Sunny Leone attends cousin’s wedding in Canada

Sunny Leone at her cousin's wedding in Canada.

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TORONTO: Canadian porn star-turned-Bollywood actress Sunny Leone just attended the wedding of one of her cousins in Canada, sharing pictures and videos of the wedding on social media.

The Ragini MMS2 actress wore Archana Kochhar outfits on the occasion and shared a cheeky video on facebook having a little naughty fun with her Canadian cousins. Sunny says she is very close to her cousin in Canada, though it is not known where they live.

Sunny was born in Sarnia in Ontario before her family moved to the US.

“I am very close to my uncle and cousin since I was a kid. We had great times together. Now it is her wedding and there is no way I could have missed it. It is a surprise for her and I am looking forward to see the look on her face,’’ Sunny was quoted as saying by IANS before she left for the wedding in Canada.

Sunny’s two-year-old daughter Nisha Kaur Weber didn’t accompanying her, nor did her husband Daniel Weber.

Sunny, whose parents are dead, may be close her to extended family in Canada and the US, but her relatives in Punjab have refused to meet her. They say they don’t want to have anything with her.

In an interview with Filmfare some time ago, Sunny said, “My family in India has decided they don’t want to see me. I tried meeting them once when I was close to Punjab but they wanted nothing to do with me. It was a ‘closure moment’. My family in the US would meet me because I was my father’s daughter. But I don’t have a relationship with anyone. So it’s just my brother, my husband Daniel (Weber) and his parents and his family. They are closer to me than my own flesh and blood.’’

In that interview, Sunny said she grew up in a typical Punjabi home in Canada. “From Sunday to Thursday, my mother prepared Punjabi food – sabzi, roti, rice and daal. Only on weekends we could have meat, like chicken curry or pizza and pasta. We were a family that ate at 7:30 pm. All four of us. My father and mother loved to cook.  My brother and I visited the gurdwara and did keertan every Sunday. I played sports. We moved to California from Ontario, Canada, when I was 14. It was devastating to leave my friends. I went through a difficult teenage. But by 18, I grew into my own. I wanted to be independent, live on my own, buy my own car…’’

About her parents’ reaction to her decision to join the porn industry, Sunny said in that interview that before her aunties and uncles could start gossiping about their ‘beti’, “I told my parents about it. They were naturally upset; my father didn’t show it as much as my mother did. We had a couple of heated discussions. But they had raised someone so independent that they knew they couldn’t convince me out of it.’’

Sunny has admired her late father for his hard work. “My father left India to Canada with $200 USD in his pocket and worked his way up and I always admired his hard work,’’ the Jism 2 actress once said.

The former porn star says her husband Daniel Weber and her brother Sandeep Vohra are her biggest supporters.

“My husband obviously is my biggest supporter. He runs two other businesses and has his own musical band and yet still finds the time to be my husband and manage my career, he’s kind of like superman. My brother is very very supportive and has been from the beginning of my career. He’s a head chef in America and I hope one day he can move here so I see him more,’’ Sunny said in an interview some time ago.

Sunny’s brother Karishma Naidu in LA earlier in 2017. At her Veere di wedding, Sunny donned blue Punjabi suit and looked puri Punjaban.

Sunny Leone at her Veere di wedding in LA in January 2017.

Sunny came to the Indian entertainment industry in 2011 when she entered the reality show Big Boss without disclosing her status as a porn star.

But it was during her participation in Big Boss that she was offered a role by Mahesh Bhatt in Jism 2 (sequel to the 2003 film Jism that featured Bipasha Basu). Later, she was signed by Ekta Kapoor for Ragini MMS 2.  She has also other films such as Jackpot, Ek Paheli Leela and Kuch Kuch Locha Hai and Tera Intzaar is her next film with co-star Arbaaz Khan.

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