I am still single, says Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka seen with Quantico co-star Russell Tovey

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Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is going places, but her love life seems to be going nowhere.

The 2000 Miss World, who has been in many love affairs, says she is still very much single despite some recent explosive pictures of her in hot kissing scenes with her co-star of ABC’s TV series Quantico which returns for the third season soon.

In an interview with Filmfare magazine, Priyanka Chopra says, “I was in a very committed relationship. But since almost a year, I’ve been single. I’ve met a bunch of people. I’ve gone out with people. I let someone woo me but no… My mind hasn’t exploded, not yet.’’

Asked whether she was seeing someone, Priyanka said, “Right now, I’m single. Of course, I’ve been double ya! What do you think I’m a saint? But recently, I’ve been single. Let’s just say that!

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The actress admitted that she dated someone in the US. But that someone was not any of her Quantico co-stars. “They are all married,’’ Priyanka said of her Quantico co-stars.

“I’ve been single after a really, really long time. I get a lot of attention. But I don’t know what to do with it. (Laughs) Of course, I like it. I’m a girl and I’m vain.”

Asked if she hasn’t yet met anyone interesting, Priyanka Chopra said, “No, I haven’t. I’m a serial monogamist.’’

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