Who is the world’s sexiest First Lady?

Justin Trudeau with wife Sophie.

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TORONTO: Who is currently the world’s sexiest First Lady?

Marcela Tedeschi, the much younger wife Brazilian President Michel Temer, can be the sexiest first lady in the world. Or it could be Melania Trump – the wife of US President Donald Trump.

Melania is a former model who posed nude for British GQ magazine in January 2000 when she was Donald Trump’s girlfriend. In that nude shoot on Donald Trump’s Boeing 727, Melania Knauss wore handcuffs and wielded a chrome pistol.

But there are other first ladies who are equally hot and sexy as Melania and Marcela.

Here is a look at the six hottest First Ladies in the world.

1: American First Lady Melania Trump:

US First Lady Melania Trump with husband Donald Trump.

2: Brazil First Lady Marcela Tedeschi:

Brazil First Lady Marcela Tedeschi with her husband.
Brazil First Lady Marcela Tedeschi with her husband.

Brazil is a country of big-butted beauties in the world and is famous for its BumBum Brazil contest. Not surprisingly, Brazil’s first lady Marcela Tedeschi too is a stunner.

A former Miss Sao Paolo, she was born on May 16, 1983, and is almost 43 years younger than her husband Michel Temer whom she met in 2002 at a political event. Temer was an established Congressman at that time.

Despite their huge age gap, the two tied the knot in 2003. Temer became president of Brazil on August 31, 2016.

3: Canada’s First Lady Sophie Gregoire:

Justin Trudeau and his wife

Canada’s smoking hot First Lady Sophie Gregoire is a former cultural reporter for Quebec with CTV’s etalk. She is also a trained yoga instructor.

Sophie and Justin grew up in the same neighbourhood of Montreal, but their romance started only when they co-hosted a charity ball in 2003. The couple married in May 2005 and have three children.

4: Mexico’s First Lady Angelica Rivera Hurtado:

Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto with wife Angelica Rivera Hurtado
Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto with wife Angelica Rivera Hurtado.

Angelica Rivera Hurtado, the sexy wife of Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto, is a singer, model and actress. The couple married in 2008 when he was the Governor of the State of Mexico. She also has three daughters from her previous marriage.

5: North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol-ju:

North Korean leader and his wife
First Lady Ri Sol-ju with her husband Kim Jong-un.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol-ju looks such a stunner. Though very little is known about the couple, an Australian paper reported some time ago that the young North Korean dictator became besotted with her when she was performing at a concert.

Even dictators like it hot!

6: Syrian First Lady Asma al Assad:

Syrian First Lady Asma al Assad
Syrian First Lady Asma al Assad with husband.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s British-born wife Asma al Assad is a classic beauty with chiseled features. Vogue magazine once rightly called her  “a rose in the desert.”

A former investment banker with J.P. Morgan, Asma was born to a Syrian family in Britain. She met Assad when he was studying in London to become an eye surgeon. Instead, he ended up casting his eye on this sexy diva. The couple married in June 2000.

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