2 more Indo-Canadian men arrested for Brampton plaza violence

Brampton plaza violence
A video grab of Brampton plaza violence involving two groups of Indo-Canadian hooligans

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December 23, 2017

BRAMPTON: Two more Indo-Canadian men have been arrested for the Brampton plaza violence on December 10.

Three Indo-Canadian men have already been arrested and charged in connection with the violence.

The two new persons arrested are Vavanjeet Singh, 20, and Harmanpreet Bhela, 19, both from Brampton. They have been charged with one count of assault with a weapon. The two will appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton on January 24.

The violence involving two groups of Indo-Canadian hooligans, numbering about two dozen, happened in the plaza parking lot at the corner of McLaughlin Road and Steeles Avenue West around 10:30 p.m on December 10.

The groups fought with sticks and abused each other in Punjabi. When Peel Police officers reached the spot, they found only one 19-year-old injured person who was taken to hospital.

The whole incident was filmed by some bystanders on their cellphones and posted on social media. Police were able to identify the miscreants from the videos. Three hooligans – Gurpreet Singh, 20, Karanbir Singh, 22, and Harbir Singh, 22, all from Brampton – were arrested on December 15.

The violent incident shocked Brampton residents, with many in the dominant Indo-Canadian community calling for strict action against the hooligans. The arrest of two persons on Friday has taken the number of Indo-Canadian hooligans arrested for violence to five.

According to Inspector Raj Biring, officer in charge of 22 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau of Peel Police, “This incident had caused a great deal of concern and attention in the community. Peel Regional Police want to ensure the public that these types of incidents will be investigated thoroughly as public safety is our top priority.’’

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