted to her choices. Here is the interview:

Q: A lot has been happened to your career in Bollywood since we last spoke. How do you feel about the changes in your life and career?

This has been the most amazing transition that I could hope for. Being accepted and liked in another country is not something that happens all the time.

Sunny Leone with her brother Sandeep Vohra
Sunny Leone with her brother Sandeep Vohra
Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber (standing right to her), brother Sandeep Vohra (sitting left) and her father-in-law and mother-in-law
Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber (standing right to her), brother Sandeep Vohra (sitting left) and her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Q: How accepting has Bollywood been of you? Do you feel completely at home here?

Bollywood has been very accepting. I know there are people out there that don’t like me but there are more people liking me so it doesn’t bother me. I am very lucky that when I entered Bollywood I was coming with a fan-following already. And the Big Boss Season 5 show helped everyone else get to know me as a person. Moving to India from Hollywood was one of the easiest moves I have ever made. Effortless really.

Q: You performed an item song in Shootout At Wadala. How difficult was it for you to master all those filmy manoeuvres?

It was a challenge but I fortunately was working with one of the easiest choreographer Ahmed Khan and his team Karishma, Khalid and Bob. They made me feel so comfortable that is was able to relax and just dance. I was the child growing up that wanted to play football, hockey, basketball and so on, so this is a challenge for me to learn a whole new art. But something that I can promise anyone one I work with is that I am a fast learner and I work very very hard to get it right within the scope of my ability.

Q: Your  next project was Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2? How comfortable were you in the horror genre?

Honestly I loved working on this film. There is a lot of performance in this movie and a huge range of emotions and of course horror. I don’t mind the idea of not looking pretty in every shot. To me this is my way of getting out of who I am and becoming someone completely different for the day. I’ll be able to talk in more detail once the movie comes out.


Q: How much of the Indian film industry have you so far come to terms with?

I am not sure I fully understand this question. But I grew up in a typical Punjabi home and watched Hindi movies during my childhood. I understand Hindi and Punjabi and the Indian film industry is like every entertainment industry across the world. It all functions the same just in a different language. I have moved my whole world here and love this industry of Bollywood.

Q: Do you feel it’s hard for an outsider like you to crack the Bollywood code?

I can’t speak for someone else’s experiences in life but for me because of my background and the fact that I have been in entertainment for years did give me the basic understandings of how things work. But also again I work very very hard and around the clock trying my hardest to learn everything that Bollywood is. I’m not even sure if I have fully cracked the “code” but I have begun the process hopefully. It all depends on how my second, third and forth movies do. In all reality, I have only made one movie that has been released to the world. It all depends on how the world accepts me in those movies to come.

Q: Are you now  a full-on Mumbai girl? Have you and your husband settled down in Mumbai?

I feel very comfortable living here and it’s been the easiest move for he and I. We are very much settled and know the ins and out of Mumbai. I think the day I felt totally comfortable was when I started giving my driver directions.

Q: How does your family react to your new career as a Bollywood actress?

My husband obviously is my biggest supporter. He runs two other businesses and has his own musical band and yet still finds the time to be my husband and manage my career, he’s kind of like superman. My brother is very very supportive and has been from the beginning of my career. He’s a head chef in America and I hope one day he can move here so I see him more. My parents have passed away and I know they are looking down on me and smiling. If my mom and dad knew I met Madhuri Dixit the other day I know they would have been so excited. My father always told me over and over again, do what you want in life but make sure you are the best at what you do and work hard. My father left India to Canada with $200 USD in his pocket and worked his way up and I always admired his hard work.

Q: Have you bought your own home in Mumbai? Was it difficult for you to get property in Mumbai?

I have not purchased a home yet because my husband and I decided to see how things would move forward here in Bollywood before committing to buying something. It has also giving us a chance to get to know our surrounding and neighborhood that are nice to live in. It was a very easy process to find something we like and all tenants were very excited at the thought of a Bollywood actress living in their place. We are currently looking at new builds that fit in our time frame to buy. It’s very exciting.

