Pakistani masterminds multi-million immigration fraud

Shamsu Iqbal
UK immigration scam kingpin Shamsu Iqbal.

The Canadian Bazaar

Immigration is such a big racket for some people. Here in Canada we had some huge immigration scams in recent years in which multiple fraudulent immigration applications were filed using the same address

Immigration scams of smaller scale happen all the time.

In the UK, a Home Office official has been found guilty of allowing at least 437 people who were in Britain illegally to remain in the country by falsifying records.

Pakistan-born Home Office employee Shamsu Iqbal, 61, along with three others, made more than £6.18million by allowing these illegal immigrants to remain in Britain by giving fake identities.

Iqbal was the mastermind of the UK immigration fraud as he used his government position to create fake documents or `ghost identities’.

Their racket was unearthed when they tried to change the details of a legal migrant from Ghana who had been jailed for robbery and was liable for deportation, according to Daily Mail.

The four scamsters will charge £14,000 fee from people staying illegally in Britain to get them documents to remain in Britain.

Iqbal’s job at the Home Office earned him about £23,000 annually, but after his arrest police found bank accounts with more than £1million in cash.

The four thugs siphoned most of their money to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Dubai.

Apart from Iqbal, three others are lawyer Sheikh Muhammad Usman, 45, legal case worker Mohammad Khawar Aftab Hussain, 49, and worker Mohammad Ibrahim Ali, 48.

While Usman and Hussain were born in Pakistan, Ali was born in Bangladesh.

Reports say the illegal people these four scamsters helped could have claimed social benefits to the tune of £56 million from the British government.

Iqbal was arrested in May 2015.

All the four were found guilty on April 3. They face up to 14 years in jail.


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