Priyanka Chopra’s first boyfriend Aseem Merchant to make film on her

Priyanka with her first boyfriend Aseem Merchant.

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MUMBAI:Priyanka Chopra’s first boyfriend Aseem Merchant is making a film on her life.

Aseem, who was knew Priyanka from her modelling days but disappeared from her life after she became Miss World in 2000, is making the film on her early days in Bollywood.

Aseem actually calls the film a “biopic of Priyanka’s ex-manager Prakash Jaju.’’ It will be made his own newly launched production house, Limelight Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd, according to Mumbai Mirror.

The film will cover the period till 2008 in Priyanka’s life.

Jaju made headlines in 2004 as Priyanka’s manager when he alleged that she was not clearing his dues.

The situation came to such a pass that Priyanka’s father (late) Dr Ashok Chopra filed a case against Jaju making false allegations against his daughter and threatening his family members. Jaju was arrested and jailed for 67 days in 2008.

Aseem, who split with Priyanka in 2002 but has been in touch with Jaju all these years, told Mirror, “The film will depict everybody who interacted with Jaju while he was working with Priyanka.”

He said he won’t sensationalise or fictionalise the story

Asked whether his film won’t upset Priyanka, Aseem said, “My association with Priyanka is long over. I have started a company to make films. My second film may upset someone else. Priyanka is a lovely person and I am proud of her.”

Jaju also says he is happy about the proposed film on Priyanka. “I’m fine with Aseem’s film. It chronicles Priyanka’s life from the day she entered the film industry till I was put in jail,’’ he told Mirror.

Jaju added, “There will be actors who portray Hema Malini, Sridevi and Jackie Shroff too since I handled their work, before turning into a fund manager. It was only because Priyanka’s father insisted that I take up her work that I returned to Bollywood.’’

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