World’s fastest car Agera RS doing 457 km/h showcased in Toronto

Fastest car Agera RS in Toronto
Agera RS by Swedish sports car maker Koenigsegg showcased at the Canadian International Auto Show.

By Lachman Balani

TORONTO: A car doing almost 460 km per hour?

Yes, it is the Agera RS by Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg and it was the show-stopper at the just concluded annual Canadian International Auto Show.

It is the highest performance and fastest car in the world today, going from 0-400 km/h in 33.29 seconds! It also achieved the highest speed ever on a public road, namely 457.94 km/h!

The Canadian International Auto Show has in recent years accelerated in grandiosity by bringing not just everyday cars like the Civic Honda, the Chevrolet Cruze or the ubiquitous SUVs , pickups, jeeps and trucks but has gone beyond by bringing in exotic cars, flashy cars and concept cars (yet to be manufactured ).

Each year brings in more and more audience participation because of these snazzy hot rods pandering to the fancies of the public.

There were sports cars from McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and many others, including Porsche which was this year’s feature occupying a whole room to itself by celebrating 70 years of wonder and telling its story from 1948 when their first road car was made.

There were many concept cars from Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Genesis, Toyota, General Motors and more.

Of course, no car show can be complete without an Aston Martin popularly known as ‘The Bond Car.’

Little children were also there marveling at the cars. No more dinky toys these days. They want the real McCoy. Many people were allowed to even sit in some models for photo-ops.

Even though the show is over, make it a point to visit next year, which as one observer commented: “provides eye-candy for all genders and generations.”

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