Vikas Kohli scores again with Bollywood Monster Mashup

Bollywood Monster Mashup
Performers at Bollywood Monster Mashup.


MISSISSAUGA: The summer’s here and everyone is in festival mood. One of the long-standing free annual South Asian festivals in the Peel region is Bollywood Monster Mashup that had its maiden year in 2011 when the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) awards came to Toronto.

Since then, it has widened its scope and regularly brings amazing Bollywood playback singers to GTA. This year the headliners were Khushboo Grewal (voice of Canadian-born actress Sunny Leone who has made it big in Bollywood) and Aman Trikha (voice of Salman Khan and Canadian Akshay Kumar – both big-time actors in Bollywood).

Needless to say, Mississauga Celebration Square, the venue, was packed to the brim with cheering fans on both nights – July 20 and 21.

Besides these two show-stoppers, the festival also promoted local talent presenting many budding children and teenagers as well as seasoned performers. There were also cooking demonstrations as well.

Needless to say, lots of food stalls to satisfy everybody’s fancies and kiosks devoted to trinkets and other knick knacks also dotted the grounds.

Bollywood Monster Mashup
Bollywood Monster Mashup mastermind Vikas Kohli (centre) being honoured by MPPs Nina Tangri (left) and Rudy Cuzzetto. .

Bollywood Monster Mashup is the brainchild of award-winning Vikas Kohli and his multicultural team who, under the banner of the non-profit organization MonstrARTity Creative Community, not only produce this event but also the Monster Rock Orchestra and the Monster World Mashup.

Vikas Kohli is an extremely versatile personality who is not only well versed in South Asian music but also very familiar with world music and is known to have even quoted the famous Grateful Dead lyrics: “What a long strange trip it’s been”, to describe his journey.

Mississauga MPPs Nina Tangri and Rudy Cuzzetto were on hand to address the audience and honour Vikas with a certificate of appreciation.

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