Why Narendra Modi loves pulling children’s ears

Modi with actor Akshay's son Aarav.
Modi with actor Akshay's son Aarav.

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves interacting with children. This is his own way of connecting with children, particularly those his acquiantances and guests.

Remember how Modi teased the little daughter Ella Grace of the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by pulling her ears when he visited Toronto last April!

Modi playing with Trudeau's daughter Ella
Modi playing with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s daughter Ella in Toronto in 2015.

Then Modi was seen pulling the ear of a Gujarati boy during a gathering at the time of his trip to Silicon Valley in 2015.

The Prime Minister also amused children by pulling the ears of one of the awardees at a National Awards for Children’s function some time ago.

There have been a couple of other events also where Modi jokingly pulled their ears.

Modi's ear-pulling at a children's awards function.
Modi’s ear-pulling at a children’s awards function.

The latest child to join the list is Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav Kumar who had his ears pulled by Modi at the International Fleet Review 2016 held at Visakhapatnam on Saturday.

The picture went viral. And both Akshay and his wife Twinkle liked the way the Prime Minister pulled the ears of their son, and they perhaps saw this as a lesson for him.

Tweeted Akshay, “Proud moment in a father’s life, when the Prime Minister pulls your son’s ear in jest & calls him a good boy ;).’’

And mom Twinkle too was ecstatic that the Prime Minister pulled her son’s ear out of love. She tweeted, “#When a picture is truly worth a thousand words.’’

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