Q: Have you left your days as an adult star behind? How do you look back on that experience?

Right now my whole focus is in Bollywood and nothing else. I believe I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime and I plan to keep my focus and energy here till the fans want me. If it wasn’t for my past I would not be who I am. I am not ashamed of it because it has brought me here to India. If I came here as regular me with no entertainment experience, then I would not be as popular as I am today with the public.

Q: How do you react to a director like Anees Bazmi saying he wouldn’t want to work with you as he has a family audience to consider?

I have no idea what this is all about. But I am very lucky that there are plenty of people that want to work with me.

Q: What are your immediate plans in Bollywood?

I am starting a new project at the moment. I am in Hindi dialogue lessons and I don’t thing that will ever end. My plan as always is to not plan and just keep working hard, like every project could be my last and give it my all.

Q: Is it true your husband Daniel is also seeking a career in Bollywood?

My husband is entertaining several opportunities and for information you’ll have to ask him.

Q: Women and children  in India have lately been subjected to unprecedented violence and brutality. How do you react to the perception that the commodification of women in the glamour industry is a major cause for provoking crime against women?

Well, what has been going on is not something that just stared recently. But what has now started is that the media is being tuned into what has been going on for decades and finally bringing light to these horrible psychotic events. Its not an industry that makes people do things, it’s an individual and that individual needs help. These things happen all over the world at every minute of the day. The entertainment industry cannot be blamed. It’s fiction meaning make-believe.

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  1. r u kiddin’ you don’t have to disclose u r a porn star everybody knew it baba. Toronto star interviewed her because of that way back in 2006 or 2007 and got booed by the Indian population here in canada – many of whom are stuck in a time warp.

  2. It’s disgusting what India has become. What are we saying to our young? It’s great to be a dirty porn star because that will get you a break into movies.

  3. This bitch won’t be ashamed as she has been fucking naked 1000’s of cocks. Now she doesn’t seem to be getting much money in the porn industry. Big Boss, Bollywood both are big terrorists to Indian culture. Big boss invited her to gain popularity. Now the shameless Bollywood is using this bitch to do extreme bold scenes almost naked. Thats why she has been invited to do movies in bollywood. Now won’t this kind of act spoil the indian culture and spoil the minds of young people? What will the parents tell their young children, when they see this bitch on the screen ???? The Indian girls are being influenced in a very bad light by this bitch. This bitch acting in hindi movies, is sending a wrong signal. By saying she is not ashamed of her past simply means she is claiming “whats wrong in being a porn actress?? “.. This is a very very bad message to the young Indian girls. I’m not saying that ALL the girls who see her acting in movies would go the wrong way. But atleast some bold who aspire to become an actress may take this drastic decisions of becoming a porn star for an easy access to Bollywood. Bollywood is doing cultural terrorism. Nowadays most of the movies in hindi are raunchy and erotic. The films makers are just putting this “SEX” formula in most of the movies to attract crowd. Its very clear that they neither care about Indian culture or the Indian youth which are being affected badly. All they care is money. The people in the north India would be heavy affected with this kind of bitches and movies. The people in the north should take strong steps and send a strong signal that they won’t accept such kind of movies. Otherwise your children future is a question mark???

  4. With due respect to everyone no offence to anyone! We as Indians take pride in honouring many things which are very decent and digitable. Oftenly we start blaming West for the nudity and crime in india. Okay was nudity never a part of indian culture? If not then were kamasutra come from…known for best postions of sex….were does Khujrao come from…where three men holding a women in a manner which can make a anyperson in world would blush!

  5. I wonder whether she does double with both her husband and brother together…lol

    Though i m an Indian , i can still say..India has doomed.I am really ashamed of it.

    Better to go to pakistan or afganistan….

