Why target Akshay Kumar for his remarks on Toronto

Akshay Kumar in Toronto

TORONTO: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is well known for his affair with Toronto. He has shot his films in this city. He comes here often to spend time. And he has some high-profile businessmen as his friends — such as Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia and Ajay Virmani.

Now a report on Akshay’s love for Toronto in some sections of the media in India has garnered criticism.

Why? Because in an old video Akshay is seen saying that whenever he retires he will settle in Toronto.

In the 18-second video, Akshay says: “I must tell you one thing. This is my home. Toronto is my home. After I retire from this industry, I am going to come back here.”

No big deal.

Everybody chalks out future plans and Akshay has every right to live wherever he wants.

But his video has drawn flak from some people who think that it is unpatriotic of celebrities to gush about foreign lands and settle abroad after making money in India.

But Akshay is being targeted for entirely other reasons.

Critics perceive Akshay close to the BJP and feel that he is not being targeted by the so-called trolls of the ruling dispensation for his `unpatriotic’ remarks whereas other actors — particularly the Khans — are quickly slammed if they say something which is not even remotely `unpatriotic’. Just recently, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah was targeted for his remarks about what he sees a rising culture of intolerance in India.

But why target Akshay for his remarks about his decision to settle in Toronto? He will be a great ambassador for the city.

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