Toronto public warned of risk from released sex offender

Joseph Thayakaran Joseph

The Canadian Bazaar

TORONTO: Toronto Police have warned public about the high risk to re-offend from a sexual offender released on Wednesday, February 14.

Joseph Thayakaran Joseph, 45, was released after serving eight years and 10 months in jail for two counts of sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, three counts of forcible confinement and assault.

Police said he will be living in Toronto and warned the public about his high-risk potential to re-offend.

Joseph is subjected to many strict conditions:

  • He will have to report weekly to the police.
  • He is not to enter into any intimate relationship, cohabitation, marriage or common-law relationship with a female until that person has been identified to the Toronto Police.
  • He is not to use social media accounts including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc, without specified permission. Any account used must be viewable by the public.
  • He must not contact directly or indirectly with any person on social media unless specific permission is obtained 24 hours in advance of doing so.

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