  6. What a Shame…What a shame… , why we Indians bringing shame on ourselves? and why does Bollywood keep on welcoming this porn actress to act in Bollywood films? is there no other new beautiful Indian actress in Bollywood? chase Sunny Leone .. Katrina Kaif are they useful to our country? ofcourse not but they are spoiling all Indian teenage girls, women ..etc…,

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      • sale tum log india ke bare me jante hi kya ho ham ek bar me jintna mutte hai utna tumhari sarir me khun nahi hoga sale afganistani.

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  8. No doubt that she is a porn girl, and our society shud not accept her. If we accept her than we will be conveying a wrong msg to young generations.she has done a big mistake in her life by entering into porn industry. So, I want mahesh bhatt to answer my question. R u saying to young Indian to go abroad and become biggest porn actor abroad and make a shortcut to Bollywood. Sunny if u can’t be accepted as an Indian women. U are wasting or tym here and u r spoiling Indians. Mahesh bhatt, honey singh yo yo u shud start doing porn movies with sunny leone.. Will u ?????

  9. m 18 (young generation!!) she is making money working hard.. thats good, money is like almost everything at present and the people talking about her being nude and doing porn is really weird, as if they will never have sex. and please dont talk about influencing anybody cos every1 is aware with the rape cases here in india… the ones who want to get influenced, they will,no matter what u do. just live and let live guys cheers 😀

  10. Sonu the is difference in doing sex with lyf partner and doing porn movies, I our country doing porn movies is banned and our society also is not in favour of such industry. selling ourself for sex to earn money is shameful act. Doing porn is not hardwork, u should correct or saying. Those who dont want to work are the people who enter into such movies.

  11. @harry
    But she is not doing porn in india right now….
    She is just acting in a hindi movie…..
    Past is past…try to forget the bad things about the past and think how you can do the right thing in the present and in the coming tomorrow….
    Because you might also have done the wrong things in your life atlist once….and we as a human should keep in mind that we humans commit mistakes….

  12. Breaking news…..indian is become a pornstar world coming soon…….because they have no self respect so that they vil love to do such kind of things and they cant feel ashamed…..because india is becoming begharait they are big terrorists but r hidden from peoples now a days but one day we vil saw that indians dogs proved them a real pornstars of the porn movies and they deserved it very soon……..because they are the real pornstars of this world oooohhhh come on indians show your porn movies talent to this world…..hahahahahahaha big fucking as souls bloody indians dogs….fuck u awl like sunny…:-D

    • Dear Nouman….

      Don’t forget that the Pakistanis too get an opportunity to work in Bollywood Industry. So don’t go on to the Nationality. Nationality has nothing to do with all these.

      • Nouman. …..u don’t hv rite to say lk dat…don’t comment on nationality. We indian welcum all people frm outside.we r secular country. We respect everyone frm outside country…even pakistani actors r hunting in bollywood for discuss on individual not on nationality. ….I love india…east or west india is de best…

    • Dear nouman,

      Okay, we, indians will make a porn movie as you said but pleasd send your mother and sister(if any) to me to introduce them as proud relatives of one fucking asshole who always blames all the indians for one good reason that our country supported and accepted a pity porn actress who wants to leave her past behind and is working hard to gain some good name. Your mother will feel shame to have a son like you. At last, one question what will you do if your mother is a famous pornstar and wants to become a good lady like sunny? Fuck you son of a bitch. Who asked you to read this and comment about all the indians?

