Youth arrested for stealing phones outside Salman Khan’s home

Salman Khan at his Galaxy Apartments.

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MUMBAI: When a large number of Salman Khan’s fans gathered outside his Galaxy Apartments to welcome him back after spending two days in Jodhpur Jail after his conviction in the blackbuck case on Monday, a pick pocket preyed upon them, stealing their mobile phones.

Vishal Yadav, 19, was arrested for stealing 12 mobile phones from the pockets of Salman Khan’s fans in the crowd.

Yadav was spotted in the crowd and nabbed by police after a person named Athar Aslam Khan in the crowd reported the theft of his mobile phone to police.

Police recovered two stolen mobile phones from him.

Cops say Yadav confessed to stealing the mobile phones and they will soon recover the remaining 10 mobile phones from him.

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