Salman Khan admits his first girlfriend cheated him

Salman Khan with Katrina

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Bollywood super star and India’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan may have had many broken relationships, but he recalls his first broken love affair very well when he was just 16. He says she was two-timing him and the affair failed to take off.

“I was 16 and there was this girl I really liked, but I could never muster the courage to tell her that. I was scared she would say no. She dated two of my friends and it didn’t work out (with either of them). She was a friend to me, but never liked me romantically. When others dated her, I was heartbroken. She never got to know of my feelings,’’ Salman says in a report in Mid-Day.

“She must have noticed (that I was in love with her), but she was not into me. I was bummed,’’ he says.

Salman has been quoted as saying that “she ‘wasn’t the most beautiful girl’’, but there was “something nice about her’’.

The super star adds, “She had an erratic dog she couldn’t control. That dog once bit me. I had barely raised my hand (at it) and she yelled at me. That was when I realised, it’s over.’’

Without naming the girl, he says, “She doesn’t like me, her dog doesn’t like me and her family comes a lot later. I was sad for a few days and it felt like life was coming to an end. Today, I thank God. Till this day, I don’t take her name. I am sure she is happy. I haven’t seen her in 35 years.”

Since then Salman has seen and dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, but no love affair ended in marriage for him.

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