When Neeru Bajwa left me, my life fell apart, says actor Amit Sadh

Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa.

By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: 2013 has been the year of a miraculous career turnaround for the talented Amit Sadh who was deserted by his live-in girlfriend Neeru Bajwa in 2010.

After years of  struggle, including a disastrous movie debut in 2010 on Ram Gopal Varma’s Phoonk 2, Amit suddenly came into his own with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kai Po Che.

Now he has just completed a rom-com Runningshaadi.com with Tapsee Pannu where he plays a  boy who runs away from Patna to Punjab at age 15. Amit now moves to Subhash Kapoor’s Guddu Rangeela where he plays an oddball Haryanvi character.

Says the belatedly feted actor, “From a Bihari to a Haryanvi. I have to now do a Haryanvi accent for Subhash Kapoor’s film. I also have to stand up to an actor of Arshad Warsi’s calibre. I play an absolutely wacked-out character. We start shooting in January.”

Offers, there were galore after Kai Po Che. But Amit played it safe.

“I waited so long for good things to happen to my career. I didn’t want to mess it up now when I was finally noticed. I am not greedy. I am not into acting for money. I still live in a rented house and drive around in a second-hand car. What Kai Po Che did to my career is beyond expression. I owe the director Abhishek Kapoor this new lease of life.”

Even now after success Amit consults Abhishek on all career decisions. “He is a friend for life. People ask why he isn’t doing another film with me.I say, that is such a frivolous way of defining friendship. Kaam do toh dost varna nahin? No way. I’d rather have Gattu (Abhishek) as a friend than someone I look towards for work.”

Tell him that Sushant Singh Rajput reaped all the benefits of the Kai Po Che success, and Amit protests, “I don’t look at my success in Kai Po Che in comparison with the other actors in the film. I look at it from the perspective of what I was going through before Kai Po Che. I was completely lost, personally and professionally. I even did Bigg Boss in 2010”

People saw Amit crying constantly.

“Yes, I was a crybaby on Bigg Boss because I was only 22 and therefore just a baby. Inside Bigg Boss emotions are constantly heightened. It’s not a normal place to be in. On top of that ,I was told my girlfriend Neeru Bajwa had left me. Can you imagine, she was my life!. And to be told inside there where I had no way of ascertaining the truth that she (Neeru) had left me…it shattered me.”

Amit Sadh:
Amit Sadh
Neeru Bjawa
Neeru Bajwa shattered Amit Sadh  by suddenly leaving him when he was in Bigg Boss 2010

Amit says Neeru Bajwa’s decision to leave  him left him bereft. “All of a sudden my life fell apart. She was the only family that I had. She transformed me from a boy into a man. When Neeru left me, my life fell apart. I had to start from scratch.I used the money I got from Bigg Boss to go to the Lee Starsberg acting school in New York where I learnt to be single again. I moved in with four American friends, roughed it out.”

Neeru Bajwa and Amit were first seen together in TV show “Guns and Roses” and later on dance reality show “Nach Baliye” in 2005. They had a live-in relationship, and also got engaged. But Neeru decided to walk out of the relationship in 2010.

Amit says he is still single. “And I like it that way. Of course, there are rumours the minute I am seen with a girl. While I was shooting in Punjab with Tapsee Pannu I went out for dinner with her. The next day we were a couple in the papers. But the truth is, I am not seeing anyone.”

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  1. Dear Amit,
    Neeru kyon chhod gayi? Iss ki reason yeh hai ke ya toh tera lund chhota aur patla hai, ya tairay lund main taqt nahin hai,tu uss ko satisfy nahin kar saka.
    Aurat taj mangti ha na BKhat,
    Sirf danddaa magti ha sakhhat.

  2. dekh beta amit neeru bajwa ne tujhe chhoda uska reason ye hai ki tu koi bada superstar nahi hai and secondly u are not as much rich what neeru bajwa demands.ladkiya rich logo se hi patnaa chahti hai

  3. Dear Neeru bajwa. …
    I don’t know u did a great or bad job after leaving Amit. ….but if u left him without any particular reason, then this is not a gud deal… .he deserved your love and company if u were in relationship with him. …in your one life u will meet on judgement day then what will be your answer? Moving on is right thing, but the man who loves you and u also then you should marry with him not anybody else. Furthermore, it’s your personal matter but what I like to Say I did. ………
    Yours one of millions fans

  4. My lover left me after 4 years of relationship, my life fell apart. But when i came across dr_mack, he restored my relationship and my lover came back.

  5. Dear Neeru bajwa…
    I am your big fan but I don’t like your this thing that you left Amit. He was handsome and rich and he also loves you so much. So why do you left him? I don’t know the reason for this, but I am 100% sure that you will realize your mistake and consider Amit in your life again… but this is your personal matter but what I like to say I did…
    Your one of millions fans,


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