I wanted to marry since I was 12, says Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra marriage
Priyanka Chopra says she wanted to marry since the age of 12.

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MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra, who hogs the cover of the latest issue of Filmfare, tells the magazine in an interview that she has always wanted to marry since the age of 12.

Though still single at the age of 35, Priyanka says, “I wanted to get married ever since I was 12. During the fancy dress competition at school, I’d always dress up as a bride or a ladyfinger. I loved being a bride with my dupatta on my head.

“I come from a family with middle-class values and I always had dreams of being dressed from head to toe in bridal finery and accessories with all my friends and family dancing and singing together.”

But the Quantico star says the marriage won’t define her.

“…marriage does not make or break me. My parents have told me that whoever you get married to, must appreciate what you’ve achieved and the sacrifices you’ve made to be where you are. He must always respect you. I plan to be a working woman always.”

About her heartaches following her broken love affairs, Priyanka says, “I have now become okay with myself. I like my company, I like my time. That’s why I believe I’ve healed. I’m ready to deal with life and whatever it has to offer. But honestly, what happens with a lot of people, a lot of my friends have been through this, is that when you go through heartbreak, you hold the world responsible, you hold your ex-responsible. That is keeping the weight on your legs. So forgive, forget and let go!”

But she says she yearns to have a family.

“I’ve many friends, who’re in successful and beautiful marriages. I see my actor friends there with kids and family. They enjoy doing normal stupid things – like let’s all sit and decorate the Christmas tree in pyjamas. It’s those things that I crave. Normality in my extraordinary life… I’m sure it will happen because I’ve told the Universe I want it.’’

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