  13. Hey sunny.Ur pretty .y do u HV to do all this dirty stuff.n guys plz stop fighting u all India n Pakistan etc…anyway m husband loves u he thinks Ur hot wants me to b like u wic is impossible.ha ha ha.but Ur really bold.. keep it up so DAT these orthodox men get more cranky

  14. sunny leone will go in hell after her death, and then she will cry that may i didn,t do that, lanat hai be shumaar esi females pe jinho ne apne jism ko apni job bna lia hai

  15. why there are so many punjabi women in porn industry and film world. i really do not get it. not to tell me it is basically beacuase of looks. u should your body first in these kind of industry to get break for u r talent or look. these scythian breed(seems to be following the path of their ancestor) and i donot understand that how they are proud of it. seems like their parents do not educate these punjabi women. bollywood is filled with these shame less scythian(punjabis)

  16. why there are so many punjabi women in porn industry and film world. i really do not get it. not to tell me it is basically beacuase of looks. u should sell your body first in these kind of industry to get break for u r talent or look. these scythian breed(seems to be following the path of their ancestor) and i donot understand that howcome they are proud of it. seems like their parents do not educate these punjabi women. bollywood is filled with these shame less scythian(punjabis) shocking to me, i do not about others.

  17. Whatever these girls do for there profession, its there choice we are no body to say anything to them and to interfair in there personal life. Example if a girl move on road as in bikni,nude,in short its there choice there is no rule that they cant in that way as police also cant say anything that why they are in bikni….

  18. 98% of the horrible comments are from MEN. Blame the women for corruption. Stop the abuses. Our Country should follow Dubai. Where Women can wear Bikini, Men are forbidden to abuse in public, stare directly at Arab women & Capital Punishment Death for Rape instantly. What she did was her profession in Canada. Don’t be judgmental, look at your self first before pointing fingers. In America if you were to call an escort a Bitch she could sue you and win the case. The work she does is for her living it does not give any person the right to criticize another person coz of his strong point of view & backgrounds. You should respect the persons job…..

    • She is professional actress n gud dancer.
      So many gls gone crazy on her dance. In fact in marriages n parties select her dance perfomance

  19. I truly blv in destiny,it’s the destiny who made Kiranjeet a porn star,and again it’s the destiny who gave her the chance to be a Bollywood actress.
    and ppl who r putting Sunny at the gunpoint,should assess their slf frst. By putting one finger 2 Sunny, they r putting the rest fingers 2 their ownselves.
    We r not only Indians,firstly we r human beings.
    and these ppl who r talking about ”guilt”…..why should she be ashamed?
    What’s her mistake?
    She is absolutely an individual person,and it’s only her choice that wll she reveal herself in front of the cameras or not.
    and ppl talk about her shame. Then i must tll u that she was vry ashamed really. And if not,thn what was the rsn 4 her not disclosing her early job in Canada when she became a part of the BIG BOSS house!!!!!….thnk guys…..and i wsh 2 ask those ppl,that r they ashamed of their job?
    ppl do job 4 money,4 bread,r8?
    But when it comes 2 SUNNY, ppl say she was a bch,y guys?
    all the things,that she already did or she is doing is jst 4 money….why ppl r not understanding those smpl equation?
    whe should nt criticize her.
    and those r also humans who made or still making adultery movies.we ppl make movie,nd whn askd,we don’t accept that….!!!…..y????
    it’s all about her profession,if she accepted that,then y we should take a step back……wake up India…….this is 2014,not,1925……don’t b judgemental,….,,,,she is a women after all….she is a human….


  21. Really?? how some of you can support her? just think about it more. what is wrong with you? where is our culture? what are we now? please just think how do you want to live like this? it’s not late to change.throw away these shits, we can’t support someone who is a dirty creature not a human,she is destroying our culture, our rules, and with your support you are helping her. please wake up.

    • Agree. Bollywood should be boycotted for allowing this filth to infiltrate. It was already bad enough what was once a ‘family’ enjoyment with all the actresses going on skin show but bringing in someone like this dog just takes the biscuit

  22. Sunny leone i m bip fan of urs i love ur charm n cuteness.u r so sweet n i love ur features spcly ur eyes

  23. You are who u are Sunny
    …… don’t listen to all this negative peoples .. chase your dreams and hit it … I admired you for your honesty and boldness …. We are all with you ….


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